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SecretstoGrowingaBusiness Imagine you had a small business system

  • One that told you every Critical step to take that WOULD guarantee success if you did those steps
  • And one that would show you how to cause customers to start chasing you instead of the other way around.
Also, imagine what it’s been like  trying to overcome problems that you didn’t know how to resolve or where to turn to get answers. And, imagine what it would look like and feel like when you have the answers.
You’d make a lot more money, and faster.
Without it, you’ll be forever frustrated by lots of the wrong activities but limited business results.

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30 Seconds to

This may be the ONE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do for your business. Frankly, when I started doing this . . . it was the turning point in my business.

This is THE KEY to connecting with 5-10 times more people, and maybe LOTS more. I’ve had 50% of a room full in just a simple 30 second introduction rush me after the meeting.

, . . this one principle . . ., and the very next time I spoke I got 5-10 times more referrals than I’ve ever gotten. My business hasn’t been the same since.

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  • Develop the most important thing you can say in public, in your print marketing that will get you more clients.
  • Develop what you SHOULD say in every kind of marketing
  • How to COMPEL People you talk to to ask you for help.
  • Your marketing should just generate some interest, it should COMPEL them to ask for your help.
  • Learn what has been wrong with EVERYTHING you have been saying in public and in print
  • Learn what to say at the top of your website that will increase your calls 5-10 times, or more.
  • If you aren’t getting at least one call a month from your website, this is the answer to getting many calls a month.
  • If your print marketing hasn’t been landing you 5% to 10%, learn why and how to change that.
  • Developed exclusively for small business owners based on what has worked for my business, and the businesses of my clients. I share with you some things that have resulted in responses to our marketing up in the 40+% area.
Small Business Help

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Small Business Help

“Give me 2 hours a week…just 2 hours and I can help you make 2010 the best year you’ve ever had.” –Alan Boyer

Alan Doubled My Business in 3-4 Weeks! It has Continued.  In 6 months it has Increased over 6 Times and is Still Increasing. I wish I had met him Years ago. 

Steve Wiegert, President Clean Air Pros

Hello, I’m Alan Boyer:





We’re about to end another year.2009 went by in a flash — just like 2010 will.But I promise you that by the end of 2010 you will probably need a telescope to look back to where you are standing right now. That’s because this letter contains a potent offer … an offer that, if accepted, will have a profound impact on your life. It’s a chance for you to join a limited number of success-minded individuals from around the world who I will personally consult with, and then coach to levels never before achieved.  

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  • Those who aren’t successful never set goals and generally live a life without direction or purpose.
  • Those who are just so-so wait until January of every year to lay out resolutions or goals for the year but generally have abandoned them by February.

For the rest of the year they are usually working toward other people’s goals (the boss, company, etc.) They don’t own any goals. Those who really succeed, sometimes need a few extra things besides, just goal setting . . . an extra PUSH from outside. When they haven’t been able to do it before, they just can’t keep doing what they’ve always done expecting different results. We all know what that is . . . Einstein called it insanity.

  • Some need
    • Knowledge . . . knowledge of how to manage a business so that it LEAPS forward 5-10 times more than ever before. You do know how to do the technical things in your business, but do you know how to grow a business rapidly, any business? If you haven’t done it up to know, what makes you think you can do it without that extra outside push now?
    • Skills . . . A good analogy here is “you can’t learn to ride a bicycle in a seminar.” What that means is that no matter how much knowledge you have acquired, you ARE going to fall off the bicycle. Remember when your dad ran along side of you as you fell of that bike? Well, someone running along side of you AS you DO FALL OFF of your business bike, will help you get back on and learn faster, maybe even learn when you haven’t been able to before. Faster learning means that your skinned knees in business may not hurt as bad, and, as you start winning some races on that business bike faster profits will come faster than ever which might be critical to your survival. 
    • Mindset . . . Believe it or not, there are things that you believe about the way to ride that business bicycle, are likely keeping you from making the breakthroughs you were looking for. Remember when you BELIEVED that it would be easier and safer to go slow on that bike as you learned. In fact, you’d rather not be moving at all, but when you weren’t moving the bike would just fall over. You had to have some momentum before it would work, yet that scared you? Learning in business frequently is the same. Things may seem like the wrong things to do, but they are the VERY thing you need to do. A coach running along side of you as you fall off your business bike can help you overcome those little (sometimes not little at all) believes that have stymied your progress for years

      Although I’ve done this inside of the larger corporations for 30-35 years, this is our 6th year coaching as Leader’s Perspective. Each year we’ve been excited to learn of the great successes and breakthroughs many people have had with our coaching.
      To date: 80% of our small business clients typically have doubled their business in 60 to 120 days, and our larger clients double a single process or part of their business in 3-4 days. It’s just how big of a bite you take from that elephant.
      But it’s also been clear each year that some people – those who want to achieve at “quantum-leap” levels – need something more.
      They need the follow-up, accountability and guidance that a good coach or mentor can deliver. Some just need someone (with experience) to partner with to work on problems. 








    May was my best month in the 5 years I’ve been in business due to some things Alan showed me. I had a $60K increase.
    Jeff Vorhies, Vorhies Carpet Cleaning


    From 1 person a year from my website to 72 within 2 weeks.

    Jennifer Holcomb, Mary Kay


    From no clients over several months, to 2 BIG clients in a couple of days. Calls from Coca Cola and Logitech.

    Keith Lawrence, Transparency Group


    Opened a new office after Alan helped me.

    Leanne Hoagland Smith, Process Specialists


    Doubled my business in 3 weeks. Doubled it again in next 2 weeks, and up another 6 times in 6 months.

    Steve Wiegert, Clean Air Pros


    From one client a month to 51 a day within 3 months.

    CEO of Freight Insurance company


    From $3M to $6M in 3 months, then to $10M from something he pointed out to me. We also reduced our time in the office from 12 hours to 7.

    Kevin, VP of Engineering Company


    40% marketing response, closing 90% on 1st appointment.

    Cheryl Clausen, Coaching MegaAgents


    Cold calls to appointments 40%

    Rocky Ramaro, Profit Coach


    70% appointment setting rate for $100M companies.

    Dan Light, Dan Light Consulting



    Small Business Coach — Get a Whole Community CHASING You

    Mr. Boyer discovered that what he has done in larger businesses can make a similar change in peoples’ lives and for small business success.The results have been impressive for his business clients, a sudden and very significant improvement. One of our recent clients, Jenny, a Mary Kay rep went from one new client to 72 people chasing after her in a couple of weeks. A larger business went from 1 new MAJOR client a month to 1,500 a month.If you have trouble fathoming those kinds of leaps forward as being realistic, that might be one of the mindsets we mentioned above. If you don’t believe YOU can do it, or, that ANYONE can do it, couldn’t that be something at least worth giving me a call to discover why it’s actually EASY.

    Just give Mr. Boyer a call to discuss what you’d like to see happen


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