The EASY Way to Get Coaching Clients During a Recession, Or Any Other Bad Time For That Matter

Hey coach! Getting coaching clients isn’t that hard when you understand this simple concept.

I keep hearing coaches talking about how people they are meeting with just aren’t buying right now, how they meet with dozens of people but they are all in the “avoid spending” mode. So many coaches are telling me how difficult and painful the times are right now.


At this time, right now, right here in THIS RECESSION, and this last month there were over 40,000 people looking for a business coach, over 200,000 looking for a life coach, and… gee… wouldn’t you think at a time when there are so many layoffs that a career coach would be IN DEMAND?

So, what does that say about what is going on?

No One Buying Coaching… VS… Them CHASING You?

Is it a fact that NO ONE IS BUYING, or is it that you don’t have the right message that actually takes these people who NEED you so DESPERATELY from hesitation to CHASING you to get what they need so bad?

When I meet with coaches and consultants who are themselves DESPERATE to build their business and it hasn’t been working, it becomes obvious what their barriers are and how to fix it.

Coaches and consultants, when they meet with prospects, or when they send out any kind of marketing, tend to “label themselves.” In other words, “I am a coach… ” and they wait for someone to say “WOW, I need you” but that NEVER COMES. Sometimes I hear coaches say things like, “I coach people 2 hours a week, 4 weeks a month to help them with their business.” Those aren’t messages that excite me, or COMPEL me to do anything. In fact, most people don’t know what a coach does, let alone what the value is of working with one.

It’s Your Message! Messages That WORK Will Have Them CHASING You!

Marketing messages THAT WORK… EXCITE your prospect, they get the prospect COMPELLED to DESIRE what you do. It has the prospect CHASING you to get the results you provide.

Now here’s the answer that will change your coaching business for ever, if you spend time to develop the concept.

  • Marketing messages THAT WORK are never about YOU, your products, or your services. And they NEVER try to sell anything.
  • Marketing messages THAT WORK are ALWAYS about what the prospect wants, not about what you want to sell him.

It’s that simple. And the qualify of your message, it’s ability to connect to that market, and it’s ability to EXCITE and make his mouth water for what you have, to make HIM CHASE YOU instead of you chasing him, determines how what percentage of all of those you touch with that marketing message actually start chasing you, and jump into your shopping cart.You should see more than a 10 times increase (or more) in the number of people showing an interest in you when you get the message right. And from that point on the multipliers will continue getting bigger and bigger depending on how well you develop and measure that message.

50-100 Times More Clients Coming to You WHen You Get the Message RIGHT

As an example, many coaches are getting less than 0.1% of the people they touch, with a website, with their printed marketing, and other methods. That’s one in 1,000. In other words, to get your first customer you’d have to touch 1,000 people. And to get the next client, you’d have to touch another 1,000. Do you see how hard this is IF you keep doing it the way you’ve been doing it.

But a good website can get anywhere from 5% to as high as 60% of those it touches to take the next step with you. 5% is 50 times more clients than 0.1%. 60% is 600 times more.

Now don’t go off saying that isn’t you, that you get much more than 0.1%.. I don’t care whether your numbers are 0.1% or 1.0%. Getting your message right WILL increase the results by several times, 10 times or more, and that’s HUGE.

Chasing After Prospects Is Hard — Having Them CHASE You Is Darned Fun

Do you customers CHASE after you, or do you chase after them?

Does it seem as if you are working your butt off to get even one client, or would you rather have dozens chasing you at one time?

Consider this image. You are fishing for hours and hours to get your first fish. (That’s you out there trolling with networking, and other ways of getting in front of one here and one there and they just don’t bite.). Now compare that to the fish jumping onto the dock at your feet, dozens at a time. That’s when your prospects START CHASING after you.

And what causes that change? Changing your marketing message to one that GRABS them and COMPELS them to BEG for your services. It’s the marketing message.


Would you like to have your prospects CHASING you? Would you like to get the message right where they do chase after you dozens at a time?

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  • Alan Boyer says:

    What browser are you using?

    There is onlyi one link I can find in the article, and it works. I do see that it wraps around a line in my browser. Wonder if that is what is happening that is causing your browser to respond differently.

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