The Secret to Getting Coaching Clients – Dozens of Calls a Month

I’ve now been around marketing,  internet marketing, and coaching for almost10 years. During that time I’ve tried just about everything that you are getting hit with today that probably hasn’t worked. Here’s the secret that I learned that applies to any kind of coaching, life coach, business coach, career coach, whatever coach, and it DOES work.

Frankly, I’m about to share with you the biggest secret about why NONE of those things ever worked for me, and why what I do now does work, to bring me several calls a day from people who are looking for what I do, from coaching to training to consulting.

Why didn’t I see it before this? . . . the only thing I could say is ignorance, and desperation of why everything wasn’t working, so I’d desperately listen to someone else. But once you get it, it’s so darned obvious.

Cash Flow Path — The Clear Path from Where Your Prospects Are Looking to You

The key is something I now call “cash-flow path.” I’ve not heard anyone else talk about this, but it’s the key to successfully getting lots more clients, and so simple.

Imagine a clear roadway from where your clients are to where you are now. That’s what a cash-flow path is.

You have to build that path from where they are to where you are. It isn’t a matter of doing a little marketing here, and a little marketing there. I call that hope and pray marketing. Do a little of this and hope that someone calls. No! The idea is to build a road from them to you, and lead them down it.  One marketing activity, whether  it does, or does not work is one step and often tried and discarded. We’ll build all of the steps and make each of them work to move the prospect to the next step, the next and the next. If one doesn’t work, we’ll stop right there and then make it work. We’ll also move the greatest number of people down that road that we can. No use just moving one here and there. Let’s put some TRAFFIC on that road.

I’ve found ways to expose not just a few a week to you, but thousands. So, why just shoot for a call here and there. Fill up that pipeline, and then you can be choosey.

Unless you build that path the clients will not find their way to you, and they won’t be thinking the right way either. We want them navigating the path we designed for them, getting more and more excited about working with us at every step. By the time they come to our door, they should be begging you to help them.

Let’s take a look at just one of those cash flow paths. Over time we’ll keep building more and more paths from different prospects to you. Each should contribute another significant cash flow. And it’s never ending.

Cash Flow Path One — Internet — Your Website — why isn’t it bringing you dozens of new clients a month?

The first cash flow we’ll look at is on the internet, with your website. Most coaches have their web developer “just turn on the website.” With the website turned on you have one of many steps along that roadway turned on. Not only does that junction, the website, usually not work well, but that’s only one of many steps and the rest of the path was never built. There’s miles between you and the 10’s of thousands of people who are looking for the type of coach you are.

At this stage there are 45,000 people looking for a business coach, as an example. Where’s that road from them to you? If you haven’t built the whole path they are very likely falling off the path at dozens of places.

To build that path, we’ll start with the 45,000 people that are searching for business coach. That’s where it all starts. We have to build our path, by placing it right where they are looking. That can be a search engine position, it could be an article you write, a directory you are listed in, or many others. In fact, there are lots of potential entries to your road that leads to you. Have you started construction of that road and placed it in the right place.

Let’s assume, for a minute that you are going to build one of your paths using a search engine position. It might start with the keyword, business coach, or . . . you might actually find another keyword that works even better. For instance, it won’t do you much good to go after a keyword that is extremely difficult, if not impossible to get a search engine position for. But there are other words, if you dig for them that will be EASY to get and at the same time have lots of people looking. It might not be 45,000 but it could be a few thousand. How many do you need to make this work anyway? If you can’t make it work with a few thousand you have other problems on your path.

And, we can even use pay per click, and actually get in front of the 45,000 within 15 minutes from deciding to. But that’s another story. This story is about building a path from them to you, and these are just several that could be the entry point to your road.

Now, let’s assume that you did get that search engine position. The next step on your path is to make sure that the listing that shows is compelling. In marketing, what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to determines whether it works or not. In other words, now that you have a search engine position at the top of page 1 of Google, if you don’t say the right thing, the search engine position will only bring people who won’t click on what they see. Your marketing message determines what percentage of those that see it actually will act on it. At the top of this page we should be getting between 5% and 50% of all people who are searching to click on it. The actual percentage of clicks you get is determined by how good your marketing message is. So, if after getting the position, you still don’t get more than a few tenths of a percent clicking through to your website . . . you have a marketing message problem.

