Small Business Marketing

How to Get 100’s More Clients Simply From Every Marketing You Do

If you can’t answer “How many responses, and clients, I should get from every piece of marketing I send?” then you aren’t in control of your marketing.

Imagine for a minute that if you KNEW that you could get at least 10% response every time you sent marketing, whether that would be website, direct mail, email, direct calls, webinars, etc. And that would work out to 100’s of times more than where you are now.

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Marketing and Sales in a Recession — Growing Your Business at the Worst of Times

Marketing and sales in a recession is no different than during good times. It’s just that most businesses act as if something really went bad during this recession and shoot themselves in the foot. But here’s a secret to grow your business even faster BECAUSE of the economy. Continue reading

Small Business Marketing Objectives to Add Another $100K

 Frequently a small business has no measurable marketing objectives other than “increase sales” “increase leads”, or “get more customers.” Here’s the secret to setting the right marketing objectives, and then tweaking the results to get 5-10 times more. Continue reading

BNI 60 Second Commercial That Could Multiply Your Business 10 Times or More

 In marketing and networking the first thing out of your mouth becomes the most important thing you will ever say. It isn’t about “making a sale”,  it’s about “getting attention.” It’s simple . . . if you don’t get their attention before you say what you want to say, they never hear the most important thing that follows.

If you want them lining up to talk to you everytime you give your BNI 60 Second Infomercial . . .   Continue reading

Google Adwords CPC Going Higher — How to Manage Your Costs

Have you noticed that Google Adwords CPC are going higher and higher? Is it scaring you?

First, as in any marketing, the most obvious up front costs aren’t the things to pay attention to. It’s the cost to “acquire a customer” that’s the most important, not the Cost Per Click, CPC.

I’ll show you how to get control of your marketing so that you BUY a client everytime you spend your marketing dollars. Continue reading

Workshop and Seminar Follow Up System to Get Clients

When I talk to coaches, consultants, trainers, and others that use workshops and seminars to get clients, I frequently hear that over the last year they got zero to as many as 1 new client from their workshops after doing several workshops a month.

If you’d like to see that number increase to you getting 25% to 50% of that room wanting your help, read on. Here’s how. It’s really simple. Continue reading

The Secret How to Get Clients That You Already Lost

I recently lost a prospect to my competition, but got them right back, Here’s how you can recover most of those you lose.  It’ll work for you too
Just imagine what would happen if you got many of those you lose to come running back with this simple little concept.. Continue reading

Why Niche Marketing –Find Your Niche and Then . . . Drive Them Crazy

Why Niche Marketing?

 One of the biggest problems small business owners of all kinds have is that they believe that everyone in the world can use their products and/or services.  Continue reading

Clients, Clients Everywhere and Not One That I Can Lay My Hands On!

Everywhere I look I keep finding clients. They are everywhere even in this so-called recession, that I think is about to become a full blown depression.

So, why is it that you are having problems getting clients?

Why is it that you aren’t finding all of those clients?

Well, I’ll tell you where they are, and how to get them, if you’ll just finish reading the rest of this article. Continue reading

The Motivational Speaker — Employees Look Inside and Find New Levels of Achievement

The motivational speaker has taken on a greater importance in society in recent years. Such speakers are more frequently called upon to use their skills than ever before. The rise of the motivational speaker has been most noticeable in the world of business. This is particularly true following months of poor business performance owing to the recession. It seems that business leaders are confident that the investment of paying for the motivational speaker pays off. Continue reading

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