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Over 75% of all Mergers and Acquisitions Fail

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From the Desk of Alan Boyer:

Do you realize that over 75% of all Mergers/Acquisitions fail to achieve what the companies were expecting, and sometimes the problems are bad enough to take them under.

An even more interesting statistic is that out of the 25% who do succeed, most are professionals at Mergers and Acquisitions. They are the Karl Icahn’s of the world that buy companies like TWA to strip it down and resell it. They have done it over and over. They have a proven process to make it happen.

The bottom line–

  • Most of the everyday companies out there attempting it are almost guaranteed failure, or at least guaranteed to not achieve most of what they thought they were going to get.
  • It takes experience
  • And a proven process

The Leader’s Perspective has been there, has a proven process that has worked with companies of all sizes, and therefore can move you into the SUCCESS category. And we have partners that have been there and done that in just about every industry in the world which gives us an even bigger advantage. We have over 100 affiliates all over the world that have successfully brought companies through the mine fields of M&A.

Call us. Ask us ANY question about your merger or acquisition that is about to happen or is in process.


Mr. Boyer, the President/CEO of The Leader’s Perspective, is a Certified Post-Merger Facilitator with Total Quality Institute and has over 35 years developing businesses, often doubling a small business in weeks, and doubling the output or growth of a department, process, workgroup of a larger company sometimes in days.

Len Gustafson is one of the world’s leading M&A experts specializing in international acquisitions. 

Keith Lawrence, has been an executive turnaround specialist in some of the world’s largest companies and is our Large Corporation specialist in this field.

 The Leader’s Perspective focuses can help resolving the problems.

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