But if it works, 5% on up to 50% of that 45,000 should be clicking through to your website. Think about that!!!!

Now we are building our road closer and closer to you, leading them down the road toward you. Now that they are on your website, we have another marketing message that either COMPELS them to click, or call or turns them off.

Killer Marketing Message — Has them begging for you, chasing after you, not you chasing them

Read “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You“, which shows you ways to develop that marketing message so that they actually CHASE after you so you don’t have to CHASE them the way you have without much luck. Just click here to develop a REALLY POWERFUL marketing message —

Once you have that marketing message, you should have somewhere between 5% to 10% (as a starting point) of those landing on your website that take that next step, whatever that might be. It could be clicking through to a freebie you offer, or actually calling you for a sample free coaching session. By the way, although 5% to 10% is a good number to click through, you might want to know that the average coaching website gets fewer than 0.1%, 1 in 1,000 that actually click through. It’s because of a very poor marketing message.

Read the “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You” to develop your marketing message.

You’ll want to use that marketing message in every marketing you do, all of the way from the website, to a 30 second elevator speech, to direct mail, to speeches you’ll give all over town and beyond. Your marketing message is very likely one of those HUGE BARRIERS you’ve had to building your coaching business. If every time you answer the question “What do you do” at a networking event and no one literally jumps into your arms saying “WOW, tell me how you do that” then your marketing message isn’t working.

When I use it during a speech, a presentation, I typically get 20% to 30% of the room (if that room is my target market) asking me to talk with them later. About 50% of those set an appointment. That could be a lot of new people for you. So does your marketing message work that well?

If not we know that you’ve got at least one gap in your cash flow path that’s bottlenecking your prospects.

Why isn’t it working? Because you aren’t saying the right things.

Back to our cash flow path for your website. Now that we have a marketing message working on your site and have more than 10% of those on your website taking that next step, what’s next

Marketing Funnel — How to Get MORE SALES from your Marketing and Website

What’s next?

Well, actually it probably isn’t what you think. Most people WILL NOT buy coaching directly from you with a click on the internet. Or, from any other marketing you do for that matter.


Yep, that’s probably another major hurdle for you that you didn’t know was there. For you to start getting lots of clients we have to keep building that road. And, since very few will buy directly from you on the internet or other forms of marketing, there are other steps we have to build.

But, when we are IN CONTROL of exactly the percentage that’ll take the next step, and the next, and the next we’ll have a very clear picture of how many must enter the cash flow path at the entry point (search engine, article writing, directory, Google Adwords, or other), and how many will go from step to step to step. Pretty soon you’ll have a continuous flow of calls coming to YOU. They’ll be CHASING you once you get the path built and working right. AND we’ll steadily increase the percentage at every step, taking it up and up.

First Step of Marketing Funnel — Freebie . . . but VERY VALUABLE — Something they can’t live without.

The next step from your website should be a freebie. That freebie is the entry point to the next leg of your road. It’s called a marketing funnel. Because few will buy coaching directly from you on the internet, you must give them a sample, and make it easy for them to get. Once they have taken a taste, and, assuming it’s really good, they will want more.

In fact, we want this SO VALUABLE that they absolutely will find themselves HAVING TO GET THIS. And as they do, they’ll leave you their contact information so that you can continue marketing to them as one of the many special people in your list. You may have heard the phrase, “the money’s in the list”. And IT IS. Just imagine that every person on this list is worth anywhere from $1 to $5 per list member per month . . . if you work this marketing funnel to it’s optimum.

Therefore, 1,000 people in the list should generate between $1,000 and $5,000 a month in passive cash flow, and that’s before they become coaching clients.

So, our marketing funnel is a series of samples, each getting more valuable than the last, and each being just a slightly bigger risk (increased cost and commitment from them). As long as they see the next step more valuable than this one, and more valuable than the cost, they are very likely to take that step.

