BNI 60 Second Commercial That Could Multiply Your Business 10 Times or More

 In marketing and networking the first thing out of your mouth becomes the most important thing you will ever say. It isn’t about “making a sale”,  it’s about “getting attention.” It’s simple . . . if you don’t get their attention before you say what you want to say, they never hear the most important thing that follows.

If you want them lining up to talk to you everytime you give your BNI 60 Second Infomercial . . .  

Here’s probably the most important rule for your marketing that you will EVER discover. . .  

marketing is not about “developing a little interest”, it’s about COMPELLING them to begging you for what you have. 

Let’s just say that “a little interest” is like getting a grade of C or even D on your grade card.

We want them BEGGING for what you have. We want them lined up outside of your door, down the black, and around the corner. That’s an A+++ on your grade card. Stop thinking that you want their interest, and start thinking that you want people chasing you, begging you for what you have then set your goals to make that happen.

Your BNI 60 second infomercial is a great place to practice and to measure how good your message is before you go use it in every marketing venture, brochures, other networking, on your business card, newspaper ads and articles. Your BNI 60 Second commercial is an opportunity to practice practice, practice  and measure, measure, measure as you tweak that message.

Change it from week to week while watching the response. I tell my clients that if they don’t get at least 5 people running up to them after they’ve given that 60 second commercial in BNI, or any networking event anywhere that they haven’t done it good enough. But you start with getting 1 this week, then tweak what you say and get 2 the next week, 3 the next and so on.

So, how do you do that?

OK, here are the rules, and 99% do it wrong, so it’s likely you’ve been doing it wrong too. But don’t worry. This is your opportunity to get better . . . this is your first step toward lining them up to get what you want.

Rules for a POWERFUL BNI 60 Second Commercial

  1. It’s NEVER about you, your products, your services, or your process.
  2. It’s ALWAYS about what they want/need, and the more they desperately need it the more than want it.
  3. It’s ALWAYS about RESULTS they get, not about your product.
  4. Clarity, clarity, clarity. The more clear about the kind of results  . . . the higher your sales.
  5. VALUE — Clearly state the VALUE of those results. The more valuable the higher your sales.
  6. Be Specific – specific about the results, specific about who gets the results, specific about the value of those results, .  This is just more clarity.
  7. DO NOT weaken your message by trying to sell to everyone in the room, or around the world. SPECIFIC gets you the greatest results.

The reasons these rules GRAB the attention of those who hear it is that it answers the most obvious questions that your target market is asking.

  • What does it do for me?
  • How valuable is it?
  • Is it more valuable than the last one I heard about?
  • I want the most valuable one, so is that this one?

Answer those questions in a way that causes the person needing you to say “Oh, my god . . . I’ve GOT to have that . . . NOW? And they will start chasing after you to get it, a change in your world and your business.

How many times have you heard this  BNI 60 Second Commercial, I sell __________. I work with  __________(naming a brand)?  That breaks every rule above.

In fact, don’t feel bad about doing it that way. Almost every makes those mistakes before they get it right. And when you make the changes I showed you above you’ll literally see the room start responding by chasing you to get what you sell.

Now take a look at this chart of marketing message effectiveness. The bottom of the chart is the least effective, and every step up the ladder becomes more effective until, at the top, if you were the target market, you’d be begging at the feet of this marketer. Every step up hits more of the key things your market wants to know.

Let’s start this example by defining the person using this 60 Second Infomercial  in this example is a doctor, and more specifically an oncologist, a cancer doctor.

Let’s also say that he’s at a networking event, and his ideal target market is standing right in front of him hearing his marketing message for the first time. By the way, his target market is someone with cancer, maybe a specific kind of cancer, and obviously the more problems they have the quicker they will respond to a really good marketing message. So, let’s say that the person standing there is dying of cancer, and I think you’ll quickly see how ineffective the message styles at the bottom of this list are, and those are the ones most are using.

I’m using this example simply because it’s so easy to see the effectiveness at each of the steps. But, as you work up the ladder look for the message style that you’ve probably used, and start looking for how you could change your message to fit the example.

As you move up from the bottom, the effectiveness increases exponentially. So, #2 isn’t just twice as good as #1, it’s 10 times higher, and by the time you get to step 4 it’s about 10x10x10x10=100,000 times more effective.  Andyes, that means about 100,000 times more dollars.

Below are the examples of the use of the marketing message for each example in the chart above. Starting with the least effective and moving toward the most effective. When you get “the most effective” marketing message right, our goal is to drive them to begging for the results you provide.

0.  I Sell _________ . . . Effectiveness Near Zero

So, lets start with the very bottom one, “I sell __________”

It’s pretty ineffective, nearly zero effectiveness. Yes, I know . . .  there are some people out there looking for what you sell, but the only thing that you did was to throw your hat in the ring with 1,000’s of others. And, in today’s world, how many times have you gotten a call that sounded like a salesman and you hung up as fast as you could, and might have even been angry for having received the call.

Well, when you say “I sell _______” you just entered that ring and are standing there rather flustered that no one responds. .

In this case, our doctor says “I sell medical services.”

I think you get the idea that even our doctor friend wouldn’t get very many clients this way. And it certainly didn’t grab the attention of that person dying of cancer standing in front of the doctor.

