How to Get an Appointment with Almost Anyone Anywhere Anytime

Would you like to have a tool that would almost guarantee that you could get an appointment with almost anyone anywhere anytime?

How to get an appointment with almost anyone you call, and at least 75+% of the time.

I’ve even used this to set up networking events with some of the hardest to reach CEOs and execs in some of the top businesses. It doesn’t matter who, what, when, or where, this whole things works almost every time. Continue reading

A Positive Approach To Business — Network Marketing

Many of us involved in the network marketing arena are constantly seeking new ways to promote our commercial enterprise, to magnify our list of prospects, to visualize out better ways to increase the return on our investment and to do all we can to attain that most coveted status of financial freedom. This article is about that mental outlook that is best suited to eventually gain the success that we all aspire to. Continue reading

30 Seconds to Explosive Networking and Sales

This is probably one of the most important things that you will ever do for you and your business. It will definitely have the biggest impact of anything you have ever done.

This activity is to help you not only create a 30 second elevator speech, but to better understand what you really do. It will define your USP (Unique selling proposition). This usually even changes my client’s vision of who they are and what they do for their customers. Continue reading

BNI Leaders — How to Make Your BNI Chapter the Fastest Train on the Tracks

Great Leaders Lead with a BIG Vision

I was watching the president of a BNI Kansas City group as he was driving the chapter to becoming the “biggest chapter in the world.” He had a vision of what it could be, should be and voila:

He led it from 12 members to 100 people in the room (50 members, and 50+ visitors within 3 months. Ha, and they said it couldn’t be done. But now I’ve seen it happen over and over. Great leaders leading with a BIG visio, and they don’t let the nay sayers hold them back Continue reading

BNI How to Make It the Greatest Business Growth Tool Since Sliced Bread

There is a difference between using BNI as a passive business growing tool and using it as an active business growth tool. Continue reading

BNI Kansas City, Business Networking International

I’ve provided this whole section for my friends at BNI Kansas City (or other chapters for that matter).

As a business coach I’ve found a lot of ways to grow busineses rapidly using BNI and would like to share them with you in this section. Continue reading

Tired of Coming Home from Networking Events with A Pocket Full of Business Cards and No New Customers?

Jerry, a client, told me the reason he networks is that it’s cheaper than any other form of marketing. I hear that a lot, but it doesn’t usually pan out that way.  Here’s how to fix that. Continue reading

LinkedIn — How to Get 15 Or More New Prospects a Week

LinkedIn, if used correctly, can definitely be one of the greatest things since sliced bread. Here’s a couple of examples that delivered 15 new prospects a week to one of my clients. Continue reading

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