Making it EASY For Your Prospects to Get to Know You, Like You and Trust You — In fact be irresistible.

I’m sure that you’ve heard that people buy from those they know, like, and trust. Well, when they come to you on the internet, or any form of marketing, they don’t know you yet. So, make it easy for them to get to know you, like you, and trust you, by experiencing samples of what they’d get.

The samples can be ebooks showing them how to do something that you’d do with them. Make sure that these are valuable, not just teasers. The more value they discover, the more they will want. Don’t hold much back. For the most part, people will be wowed by what you show them how to do, but . . . it’s even more likely to succeed at it they’ll need you coaching them to make it work. So, your job is to truly help them at every step of the marketing funnel. The more valuable the better. But provide that value in steps.

The first step is a freebie, an ebook, or even a free coaching session (but don’t just say “I have a free coaching session” say something that declares it’s value. Something like “try your free session that will double the number of clients within the next month”, or whatever your value is. They won’t hesitate to take that sample.

Make the value so clear, and so irresistible that almost everyone that lands on this page will sign up.

In fact, if you’d like, I’ll even show you a special landing page that’ll go WAY beyond your normal website conversion, no matter how good you’ve been doing it. It’s possible to get conversion on special landing pages up to the 30% to 60% of all people on your site.

Freebies — eBooks, Newsletters, and Free Coaching Sessions

Use emails, and newsletters to support that free ebook, or free coaching session. The more help you give them weekly by emails the more valuable you become to them. And the more they get to know you, like you, and trust you. You are to become a valuable team member in building their business. When they need more, they’ll call and hire you.

The marketing funnel that follows your website has to be managed just like all of the other steps on this road. We have to monitor, measure, and manage every step all of the time, at least once a week, or maybe once a month. You will find ways to keep increase the percentage that go to the next step at each of the steps.

If you measure your results end to end and aren’t getting dozens of calls a month, your cash flow path has a gap in it. Find it. Fix it.

If you don’t know how or where it is, call me. I’ll give you a free session to identify your gaps, and set new directions that will multiply the number of clients you have several times.

Just imagine what would happen if instead of being in front of 10 people a week (those you hand your business cards out to), that you get in front of that 45,000. Gee, what’s that multiplier? 45,000/10 = 4,500 times more business. But, then if you go from 0.1% conversion on your website up to the 5% to 10% area that’s easily possible, that’s 50 to 100 times more. And those are ONLY TWO of the steps. There’s that kind of potential at each step.

Don’t Believe Me?

When I say something like that I frequently get some grumbling from the back of the room . . . “that’s not possible!” Well, think about it. When most coaches get one call from their website once in 10 to 12 months (that’s what I hear from my workshops), and if they got 1,000 times more dollars than now that would look something like this. Most are afraid to charge much, so that one client they get is worth a couple of hundred dollars. If, instead, they got 100 calls a month, and 10 of them became clients monthly, this time at $1,000 a month. That’s $120,000 for just those. And that’s easily more than 1,000 times more income.

And whether you believe that 1,000 times is achievable or not, if 1,000 was possible, and then shouldn’t 100 times be reachable fairly easy. This process DOES work. If you are really good at it you’ll see the bigger numbers. If you are just so so at this process, you’ll still see SIGNIFICANT multiplication of your current income.

The whole point is that you’ve not designed an end to end cash flow path, a road, from them to you. Even if you’ve hired web developers, SEO experts, internet marketing consultants, that wasn’t building the path end to end, that was taking a stab at just one piece. Also, ask yourself if you hired someone, did you achieve the target for that one step, and where does your cash flow path have gaps in it that your prospects aren’t getting past?

Does Your Cash Flow Path Work to Bring Dozens of Calls a Month? — I’ll Help you. I promise.

I’ll offer to help you evaluate where you are on building that cash flow path, identify some of the gaps, and start building the end to end path that will expose you to not only the 45,000 looking for a coach on the internet, but expose you to your local market (that’s really easy).

Call me,816-415-8878 to schedule a time slot to start getting dozens of clients a month.

Alan Boyer

      Shortcuts to your first $100K (and many more) in your coaching business within a couple of months 

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