Which Is More Important to Growing Your Business the Fastest? . . . Hard Work . . . or Guts

Hard work will get you just a little further along . . . but it takes guts to stand up for what will take you leaps and bounds further. Most of us actually fight against the things that make the biggest difference. Would you like to discover what they are?

Working Harder Move You Forward a Little While Having Guts to Be Different Will Leap You Forward Lots

To Be just a little better than everyone else takes a LOT of very hard work.

However to leap forward by many many times, multiplying your business income, profits, and numbers of clients, to be a super performer, way ahead of everyone else, almost to levels that most wouldn’t dare to even think was possible requires GUTS.

That’s because everyone will tell you you can’t do it, or that the way you are trying to do it is plain crazy. When everyone around you has never experienced it they’ll tell you not only that it isn’t going to work, but that you are stupid if you even try it.

I believe it was Edison who tried 10,000 versions of the light bulb before he got one to work. And even after he got one to work it took him a lot longer to get that one that worked to last long enough to be sellable. And that was at a time when EVERYONE told him that it couldn’t be done. Actually it actually couldn’t be done the way everyone else had thought about it.

It Takes Guts

It takes GUTS to stand up to everyone around you to simply go ahead and prove them wrong. We’ve also been conditioned to choose the easy ways where we don’t see any real obstacles. Therefore, at the first thought that “this doesn’t work this way, or at least hasn’t before” we’ll go another direction.

There’s something I’ve learned about marketing that works the best I’ve ever seen. When I show the ideas to a new client they will almost always tell me that they dont’ feel comfortable with it, or saying that.

No One Is Comfortable With Something They Haven’t Done — But That’s Where You’ll Find The HUGE Progress

Why? Because it isn’t comfortable for them. It doesn’t fit the picture of marketing they have in their heads because they don’t see marketing like that almost anywhere. So, they want to copy what they see and feel comfortable with. Of course, marketing the way everyone does it has been done by small business owners who have no experience in successful marketing. The results they get are abysmal.

Something that looks different that will actually get through more doors . . . because it is different . . . and because it appeals to people from a totally different perspective . . . doesn’t look like, act like, or feel like any marketing they have EVER run into. Therefore . . . they’ll tell me that it just doesn’t feel right to them.

If You Aren’t Getting Complaints You Aren’t Doing a Good Enough Job

Roy Williams one of the top copywriters said that if he wasn’t getting complaints about the marketing he was doing for his clients then he wasn’t doing a good enough job. Basically that says that when he’s delivering marketing copy that’s good enough to catch a lot of people’s attention he’s going to get more complaints than when the marketing material is poor. And he’s right.

I’ve learned that I’ve got to have the guts to stand up for what I KNOW works and can prove it. I’ve got to do what feels totally unnatural, tell a client they are WRONG and suggest that they follow me until we can prove that what I’m showing them really will blow their minds.

Do the Impossible Yesterday

I’ve been told that what I say is possible is impossible, or that what I teach my clients how to do is not possible. I’ve even had people walk out of speeches because when I said that getting 30% of a room is possible if you get a marketing message right, but they didn’t stay around to see 30% of THAT room THAT very night ask to meet with me.

It takes guts to stand my ground to prove that what almost everyone around me tells me I can’t do I can do!

That’ll NEVER Work!

Have you ever had an idea for your business that everyone told you “That’ll NEVER work!”

When someone hasn’t been able to do something, frequently they believe that it can’t be done. But that’s THEIR beliefs. Own your own, but be sure to prove it to yourself first. They will discourage others to go there because, as they say . . . it can’t be done.

I’ve been told that the process that literally GRABS prospects by the throat and drags them to becoming clients isn’t “professional” even as that process added 1,500 new clients and an additional $80,000 a day in sales to the company that claimed their new marketing that I helped them develop didn’t look professional.

No One Likes Good Marketing Until It Proves Them Wrong

In fact, I expect all of my clients to tell me they don’t like their new marketing before they see the results, and sometimes even after they see the results.

How many times have you heard “narrow down, find your niche” and you balked. In your head it felt counter intuitive to go for a smaller market when you could go for the whole world. And you may still be there, but for those who actually find their niche, and then develop a powerful marketing message that GRABS that smaller niche . . . they will start walking away with more clients than they even believed was possible. It’s not until you let go of your old stuck-in-the-mud beliefs that you’ll discover the power of niching yourself.

Doing More of a Bad Thing Doesn’t Help

About two weeks ago I found yet another approach to narrowing down that seemed counter intuitive. I was helping a client with his Google Adwords campaign. I discovered that he had several hundred search words in that campaign and probably only 20% of that list was producing any real bottom line results. So I suggested we remove all of the words that either weren’t producing a sale (they were getting clicked on, landing on the website, but no one following through), and that we also remove the words that weren’t even getting clicked on.

The client balked. He was SURE that more words would produce more results . . . if not right away . . . sometime someone just might click on those words so he didn’t want to remove those words. But, when we removed the words we removed over $1,000 of click thru’s that had never brought him a call, and we also removed words that weren’t costing him anything because no one had clicked on them in 6 months. The result was that we had another $1,000 to spend on words that did work, and for the words that no one clicked on, removing them raised the Google Quality score to the 7-10 area (can’t get any better) which lowered the cost of the click thru’s we did get by 1/2.

Suddenly we had more than 1/2 our budget to spend on the right words. We could double our efforts on the keywords that were producing, AND in addition we had another $1,000 to spend on the words that work as well. The first result was that we were still getting as many new clients as just before this last change but we were spending less than 1/2 as much on each. And once we turned up the spending on the right words sales went up another 5 times.

It took guts to stand up for what I believe when a client doesn’t want to go there, and when almost everyone around you tells you “that’ll never work.” But when you stand your ground you’ll see your business results multiplied by many many times.

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