How to Start and Rapidly Grow a Coaching Business – The Most Powerful Word in Sales — Asking for Help

Asking for someone to help you is one of he most powerful words in sales, and that applies to coaching as well.A lot of coaches are hesitant to “ask for help” because they perceive themselves as “supposed to have the answers.”Actually, as a coach, you should be full of more questions than answers, but it still is hard for coaches to “ask for help.”Here’s how to do that and turn your sales spigot on big time.

In a Networking Event

Ask for help — when you meet someone new at a networking event, first ask him what he does and listen carefully, taking mental notes.

Then when he asks you what you do, give him your core marketing message (don’t tell them, “I’m a coach<‘ instead tell them that core marketing message, that message that makes them LEAP into your shopping cart). But then you’re going to ask him for help to fill your shopping cart to the brim.

Tell him that you noticed that he was struggling with ___________, and, frankly you’d like to have his help with something. Mention that you have helped dozens of people that were struggling with what he’s struggling with (then give him a story about how such and such grew his business from 1 client a year to 72 in the next 2 weeks [but use your own story, that’s mine] and ask him if he knows of anyone else struggling with that same problem. If he could help you get 10 others for a mastermind group, you’ll help him achieve those same kinds of results as in your story for free, or at a reduced price.

Sending Out a Mailer [with their help]

About once a month I send out a mailer on a free workshop I’m going on “Doubling a Business within 4-8 Weeks”. I also send a copy to my friends, networking contacts that I met in the last week, and sometimes the networking contacts from the last year, clients, past clients, etc.” And I always ask for their help to fill that workshop. Most people are more than willing to help “spread the word.”

I attach a stick’em note over the brochure that says something like, “HI George, I’m doing another workshop this month, and was wondering if you could help me. Do you know anyone who could use this kind of help or information, “Growing a business by almost double” I mean. If you do please forward this to them, and let me know who that is. I’ll be sure to help you fill your business as well. Let me know how I might be able to do that for you. Then I sign it, Thanks, Alan.

Get the idea here? Instead of sending it to my friends, business associates, and clients as if I’m soliciting them, which most of them hate to see coming in the door. Instead of doing that, I’m asking them for their help to fill a workshop and I’ll be sure to help them as well. Most of the time they will become an advocate passing this around for you at their networking events, to their friends and business associates, AND IF they are needing your service they WILL show up, AND at some time in the next week or two I’d recommned that you call them up to say thank you, and, Oh, by the way, I offered to help you, is there something you’d like to have happenin your business?

You just made a friend.

Asking Your Close Networking Associates for Help

Be sure to announce to your network, BNI, chambers, trade associations, that you are doing such and such workshop this coming week (or month) and would like their help to fill that workshop. Give them the “compelling marketing message” that causes your prospects to LEAP into your shopping cart, the reasons they should attend the workshop. You’ve just asked them for help to fill the workshop, and you aren’t actively marketing to them, but they will hear your messgae, and they will respond fi it hits them that they are struggling with that very thing, and they will gladly pass your marketing around to those you know.

Be sure to offer to help them with their business for helping you with yours. And, in a week or so, call them up and fulfill your promise of helping them but asking how you could help them in their business like you promised that day at thta event.

By asking for their help, it takes the edge off of “marketing to them” and turns it into an opportunity for them to help you, and, in turn, for your to help them. 


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