What’s Your Excuse for Not Being Successful?

When we fail to do something we are expected to do, we almost always have an excuse for it. That’s just how our habit acts. But we have a choice to change that for good.

Excuses Are Self Destructive Instead of Driving for the Result

If we analyze it closely — an excuse is a self-destructive alibi for having failed to do something, especially when it involves attaining a goal. Instead of trying to persevere in finding ways to continue achieving a goal, some of us resort to excuses.


To avoid pain. Excuses appear to us to be the best medicine. But that’s only side stepping the real problem . . . that you need to stop making excuses, and start getting results instead.

But you should not use excuses for not becoming successful! That’s self-destructive.

Look at the Obstacle, or Handicap, and Fix It, Stop Making Excuses

Whenever we look at a “handicap”, we almost always look on the negative side only. It’s about time we take a look at the positive side of it. The positive side may be the difficult side, but it’s the one worth looking into. It’s the side that is going to lead us to excel in life.

Handicap can appeared in many forms — Physical handicap, mentally handicap, emotional handicap, financial handicap, etc.

It your handicap is financial, then the more reason you have to rise above your present status. And if your financial status limits your educational attainment to improve your life, do you really think that you cannot get the education you want? Make use of libraries. Come up with creative ideas to improve your life and you will find it.

If you are emotionally disturbed with negative thoughts, it is like you are sitting on a chair with wobbling legs. Try sitting on a chair with sturdy legs; meaning, look at the bright, positive side of life. Put aside negativity and start thinking positively. The only one who can stop you is yourself.

If you always have a lot of excuses, you should strive more to overcome them because you’ll be able to double the achievement. Where the odds are greater, the prize gets much bigger. After all the efforts you have exerted, the prize of success shall be a well-deserved one.

Make sure you have full control of your life. You should have no problem managing the things you can control. Don’t let ‘excuses’ to control your decisions.

Accept things you cannot control the way they are, if you cannot do without them. If you can do without them, leave them and divert your attention to something else that will make your life more meaningful. Never pick on something you cannot control and turn it into ‘excuses’ that will block your success.

So what’s your excuse for not being successful?

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