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Building a Super Coaching Business
Turn Your List into a Community
I’ve been talking about “building a list” but I want to take that another step.
You may have heard the phrase “relationship marketing” but I want to take that another step as well.
Let’s say that in “relationship marketing” we are focused on building relationships with individuals, and I’ believe that is important. But, in “community marketing” we are focused on developing a tight knit community of followers (a list, but this time not JUST A LIST of prospects, but a very close knit group of people who understand your value, who you’ve actually helped go significantly ahead, and who are avid followers. In other words not “just a list” of people, and not “just a few relationships” but a group, a community that are begging for more from you because you’ve helped them.
You’ll also see that as one moves from the “free side” to the “fee paying side” that others will follow.
Find Enough People to Help and You’ll Have Everything You Ever Wanted in Life
I believe it was Zig Ziglar who said, “You can have everything in life that you ever wanted just by finding enough people that you can to help.” In this case, I’m not talking about finding some random people to help, I’m talking about creating a close knit COMMUNITY of people who either you have helped out and brought together into a community, OR you’ve reached into a COMMUNITY of people and helped that WHOLE community.
In either case you have a COMMUNITY of people that are BEGGING for more from you, and who hear from each other how great you are. It sort of feeds on itself when the community is chasing after you. It’s sort of that Golden Egg to Golden Goose to Flock of Golden Geese that we have talked about before that LEVERAGES your results.
Keep in mind that this takes work, sometimes a considerable amount. Chalk it up to Marketing efforts.
Also assume that it takes MOMENTUM before things happen.
Once you reach the tipping point, sort of like walking across the fulcrum of a teeter totter, at some point it will tip the other direction. We have to put a LOT of effort into this at first, but once it gets moving you don’t have to put as much effort into it. If you remember, my goal was to reach 3 times my income while working less than 10 hours a week. Putting the effort in up front to get it moving, and moving in the right direction, is the key.
In my BNI group I’ve selected 1-2 new people a week to help them with their business. In BNI it’s called “Giver’s Gain”, but it fits Zig Ziglar’s statement above, “finding enough people to help out and you’ll have everything you ever wanted.”
In any case, I have called up a couple of people a week, showed them how many people are looking for them (using Google keyword tool), and then using a new tool I have ( ) to show them how much traffic they have in comparison to the top 10 people on Google for their search words. The differences are usually VERY DRAMATIC.

So, when I email them, or call them, it might go something like this. This is one of my BNI partners that I identified as a Powerteam member, that’s someone doing business where I’d like to do business, OR they are someone I’d like to do business with. Either way works.

Hi _____. I know we haven’t talked in a while. I’ve been pretty busy working on some of my own business goals, and now that I’ve sort of hit some pretty significant ones (I had shared the fact with them a couple of days ago that I had reached some nationwide search engine positions) I’d like to share those results with some of my friends at BNI.

I was just looking at your website and saw that there are 5,000 people a month looking for what you do (and included a Google keyword tool spreadsheet showing all of the different words and numbers that people are searching for), but when I looked at your website I saw only 50 people a month hitting the website. .

How many calls a month do you get from your website?

(They replied that they don’t get ANY calls from their website, which is quite typical of 99% of all websites.)

Do you remember what Jenny said the other day in the meeting . . . I mean the fact that she went from 1 call a YEAR to 72 within 2 weeks, and that she’s now the number one Mary Kay sales rep in the Kansas City area?

I’d be glad to show you how to do that.

The reply was ecstatic. She told me that they have two companies,  one gets ZERO calls from the internet, and the other does have a position one on Google and they’ve also turned on pay per clicks and spending a ton of money, but still gets NO CALLS.
So, I replied,
“That’s not unusual on either count. The one that’s got a position one AND has pay per clicks but isn’t getting conversions, well, that’s simple. If it’s actually getting that traffic, and not getting you any calls, then the website conversion isn’t there. Although it’s typical for most websites to get less than 0.1% conversion, meaning that it would take 1,000 people seeing the website before even one call, I actually shoot for 5% to 10% area, which would be 50 to 100 times more people than ever before. And, it’s possible that you are getting much less than 0.1%.

Would you like to explore what I did for Jenny, going from 1 call a year to 72 in 2 weeks? I make no promises, but let’s just see if that might work for you.

