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CEO value in the Digital Marketplace

You don’t have to look very far these days to see executives at the highest levels of organization being thrown under the bus. Executives ranging from Toyota, BP, and the Presidential office have all seen themselves questioned by the masses in recent months.

This causes a huge issue for the business world: younger executives typically have a better understanding of the web space and the evolution happening there, while older executives bring essential business insight into the mix. Continue reading

Which Is More Important to Growing Your Business the Fastest? . . . Hard Work . . . or Guts

Hard work will get you just a little further along . . . but it takes guts to stand up for what will take you leaps and bounds further. Most of us actually fight against the things that make the biggest difference. Would you like to discover what they are? Continue reading

Organizational Change and the Effects of New Training Platforms

By Arthur F Carmazzi

It used to be easy! Training Needs Analysis combined with company goals and surly succession planning would give you most of what you need to create a people development strategy. Continue reading

Building The Foundation Of Trust

Leading at Light Speed is a new leadership book for anyone and everyone who cares to build high performance organizations that perform at very high levels, as measured by profitability, growth, and customer retention. The following is an excerpt on Building Trust.

Let’s start with the foundation of trust. Creating trust may seem like an obvious part of a leader’s job. What is not as obvious, however, is just how fundamental and important it is. Continue reading

Strategic Change Management Model

I’ve talked before about the “First Five Percent. That’s my approach to strategic change management that says the quality of the first five percent determines what happens in the rest of the process. Continue reading

Very Powerful, Effective Management . . . Employee Empowerment Vs Management by Consensus

As a business coach and management trainer I have an opportunity to see a lot of different approaches to management from really good to really bad. I run into managers that get confused over the concept of employee empowerment vs management by consensus. We’ve all been told that employee empowerment motivates employees and it essentially gives us, the managers and executives the leverage of a lot of heads that are very knowledgeable about our problem working on our problems. Continue reading