The Next Step to Article Marketing

Article marketing has become the industry standard for keyword marketing with the search engines.  Don’t believe me?  Do a search and see the sheer quantity of internet marketing tools for sale.  To move ahead of your competition you really must to look at adding social bookmarking to your SEO plan.

Social bookmarking is when someone Tweets, Likes (Facebook) or equivalent your blog post.  The owner of the web 2.0 account is telling the world with their mouse that your story is worth passing on.  They are telling their online buddies that they see value in the story.  You can’t get the search engines to admit but if one hundred people socially bookmark your post – then the search engine will like your story too!

You can see why Bing relies on social bookmarking.  Instead of just relying on links to see if your web page is important, the voting is done by individuals.  Each web 2.0 site changes their rules almost weekly to make it nearly impossible to de-humanize new submissions.   The more difficult to automate – the more likely that a live body did the submission.  And human beings voting are what the internet search engines are interested in hearing from.

To take advantage of the trend you should tell your visiters to Digg your story.  Make sure it is as obvious as technically possible for your readers to add your story to Digg or StumbleUpon.  Add the gadget in your WordPress install or on your blog page.  And make sure you Digg your own blog posts.  If you write a good blog post you should tell your friends they should read it.

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