The REAL Secret to Getting Coaching Clients

Getting more coaching clients, or getting any, for that matter, is just about the hardest thing to do for most coaches.

Marketing and getting coaching clients just doesn’t come natural, or easy for most coaches. It really doesn’t matter how good of a coach your are when it comes to getting new clients. How good you are has a LOT to do with getting repeat clients, getting referrals, and getting clients to spend more with you. But, when it comes to getting new clients from scratch you just plain have to know how to market and sell or you will be setting there without any clients.

So what is the REAL Secret?

I wish it wasn’t a secret from coaches, but it’s just not one of those things that comes easy or natural. So, it seems to be hidden from most coaches. There is a reason that 90+% of all coaches fail within months, and of those that succeed few make more than $20K. But that doesn’t say that coaches don’t do it, but it means that you have to learn what fewer than 1% of all coaches know . . . the secret to getting coaching clients.

Knowing How Much of What You MUST Do and Doing It

It’s a simple formula starting with how many dollars do you want to make this year.

If you want to make $100K, and you assume that every client is worth about $2,000, then you need 50 clients for the year. If you break that down to a weekly number you MUST acquire and work with 1 client a week. With that number in hand, you must manage your results on a weekly basis. Starting from right now, and every week from this point forward.

I’m sure there are several questions that are bugging you right now. Such as “How to get one new client a week?” and “Gee I’ve always thought it takes weeks to build a business, so why do you tell me to worry about it THIS WEEK?”

The first, “how to get them” we’ll deal with in the coming paragraphs.

The second, dealing with it this week is a mindset problem. When most all small business owners, coaches, consultants, etc. believe that it takes months to build a business most just throw a few things against the wall over and over for months, and don’t worry about it until one of two things happen, they run out of money, or . . . well, it still boils down to when they run out of money. That’s when they start worrying, and that’s usually months down the road. By then it’s too late.

I will EMPHASIZE this STRONGLY . . . whatever you do with your marketing . . that’s what you do to get clients to you so you can persuade them in a sales meeting to buy from you . . . has a CONSTANT outcome. So what you say and how you say it and who you say it to results in a CONSTANT percentage of those you talk to doing what you want them to do.

In other words, as long as you say the same things to the same kinds of people and the same numbers of people you’ll get the same results each and every week. Talk to 10 people with the right message and get 5 of them buying from you.  And that’s a good number to expect from your sales talk.

The trouble is most coaches don’t get that kind of 50% outcome from their sales, nor even close to that from their marketing (which leads people to your sales call.)

For instance, most coaches get less than 0.1% results from their marketing. So, if they sent out 1,000 letters as an introduction, they’d be lucky to get 1 call out of the 1,000. Yet, a good marketing piece can get anywhere from 5% up. So, if you learn to change your marketing message from the one that gets only 0.1% (1 in a 1,000) to a 5% message (5 in 100) then you’ll see 50-100 times more clients than you do know.

And when you get that marketing message right, it’s just a simple matter of getting your message in front of the right number of people.

Let’s make some assumptions and run those numbers again. And let’s tweak a few things. Above we said that we wanted $100K, and a customer was worth $2,000. I assume that’s a one time short time customer. So, if we’d get a customer coming to us for $1,000 a month and would stay for at least a year, that would be $12,000. But, for the sake of numbers, let’s assume that’s $10,000.

We now need ONLY 10 customers.

Let’s also assume that we close 50% of them when we finally get in front of them. And that we have several different marketing approaches that get in front of 1,000 people each time we reach out to them (either in letters, or website, or any number of other ways we’ll discuss later). And that our marketing message is a good one, we get 5% or more of those we touch to an introductory workshop (a freebie). You’d have 50 people setting in those workshops whenever you decided to do them.

I would think your mouth is watering right now. Do you EVER have 50 people for anything? It’s easy. But we’ll discuss that later.

Now, this puts a different perspective on what you have been doing doesn’t it? It means that EVERY time you decide to go get new clients all you have to do is use the right marketing message, get it out to 1,000 people and you’ll have your first 50 prospects in front of you at a workshop. And frankly, 30% of that room should be buying something from you.

Should they be buying coaching right off the bat? Probably not. Marketing is a series of steps that lead to them “getting to know you, like you, and trust you” while spending a little at first, getting to know what you have so well that they’d now do almost anything to have what you can bring to them. But, again, that’s another discussion on how to build that series of steps to lead them through.

In 1,000 words or less I can’t begin to give you the whole picture, but you should be understanding what the big picture is. We can fine tune the small steps later.

In any case, it all boils down to knowing what should be expected at every step, and managing every step every week. Then you’ll start getting 1 or more clients a week toward your $100K.

Marketing Message

This is CRITICAL. If there is ONE thing that is the most important to your couching business success it’s in what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to . . . in other words your core marketing message . . . that determines how easy it is to get coaching clients, how many, and how much they are willing to pay.

I’ve got a book, “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You” that turns most coach’s mindset about marketing totally upside down while helping them develop that POWERFUL core marketing message that gets clients jumping excitedly into your shopping carts. Most business owners believe that marketing generates a little interest so that you get a chance to SELL to them. But a marketing message when done right actually can get your prospects BEGGING for your time. It’s all in what you say and how you say it.

If you say “I am a coach” just how compelling is that? It certainly doesn’t make anyone leap up and down with excitement begging for what you have. So, what does?

Two things: what your client wants, DESPARATELY wants, and letting him discover THE VALUE of what you have.

A marketing message that lays those out for your prospect will have him EXCITEDLY begging for your rare time slots.

Instead of saying, “I am a coach” or “Come to my introductory coaching session” which is ABOUT YOU (and by the way, marketing that works is NEVER about you, your products or services . . . it is always about what the prospect wants, and how valuable what you have is to them). Instead of talking about you, talk about what they want and the value of it.


Come to my introductory coaching session


How to Grow Your Business $100K within 2 Months

Now don’t go off saying “but that’s not what I do.”  We have to find the right message for you and for what your clients want whether you are a life coach, a business coach, or whatever kind of coach. And even within a single area, like life coach, there are LOTS of different kinds of clients that have different needs. Your success boils down to you identifying the needs of YOUR ideal client, and then developing a marketing message that literally grabs YOUR market by the throat and has them jumping up and down with excitement because they are literally COMPELLED to buy what you have.

Believe me it can be done. I can remember when I said “I’m a coach” and saw blank stares. But today when I say “Would you like to make $100K in a couple of months” or share a story about one of my clients, a Mary Kay lady who went from one tire kicker in a year to 72 that were begging for her time within a couple of weeks, I think you can see how important it is for you to get your marketing message right.

Try out “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You” to develop the powerful marketing message for your coaching and watch your coaching business take off.

Or if you’d like to have some personal help, join us in the $100K Marketing Club forum to get my personal help, or help from others who’ve already been there and done that. You can join the first month for only $1. Check it out!$100k-Coaches-club.htm

Alan Boyer

The $100K Small Business Coach

A shortcut to your first $100K (or 2nd, 3rd, or 4th) within a couple of months

3 Responses to The REAL Secret to Getting Coaching Clients

  • Nice article and very true.

    Mo one – or virtually no one – wakes up in the morning thinking “I must get a coach”.

    Much more likely “I must do something about the XYZ problem”

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  • I like how you break this down logically into how many clients you need to get every week. I used to do the same thing you did when introducing myself, “I’m a coach”…..but of course that got blank stares. Now I don’t even bring up the word “coach” until late in the conversation….and usually only when I compare a coach to a consultant.

    By the way, your links to “30 seconds to prospects chasing you” are broken.

    Thanks for a well-written article.

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