[Keep in mind, I’m developing her as a strategic partner. She runs a business she calls “invoice factoring.”

Of course, most of you have never heard of that, and 99% of the rest fo the world has not either. So, on one hand, it’s her marketing message that’s blocking her acquiring tons of clients.

Her clients are DEFINITELY my clients. Invoice factoring is one way of financing a company, or leveraging cash flow to a major level. When I had the painting company we used it a couple of times as we leveraged up to bigger accounts. We had been doing average sales of $3,000 to consumers, residences. We got paid before we started and would finish it in 3-5 days.  
But when we started doing commercial sites that were over $100,000 that was a different animal.  They were 60-90 day invoices, and AFTER the job was completed. Some jobs took a month or more, one was 3 months. So, we had to pay a staff of painters, buy paint and supplies, all totaling 10’s of thousands of dollars. Basically our costs were about 50% of the revenue generated, AND we had to pay them all up front, but wouldn’t get paid for several months.   

We could sell our accounts receivable to someone like this company. For a 3% fee, we’d get paid immediately upon signing the contract and would be able to finance the whole project, cash up front.

So, here’s a company doing business with my current target clients, small business owners to mid sized business owners who, IF I help them get what they want, they will connect me with their whole list of clients. I’m essentially feeding the Golden Goose so that she’ll share her Golden Eggs with me.

In any case, that’s “relationship marketing.” But I want to turn this into a whole community of Golden Geese, a FLOCK of Golden Geese. It’s got to be a close knit community, not just a loose network.

Working with Your Local Small Town (Community)
Moving on, another community – I’ve been nurturing my local small suburb downtown historic committee by, on occasion, giving them free workshops on how to market not only their individual businesses, but how to market the entire downtown area. I put an idea into their head some time ago that other communities around us have “created an image” , a brand.
One community started with their Applefest and has over 50,000 people show up every day of the event. I’ve been pushing that concept and some get it, but the head of the committee didn’t get it quite that way. He did create some special events, but not the BIG event. In fact, he turned off some events that were generating 10,000+ people for the city because he thought ANOTHER concept would work better.
Of course, when I showed him that the “art fair” he moved to only had 50 people a month looking for it, and the one he gave up was generating up to 50,000 a month, and that we should be growing it instead of shutting it down, he wasn’t ready to accept that. Well, he’s been relieved of duty, and I’m talking to the committee about helping them build their community further. In this case, a little freebie could turn into a year long commitment that is in front of the whole downtown business community. 
Creating a Community with Your Metropolitan Partner 
And, a similar situation has occurred for Kansas City. I get a call quarterly (and could do it even more often than that if I wanted to) for my marketing workshops in partnership with the city of Kansas City.
The city promotes this totally (no cost for me), and I typically get 30+ showing up, and several clients out of it. I got a call on Friday asking me if I’d do another one.
By the way, this is a great testimonial. I’m the one the city relies on because I get more attendance than anyone else they work with. It’s because of the title, using the whole concept of “attention getting” and “value based” title. But, again, this is a community of followers, and a Golden Goose who provides a roomful of prospects (I’m a little hesitant to call them Golden Eggs as they tend to be smaller businesses, but it does work. And now that I’m promoting a $30 club, there aren’t many of these that couldn’t afford $30, so I expect to get 50% or more of the room signing up for my club site.

Let’s run those numbers: 30 peoplex50%=15 signing up, $30/monthx12 months-$360 each. 15x$360= $5,400 for a 2 hour presentation, and I expect to turn 1-2 of those into $500/month mastermind members, or an additional $12,000. That turns the day into $5,400+$12,000=$17,400 over the year for 2 hours in October.

Take that times 2 cities, and one of them is talking a paid commitment.

Develop YOUR Community
Develop your community by helping as many people as you can. But make sure that you monetize that work. Charity is just that, charity. There is a difference between doing things for free for a charity and doing things for free as a part of your marketing. One problem I see coaches doing all of the time is that they do all of this stuff “for free” and they neglect to collect on it. .
Don’t go in with the idea that IF you help out it will naturally come back. Go in with the idea it will naturally come back if you ESTABLISH how valuable you are with those you work with, while asking them afterwards, “How valuable was that? DO you know anyone who’d like to get something like what you got?”
And just watch it roll in.
To your Super Coaching Business
Alan Boyer

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