How to Find a Coach — How to Find THE BEST Business Coach

How to find a coach, THE BEST Business Coach?

Do you remember the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz?

Most of us think of him as the man with all of the smoke and mirrors. But in reality he still was what held everything together and kept it running in Oz.

Look at Elvis Presley and his man behind the curtain, Colonel Parker. Most people mainly remember Elvis, but if you asked Elvis about his success what do you think he’d have said was the secret to his success. Elvis had talent, but it was his man behind the curtain that kicked Elvis’s visibility into the limelight. Elvis without Colonel Parker may never have been seen beyond 50 miles of Memphis.

Look at some of the great football teams. There is a LOT of talent out there on the field, but without the RIGHT coach to help fine tune that talent, to challenge the talent beyond what they can do alone, to find the breakthroughs. There is talent on the field, but it’s a relationship with the man behind the current that turns talent into super bowl type of results.

What is your vision? To become better, or to become a super bowl contender? How will you find your man behind the curtain that is more than just “another coach” but a “super coach.”

First, ask for what you are looking for. Don’t ask:

  • “for a coach” or
  • “have you worked in this industry before” or
  •  “how long have you been a coach” or
  • “are you a certified coach”

None of those guarantee super bowl type of results.

How to find a coach, your best business coach . . . ask, “what kinds of measurable results, outcomes, have your clients gotten before?” If they’ve been there, done that, you’ve got a much higher probability of getting there than someone who’s got an arm’s length of credentials or done it for ever. Length of time doing anything, or even degrees, or certifications. I’m sure you’ve seen people who’ve done what they do for 20+ years, and have those degrees and certifications who are not any good at it, let alone super bowl type of leaders.

If you want to “go to the super bowl in your business” find not “just a coach” but find one who can partner with you as your man behind the curtain that has had the results before.

So always ask, “what were the measurable results” and look for the super bowl type of results.

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