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  • More clients
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  • Stop chasing them . . .
    They CHASE You

Join us right here in Kansas City.

Life Coach, Business Coach, Career Coach, or Whatever Coach, join us to grow your business RAPIDLY.

As a coach who spent 10 years building his own business, while tripping over the same mistakes you are, and finally discovering what makes the difference I’ve put together a small group of coaches who are working together to grow their business to  $100K within months.

One of the greatest things I did for my business was that whenever I found another coach who was better than me at something, I hired that coach.

I’ve stair-stepped upward until I’m setting with some of the top coaches across the nation as far as building a successful coaching business, marketing, sales, getting clients to CHASE after you instead of you chasing after them.




I’ll share it all with you.

You will be SHOCKED at the results from some very simple changes.
Join us.

The first step is simply joining into our email list and you will get weekly
ideas that will help you get lots more clients easily. You will watch as
others in the KC area are

Later, when slots open in our live group, you may receive invitations for
taking the next steps.

Alan Boyer

$100K Small Business Coach

Helping coaches/consultants/trainers reach $100K . . . within months






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