I’m a Coach – – How Many Visitors Should I Have on My Website

I’m a coach, how many visitors should I have on my website?

If you’ve never asked yourself that question, you probably are missing out on several really great opportunities.

First, knowing how many you SHOULD have will show you what the opportunities are once you get there, and it’ll also show you just where you are in that struggle.

Secondly, knowing where you are in that struggle allows you to compare your coaching business success to others around you.

Let’s start with the original question, how many should you actually have on your website? And to answer that question we need to know the answer to another question, “How many are actually looking for you on the internet?” And how many of those should actually end up on your website if you are doing everything right.

How Many Are Searching and How Many Should I have on the website?

  • …………………………………Monthly searches… Est on Site
  • Life coach…………………….365,000………………….18,250
  • Business coach……………….121,000…………………..6,050
  • Career Coach……………………73,600……………………3,680
  • small business coach…………..7,400………………………370

The monthly number of people searching is only a low estimate based on search terms showing in Google Keyword tool. And, those were gathered from only two search terms. There are lots of other search terms that people use, so there are even larger numbers than these, This gives you a guideline that there are at least this many looking for what you do.If your type of coaching isn’t here, look on Google Keyword tool for your type of coaching.

The estimate for number on site, is based on getting at least 5% of those searching to your site, which is achievable if you have a search engine position on Google, or other way of capturing these numbers.

Would you like to have this many people checking you out?

Those are nationwide, or worldwide searches. I’m sure that some of you are focused only on local business and feel that these numbers aren’t appropriate for your business. Well, if you are in a metropolitan area a good rule of thumb is to take about 1% of that monthly search, and assume that’s available to you. Even those numbers can be significant.

The whole intent in this exercise is to show you what’s possible, and ask you if you are getting your share of YOUR market, whether that market is worldwide, nationwide, regional, state, or metropolitan area. Just knowing how many are actually searching and what percentage of those you are capturing at this point shows you if you are or are not getting your fair share.

Where Do YOU Stand in Comparison to Coaches Around You?

First, I’ll tell you that 99% of all coaches aren’t getting their fair share. Therefore, you probably aren’t unusual, HOWEVER, that also says that there is a HUGE potential out there to grab your share of those that are slipping through the cracks.

So where do you stand in comparison to other coaches around you?

When I look at most of the coaches in my metropolitan area, the average traffic is less than 100 visitors a month. Why?

Because they haven’t focused on two key issues, their marketing as a whole, or the internet specifically. Most believe that “just turning on a website” should be delivering results, but that just isn’t so. It takes a focus on two things, getting the traffic (those that are looking) to your website, and then persuading those that land there to contact you. Neither of those skills, is typical of the website developers most coaches use. Nor was it a focus of those web developers. Most “turn on a website” and feel their job is done. Your job as the business owner is to manage that tool to make it work for you, and most coaches are aware that that is their job.

So, 99% of all coaches get less than 100 people a month to their website. Is that where you are?

If you look to see who’s in the top 1-3 positions for those searches in your metropolitan area, you’ll probably see “the high performers for your area.” They might be getting 1,000+ people a month.

If you check out those that have a nationwide position, probably at the bottom of page one of Google, those also may be getting between 1,000 to 2,000 people a month to their website, and if their marketing message on that webpage captures 5% that would be 50 people a month contacting them in some way.

But those at the top of page one, depending on what type of coach and how many searching could be anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 on the average, but the super performers are up in the 50,000 to 200,000 range. There aren’t but 5 to 10 of those period.

So, where do you stand? What are you going to do about it?

I started several years ago using these tools to baseline where I was in the coaching community, starting in my city, and then nationwide, and finally worldwide. I know where I stand, where I want to be by when, and making that happen.

Frankly, it isn’t hard to move yourself into that higher performance area starting by moving yourself from 100 visitors a month, to the top position in your metropolitan area. That’s easy. But, moving into a nationwide position for your type of coaching for specific keywords that aren’t very competitive can also be easy.

So why are you setting on your thumbs?


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