Life Coaches, Business Coaches – How to Get Lots of Clients From Linkedin, and Twitter

Although many coaches believe that marketing is mainly talking to a lot of people, and giving your sales pitch… those coaches are missing he real point of marketing.

I think it was Zig Ziglar that said, “If you find enough people to help… you will always have whatever you want.” Or something like that. That was the point of it anyway. And a part of that is developing a relationship with those people through your providing that help and information, advice, coaching… just plain giving them a taste of what they want… that you have.

Help More People Get to Know, Like and Trust You

People buy from those they know, like, and trust, which is basically “building a relationship” with those people so that they know what you have to offer (possibly by giving them a taste of it, or sharing some advice). If they like the advice or results they got from you they’ll start trusting that anything you might say in the future will be just as good. It’s also called “branding.”

It all starts with them getting to know you both from a coach perspective, and from a personal relationship perspective. So, how do you do that?

Twitter is a great way of doing that.

  • Set up a twitter account, and make sure that any potential prospect is given your Twitter address and encouraged to “follow you” on Twitter.
  • Update Twitter with ‘what you are doing now,” but make sure that it’s something that would ATTRACT the ATTENTION of your prospective audience. Show what you are doing (writing an e-book on how to make another $100K within 60 to 90 days), and even pass along testimonials, and announcements of “what just happened with a client.” For instance I just did one showing that my $10M client grew by $5M, 50% in just the last 3 months. Brag on the progress of THAT CLIENT, share it with everyone following you. (NOTE: It doesn’t hurt to BRAG on a client’s progress. You may have done it, but brag on their progress and it’ll reflect on you. You are just sharing what that client accomplished (with your help of course).
  • Connect Twitter with other websites. For instance, when I write an article on Ezinearticles I have it linked to Twitter, (tweet the article) so that every article gets shared with those that “follow” me on Twitter. More of my articles get read, almost 10 times as many for that reason. AND many times those Tweets are picked up by search engines and bring you traffic.

Use LinkedIn–

  • .Set up your LinkedIn profile, but make it about the results your clients get, not about you. That’s what you readers are interested in, what they might get, or how they might get those results. Marketing is always about the RESULTS that a client gets, not about you, your products, or your services. Make that switch and watch your results go through the roof. Just imagine that your profile on LinkedIn is RIGHT AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE, the first thing anyone sees Make it a MEASURABLE RESULTS driven profile, not about you. The summary portion of that profile will show up on every message, every question/answer in LinkedIn, so it is a brief advertisement.
  • Be active in LinkedIn — Look for questions asked by others that you can answer (become an expert by answering many, and make sure that the answer is EXCITING, and filled with measurable results a client got). Get enough of those and people will notice you and want to talk with you. Ask your own questions — but make them something like, “Is anyone getting even 10 new clients a month? I’d like to hear how others are getting new clients, share with us.” Or “Who would like to join a Mastermind group of CEOs?” I got clients from both of those.
  • Use LinkedIn to lookup your IDEAL client. Call them. Say you found them on LinkedIn and wanted to know how LinkedIn has worked for them, what they’d like to see happen with their business (or life if you are a life coach), and then suggest that you set down over coffee together and you’ll share some things with them that will help, or maybe share some referrals or connections.
  • Be innovative with LinkedIn–How could you create a group that will all get together to work on a specific problem. Just figure that “The more you give the more will come back.” As Zig Ziglar said, “find enough people to help and you’ll have everything you ever wanted.” So, use LinkedIn to find people to help.

I’ve used LinkedIn to get clients for my clients, about 15 new clients a week for one of them, just by calling those I found on LinkedIn. It all depends on how you make that call. Keeping it focused on them and what they want. So, many of those on LinkedIn are looking for ways to grow their business, to network, to meet people, and as a business coach I can help them do that. Frequently I call them to invite them to networking events, or to connect them with my clients, or others I know. As long as I’m calling them to say something like, “I saw you on LinkedIn. I have a client who is looking for what you do, would you like to meet over coffee some time?” That almost guarantees the meeting where we’ll get a chance to talk about everything that person is struggling with, which opens the door for you, as a coach to help them.I once created a “Top CEO’s of the Top Businesses in Kansas City” networking group. I identified the CEOs in the biggest businesses in Kansas City, and some other upper level executives in the LinkedIn database and simply called them. I told them that I had created a “Top CEOs of the Top Businesses” networking group and wondered if they’d be interested in going to lunch with… and named a few of the other CEOs I had identified.

We met every week for lunch, usually with 3-4 regulars, and about 3-4 new ones that attended. If anyone walked into that restaurant and saw who was setting their they would be SHOCKED. Actually, I was somewhat shocked to realize who I was reaching and rarely got turned down.

These were companies in the Billions of dollars size, and I’d usually pepper a few $100M, or even $50M companies in there. It usually was quite enticing to these smaller CEOs to be able to network with some of these bigger CEOs.

Try it, you’ll be surprised.


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