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Adding An Autoresponder To Your Static Site Or Blog For Lead Generation Purposes

The next step in our business mastermind sequence . . . that is: purchasing and setting up an autoresponder for your static weboage or blog for lead generation purposes. Continue reading

How to Get THE MOST from Your Email List — Doubling Your Email Marketing Open Rate–#1 in Series of List Building and Email Marketing

I was helping a coach with his email marketing list and discovered that there were a couple of areas in his email marketing that could increase his overall ROI from his list 80 times or so. Continue reading

A Positive Approach To Business — Network Marketing

Many of us involved in the network marketing arena are constantly seeking new ways to promote our commercial enterprise, to magnify our list of prospects, to visualize out better ways to increase the return on our investment and to do all we can to attain that most coveted status of financial freedom. This article is about that mental outlook that is best suited to eventually gain the success that we all aspire to. Continue reading

How to Get Lots of Clients with a Newsletter

There were some questions asked about whether a newsletters is still a good way to get new business in a comment to an earlier blog post about emails. So, here’s some ways to use your newsletters to grow your business. Continue reading

How To Build Up Your Email List With Autoresponders

Autoresponders are one of the most important marketing tools that you can have if you are doing business online. In fact, the
only thing more important that the autoresponders is your opt-in list! Continue reading

How to Get THE MOST from Your Email List — Email Marketing– Getting the Most Dollars Per List Member–#3 in Series on List Building

In the first two articles we discussed

  • How to double the open rate of your emails
  • How to increase the click through rate of your emails (in that case it was 40 times)

And now we’ll discuss what might be typical in dollars per list member on your list. Continue reading

How to Get THE MOST from Your Email List — Email Marketing Click Through Rate–#2 in Series on List Building

In the first article in this series I shared how Jim almost doubled his open rate. In this article we’ll explore how Jim increased his click through rate around 40+ times. A double times 40 = 80 times increase in leads and sales.

Continue reading