Yet, how many times have you hard someone say  “I sell _____” as their BNI 60 Second Commercial or at another networking event?

1.  I am a ___________ . . . Only Slightly more effective

This one I call “the label”, what you call yourself. Certainly doesn’t tell anyone what kind of result they’ll get from working with you. Again, you threw your hat in the  ring but didn’t differentiate anything. Just one of many doing that.

This doctor says “I am a doctor” which might get a follow up question, “What kind of doctor?”

In some cases, the person dying of cancer has probably seen 50+ doctors recently, and certainly isn’t interested in talking with yet another one. After all, they’ve got the best they could find with the ones they have.

2. I am an Oncologist . . . A More Specific Label

The more specific you become with your marketing message the more likely you’ll get some interest from your target market. But keep in mind, that so far this is still ABOUT THE DOCTOR and not about the person hearing the message.

In any case, the “I am an Oncologist” just may get that cancer patient starting to ask a few questions.

And what do you think those questions would be?

Probably, “What kind of cancer is your specialty?” And a question that most people don’t even know how to ask might be “What percentage of your patients live? Can You help me?”

There are several other statements that I gather together in level 2 that are all about as ineffective as the others. 

  • “I work with cancer patients”, or  
  • “I have the following cancer tools” . . . who cares? When someone talks about their equipment, or their processes, that doesn’t tell your target market anything about “how good of a result they’d get from working with you.”

The biggest problem is that we frequently believe that when we declare this list of equipment or processes that WE believe are impressive, that the prospects isn’t anywhere as knowledgeable as you are about that. It’ll just put them to sleep. They don’t care about your equipment. They only care that you can help them with it.

Don’t EVER mention your equipment or your processes.

How would this doctor sound if he started with “I have over $1M dollars worth of the greatest medical equipment in my office?”

Zip, ZERO results. When I hear that I think, “braggart!” And it doesn’t tell me whether he’s any good producing results with the equipment which is what I really wanted to know.

The same for “I’ve been doing this for 20 years.” I know people who have been doing what they do for 20+ years who are totally ineffective, or just aren’t as good as some I know that have just started.  This tells them nothing about what they really wanted to know . . . can you help me? How good and effective are you at helping me? How Fast?

3. “I work with cancer patients . . . 80% get better” . . . this message is JUST STARTING to get attention

This one is the first one with any real effectiveness. Why?

It’s talking about result, and a value of how good. It’s also more specific that “with cancer patients 80% of them get better.” It’s clearly stating RESULTS and the VALUE of those results.

If you were a dying cancer patient standing there in that networking event, wouldn’t that GET YOUR ATTENTION?”

4. I work with people who have been told they are dying of cancer and have only 6 months to live . . . 80% of my patients are cancer free within 3 months.

Notice how this one follows all of the rules, and answers all of the questions,

  • Who do you work with,
  • What are the results (cancer free), and
  • What is the value (80% are cured, totally cancer free) and how fast.

This last one hits every last one of the key points including clarify and specific, plus adding EMOTION and DESPARATION to the equation.

Now, before everyone says “But I don’t sell anything that valuable, or that saves lives.”

If that is the case, the problem is YOU and how you look at it, not what you sell. If you are selling anything of value, you’d better be talking about HOW VALUABLE. You’d better be making it MORE VALUABLE.

For instance, as a business coach I could sell “growing a business” which places me in the ring with lots of business coaches and consultants. And, I’ll tell you that businesses cut consultants at the first sign of a bad economy. They look at them as “an expense” that can and should be cut.

Yet, what I sell is just like what that cancer doctor sells.

In these bad economies, companies are dying, and are desperate to turn their business around. In fact, while businesses are failing at 80% to 90% every 2 years, my clients increase their sales by $100K to $1M even in the worst of times. Wouldn’t you rather turn your 50% loss this year into a 10 times increase in income?

So, let’s apply this to your business. What kind of results do your clients get? And how much value?

Let’s say that you are selling weight loss supplements. Notice how each step becomes more effective and GRABS your attention better.

0 “I sell ________ (name your brand)”
1 “I am a weight loss consultant.”
2. “I work with people needing to lose weight”
3. “I work with people who need to lose weight and 80% lose weight”
4. I work with people with a heart condition that are told they MUST lose weight right away or die. My clients lose 30 pounds about every 30 days and live longer.

Even if you aren’t’ targeting people with heart conditions, even using the “MY clients lose 30 pounds in 30 days and live longer” will kick your marketing response rates up by several times.

Get the idea?

If you’d like to develop a KILLER marketing message for your BNI 60 Seconds Commercial  that will line them up, down the street, and around the corner, give me a call for an initial and free session to develop your own marketing message that will increase your sales by 5-10 times.

And that you’ll start using in every marketing activity that’ll change your business results to jaw dropping new levels.


Alan Boyer, $100K Small Business Coach

Helping small business owners reach another $100K to $1M within months and to stop playing in the kiddie pool when attracting new clients.

P.S. I say “stop playing in the kiddie pool” because the changes we’ll make to your business can increase your sales so many times . . .  when you get it right that  you’ll swear you were playing at it . . . and you probably were.

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