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Your Clients Buy Emotionally and THEN Justify it Logically

I coach a lot of coaches who believe that they have to ‘logic’ their way to a sale . . . WRONG!

I can remember meeting with several clients about their marketing, and them standing their ground when I’d talk about ‘making sure that their Value was clear in the marketing message, and that they needed to turn logical statements into emotional statements.’

I’ve even lost clients, coaches, who just couldn’t bring themselves to approach their market that way. Actually, I was speaking to a trade association a month or so ago, and had invited a coach who was sort of checking me out to speak to an association of coaches. Within 5 minutes he had gotten up, and stormed out of the room . . . because what I had said just didn’t seem right to him, or reasonable. Of course, what he didn’t do was stay around long enough to see me get 30% of that room for my own clients. While he had made a judgement that what I said wouldn’t work and stormed out, he missed staying around to “see it work.” Frequently our own beliefs of “how to do something” can get in the way and stop us from even considering the RIGHT way. It’s called ‘shooting yourself in the foot.’

Back to coaches that are sure that they have to “logic clients” into buying. Many of them are so driven by “logic” that they felt that they couldn’t make emotional appeals, and the value statement sounded so much like bragging that they couldn’t lay their value on the table at all.

At least one of those must have found it with someone, because they are now a very successful coach, and I see the marketing message he now uses fits all of the things they just couldn’t bring themselves to do. While, the others that didn’t make the transition are no longer coaches.

Here are some ways to “inject emotion” into your marketing, or your article marketing. I suggest that you start with the way you typically do it in a speech, or an article, or white paper, and once you have that down pat, back up and look to see where you can now “inject emotion” into your material.

Always look for ways to turn “logic” or a simple statement, into something with feeling, or emotion in it.

Here are some examples of attention getting headlines that you could use. The left side starts with the left-brain thinking, and the right side is the emotional, or right-brain thinking. Just keep in mind that it’s the right-brain that makes buying decisions, not the logical left brain. That’s why “people buy emotionally and THEN justify their actions logically.

So take some of your titles for articles you write, or marketing materials, or titles of speeches, and turn them from the logic examples by inserting emotion and feeling into them as below.


Logic, or simplistic Emotional
Not making enough? Does it frustrate you that your business is making only a tiny fraction of what’s possible?
How to get more sales from a sales presentation Don’t you just get hopping made every time you give a kick-ass sales presentation and your prospect STILL won’t buy ANYTHING?
Do you have as much from your business as you’d like? Do you suffer from feelings that you just aren’t good enough when you’ve worked so hard to grow your business and others around you are leaving you in the dust? 

Do you feel like an absolute failure because your business hasn’t grown to the point of being able to support your family in the means they’d like to become accustomed?

  Can you imagine what your business AND YOUR LIFE would be like if you had all of your debts paid and people in the community looked up to you as a really successful business man?
  How would you like it if you could earn a 6 figure income in your business within the next 2 months, even with the economy dragging every other business owner down with it?
  What would it mean to you if you were the featured guest on a local radio show as “the fastest growing business this year?”

I’ve found the easiest way to do this is to first write what you feel comfortable saying, what you want to say, and then go back and ask yourself a question, such as “how would that make me feel?” or “how would I want to feel?” or if I failed or struggled that much, what would I feel like”” You might even think as you do this to develop the contrasting feeling. Think what it feels like now, and what you’d like to feel like.

You can also use the “imagine this” approach where you want to paint a picture of what it will not only look like but especially feel like, but ask them to “imagine this” or “picture this”.

Imagine, picture, or envision are also right-brain functions, as are any emotional feelings. It’s the right brain that makes all buying decisions. Therefore, when you spend your time trying to make it logical you may be missing the boat totally. People buy emotionally . . . and THEN justify it logically. It doesn’t start with making it logical to do this and then making it exciting. It actually starts by getting them excited, or feeling something emotional about doing. They have to WANT to do it before you can get them to justify that it’s the right decision.

As you think this through, write down what you’d say, and then develop a marketing message that’s ATTENTION GETTING. And make it emotional. You may start logically since, for most of us, that’s an easier starting point. Write it down, make it look write and appealing to you, then ask yourself how would that feel, and either paint a clear picture of the emotion that what you have there will generate, or ask a question about how would it feel if they were successful at doing this, or how does it feel now when they are struggling with this situation. Either make them say OUCH that hurts, or make their mouth water for what they COULD have and what they are now DREAMING about. All of those are right-brain functions.


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