CEO value in the Digital Marketplace

You don’t have to look very far these days to see executives at the highest levels of organization being thrown under the bus. Executives ranging from Toyota, BP, and the Presidential office have all seen themselves questioned by the masses in recent months.

This causes a huge issue for the business world: younger executives typically have a better understanding of the web space and the evolution happening there, while older executives bring essential business insight into the mix.

While new media has many benefits: the corporate office is now dealing with a one-to-many communication platform where a single executive is trying to manage hundreds (if not thousands) of conversations.

Ten years ago consumer communication was handled by customer service teams that had multiple ways of routing complaints, concerns, sales inquiries, and general commentary.There may be hundreds or thousands of employees involved in this basic consumer interaction and communication channel.

In today’s age, a good portion of the executive and management team may be accessible on social sites like Linkedin, Twitter, or Facebook. Even if an executive isn’t active on these sites, they may be personally attached to the business and people could be talking about what they did or did not do.

Even if an executive thinks they are not online, the digital information channel has exposed contact information for many of them on sites like:

  • Hoovers
  • 123people
  • Intelius
  • ZoomInfo
  • Leads411

This personal contact information simply demonstrates the access that the public at large has to upper management. Some executives still act under the business assumption that digital chatter can be ignored. It doesn’t take too much for an executive over forty to think this way and as we near the sixty and seventy year demographic of executives it becomes the majority party.

Age of Executive Team

As we keep in mind that the age of our executive team may infer some typical mindsets, older executives who are willing to stay competitive know that professional education and strategic execution can seperate their experience from less experienced executives.The key element to taking advantage of this opportunity is the professional education piece: this article on executive branding and reputation online provides the groundwork and direction to establishing this digital understanding and creating a strong online brand for yourself.

CEOs and other chief officers have a slightly different set of issues to deal with. This article on CEO reputation has works through a variety of topics to detail the value of personal and professional reputation in the executive office.

As an executive thinking about your business and your own professional career, understanding these critical trends in consumer behavior and social interaction is critical to navigating yourself to success today and in the future.

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