Chum Marketing — Line New Customers Up Outside of Your Door

One of the biggest problems most small business owners have is that they play in the kiddie pool when trying to attract new clients. They dabble at it. They go networking here and there. They talk to 4 to 10 people a week one on one.

That’s playing in the kiddie pool. For most companies, there are 100’s to 1,000’s looking for what you do right there in your metro area.  So, our job is to not only get you in front of 100’s to 1,000s which is 10 to 100 times more than the 4 to 10 people a week, plus we’ve got to put a marketing message about what you sell that “drives them crazy.” If what you’ve been saying has seemed to barely interest anyone what do you think would happen if we laid something in front of them that “drives them crazy.”

If you believe that what you sell doesn’t “drive them crazy” that’s a problem between your own two ears. Give me a call, I’ll show you how to take what you sell, and position it so that it is highly desirable.

But tet’s get to the topic of this blog post. Marketing that is like chumming.

When shark fishing, the key is to put the shark’s favorite food in the water all around the boat.  Sharks detect it from miles away and come looking. In fact, the food will eventually drive them into a food frenzy.  It’s called chumming.

The same thing can happen with your business, but you have to have something all around you that drives them crazy, that they sense from miles away.

And if what you’ve been telling them about what you sell hasn’t attracted them from miles away, or driven them to a feeding frenzy then what you’ve been telling them about what you sell just doesn’t reach that “drive them crazy” approach.

Stop for a minute, and think. If you’ve been selling “your product” then you’ve been selling the wrong thing. Instead, position the results, even measurable, mind numbing results and they’ll line up.

It’s not what you sell, but how you sell it.

Most business owners totally miss that”drive them crazy” approach. Let’s look at an oncologist, a cancer specialist.

He can say, “I am a doctor”, or “I am a cancer doctor”. That isn’t a “drive them crazy” message, right? But what would happen if, instead he said, “I work with cancer patients who have been told they have less than 6 months to live, and 80% of my patients will be cancer free within 3 months.”

Is there a difference between the first message and the last? Which one is a “drive them crazy” message? Isn’t it obvious?

And, even if you don’t sell a life saving product or service, positioning what you sell can be done in a way that’ll certain raise that level of desire.

And, lastly, back to chumming the waters. Imagine, after getting that marketing message that drives them crazy, that we show you how to spread that message all around you, like they did around that boat. They’ll come running from miles away.

Alan Boyer, The 100K Small Business coach
Helping small business owners reach another $100K to $1M, and to stop playing in the kiddie pool when it comes to attracting clients.

2 Responses to Chum Marketing — Line New Customers Up Outside of Your Door

  • I like the sound of this post. However, as I am not in a financial position to spend money on coaching, perhaps you would allow me to fix the formatting on your client page for a short coaching service over the phone? I see you have some big clients especially in the Kansas City area, so this may not appeal to you, but if I don’t ask I know that I won’t get a positive answer.

  • Alan Boyer says:

    Give me a call, Rick.