The Secret to Getting Coaching Clients

Here’s one HUGE misconception that coaches, consultants, and trainers seem to have about getting coaching clients.

  •  They believe that being a good coach is the key to getting lots of coaching clients.
  • Therefore they spend ALL of their time studying coaching, getting new credentials, new degrees, studying new ways of coaching, developing new skills in new areas of coaching.

Getting the Cart Before the Horse

Now, don’t get me wrong here. Being able to have some successes, and great stories to share is going to contribute to your acquiring lots of clients. But, let’s also not put the cart before the horse.

Let’s step back for just a minute from the fray and chaos of what you’ve been doing to look at what’s important.

If no one finds you, then does it matter at all how good of a coach you are?


 So, if you become GOOD at getting that message out there . . . that’s called marketing by the way . . . then even if you were the worst coach in the world couldn’t you have them lined up, down the street, and begging for what you do? Yes you can.

 What matters in getting them lined up, is that marketing message . . .

  • what you say,
  • how you say it,
  • who you say it to,
  • and how often you say it.

That means refocusing what you are doing from “coaching”  . . . to “marketing your coaching.” That’s simple getting the word out about what kind of results people get from working with you.

 Once you have them coming to your door . . . yes, the better you are at coaching and getting the results they want . . . the more that will keep coming back, and the more the word will spread.

But that doesn’t happen . . . UNTIL you’ve got dozens of clients. So, let’s not let our focus drift from . . . getting the word out about the results they will get . . . and then they will line up for it if the resuults are so compelling, so great that they’d do almost anything to get those results for themselves. 

Don’t get the cart in front of the horse. Most coaches do believe that spending time on coaching skills will get more clients. NOT UNTIL you get them coming to you.

Doesn’t that say that just maybe you need to refocus your efforts to “marketing coaching”. Your current focus . . . on coaching won’t get you new clients. It starts way before that . . . the up front marketing effort.

To get that marketing message working well . . .What do your prospects want from you? RESULTS. So, that’s what should be in our marketing message, not anything about your, your credentials, or your services. Only the results they will get.

Develop YOUR Marketing Message NOW . . . The Sooner You Do the Sooner They’ll Line up at your door!

That means that developing a marketing message around measurable results to indicate what they will get from you.

Let’s compare these two messages:

1. I’m a CERTIFIED coach. I have an MBA, 20 years of experience.

As compared with

 2. Are you a business owner struggling to get clients in this recession? I help people like you add another $250K within weeks. 

 Which one appeals to you?

 Speaking of measurable results. The first one has a track record of NEAR ZERO results.

For most coaches who use that message on a website, they will get fewer than 1 call in 10 to 12 months even if there are a 1000 people a month looking at that message. That’s 1 call for 10,000 to 12,000 people, 0.01%. 1 call for every 10,000+ exposures of your message.

The last one gets about 10-20 out of 100 when you are talking to prospects who actually need what you have to offer.

So, you don’t have the results to share?

OK, then try this:

  • Are you a business owner struggling to get clients in this recession? Would you like to have more clients right now? I can help you go from where you are to many more.

Use whatever is appropriate RESULTS for the type of coaching you do. And get some clients, even free ones, or some paying a lower fee. Don’t turn down the value of what you offer, deliver super performer type coaching for a trade of I’ll do this if you’ll do that (referrals, exchange of services).

Here are some suggestions for a more generic marketing message.

Life coach — 

  • Happier partners
  • More income
  • Happier you

But still establish THE VALUE that “happy” means, or “more income” means. Let them define it, while raising the value for them. Don’t let them just set a low value, you drive the value higher until they would do almost anything to get it

Career coach —

  • Promotion faster (how much faster, promoted how far, be in control of your future)
  • Finding the right job faster (most people are experiencing only 1 interview in 1,000 resumes sent. How much better are you than that?)
  • Finding a better job when others are losing jobs
  • Finding a better job with more income
  • Finding a job where you have more input, control, responsibilities
  • Designing the career step by step around any of those issues above.

Developing the MESSAGE as to what they will be buying will change your coaching business from one of constant struggle to one of having them lined up outside your door, down the street, and around the corner. It will change the amount you charge from not being able to get paid, to a fee that your target market will pay almost anything to get.

People buy the most valuable thing they can buy.

Therefore, “selling coaching” is not seen as real value. It doesn’t paint a clear picture of what that value is.

 Painting a picture of the outcome, and the value of that outcome (the measurable results) will move you from struggling to get clients to ahve them waiting and begging for your time. 

In fact, measure your current marketing success by how many are lined up outside of your door.

The MOST important thing you can be doing right now is developing a POWERFUL, and COMPELLING message to share about what you do.

Develop that marketing message to it’s peak performance


30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You



Helping coaches, consultants, and trainers reach another $100K to $250K within weeks . . . and to stop playing at building their businesses.

The secret to building a coaching business, is the marketing message that drives your customer to line up at your door. Early in the coaching business building process that’s more important than building coaching skills.