How to Get Prospects EXCITED and Jumping Into Your Shopping Card

Getting coaching clients
Just imagine that EVERY TIME you met with someone they left SO EXCITED that they’d just HAVE to hire you.
If everyone you met with left EXCITED about:
  • Achieving their most desired dream
  • Elliminating those HORRIBLE, FRUSTRATING, and VERY PAINFUL obstacles
  • Working with YOU
And they are actually BEGGING you for that so rare time slot in your schedule.
Then do you believe that, if they haven’t already hired you, that there is any reason that they won’t be VERY SOON.
So, how different is that from where you are now?
This is a somewhat longer than my normal emails, but, be assured, when you absorb the ideas here, this will be one of the most valuable additions to your coaching practice you have EVER experienced.
I’m sure that you have all heard the comments that people buy emotionally and then justify what they did logically.
 Well, I don’t think I understood that to the level of just how important that really is, and most coaches don’t. Nor did I understand what little changes in what I say and how I say it that can drive prospects to becoming excited. Small changes deliver HUGE results when you find the right ones that EXCITE your prospect to action. Excited prospects buy easily, freely, and will almost fight to get what you have. If their level of excitement is pretty far down to “duh”, no matter how much logic and value you show them, it’ll be pretty hard to get the sale. So, their level of EXCITEMENT about what you have, and about them getting results for a change will determine YOUR level of successful sales. 

Just imagine the difference between the following. Each step becomes slightly more effective.

  • Telling someone about your products or services (EXPECTING that just because they have heard that you are a coach that they will jump into your shopping card . . . not going to happen)
    • We logically assume that because they’ve heard we are a coach they should jump, but logically speaking they haven’t made the connection).
  • Telling someone about your features . . . I am a business coach.
  • Telling someone about your benefits . . . I can grow your business.
  • Telling someone about the value of your benefits . . . I can help you double your business. Actually this was when I first saw a LEAP in my sales
  • Using questions to help them DISCOVER each of those previous things (I’m not going to go back through them all, but helping them discover each of those things above has about the same impact as the order they come in, but asking questions that help them discover their own answers is several miles further along than telling).
  • Using questions to to help them discover their dreams (where they want to be), where they are now, and how far apart those are. Then help them discover that you’ve got answers that’ll take them there. (Another 100 miles further than the last step, but this is still LOGICALY thinking. The reason this works is that it is JUST STARTING to connect emotionally, but, we are ALLOWING the logic to connect with emotions rather than consciously helping the prospect discover his own emotions and build on those.)
  • All of those previous things are important, but just imagine this, that as you ASK those questions, instead of just helping them discover your benefits and value of those benefits (logicla thinking),
    • instead you get them EXCITED (conveying emotions), and I mean REALLY excited about having their dreams, and
    • you help them FEEL the PAIN of not being there now, and
    • FEEL the FRUSTRATION that they haven’t been able to do this on their own before,
    • and help them FEEL the SATISFACTION that they would feel IF they get there.
    • And finally, help them FEEL the FEAR that they will not get there if they keep doing what they’ve been doing,
    • and help them explore taking an action that will resolve that.
    • And THEN simply say, I can help with that, would you like to get those kinds of results?

Do you see how adding emotions to the sales process can escalate your sales by several notches? And I mean quite a few notches. Can you imagine anyone turning you down if they were so excited about getting to a new level and eliminate those totally frustrating things, and that YOU have the answers.

Actually, look back through this list and mark where you currently are, what parts you have already used, and which ones you don’t. Put a check mark closest to where you really are. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match, but it’s a relative indication of where you are on this scale, and how much more you can get going right away that will kick your business up by many times.
What Do You Believe About Emotion and Excitement When Meeting with a Prospect?
I can remember believing that when talking with executives I was supposed to be restrained and talk “logically”. Somewhere along the line I did hear that passion was a part of it, and I agree. But that’s my part of this equation of emotion.
Getting Them EXCITED
The more passionate I am the more passionate they become. It rubs off, and it also carries credibility when I believe SO strongly in this. But that’s not what I mean when I talk about the emotional part of this. The emotional part of this is for them to get EXCITED.
Let’s also use a picture to understand how we can help our prospects get connected with their emotions, which will, in turn, help them get off dead center and act. This isn’t to be used to take advantage of them, or to manipulate anyone. It is to be used to help them ACT rather than set there suffering. You will be helping them resolve their problem that they hadn’t been able to do alone.
Let’s Get Started — How Excited Do You Get Them Now, and How Far Should You Take Them?
We are actually going to start with the “Creating the Dream” part first.
Some coaches who have been taught some sales skills have been taught to start with “finding the obstacles” which, when we remove “the obstacles” ends up “removing the pain” , the half-way point, average, acceptable, not to the level of EXCITED.
Take a look at “removing the pain” in the lower right hand side of the graph below.
Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. nullAs you put effort into “removing the pain” the outcome moves from excrutiating, to painful, to unhappy, and finally to satisifed, when the pain is removed.
Removing the pain ONLY takes us back to “satisfied” or “contented” or “acceptable when that pain is removed. There is SOOO much more that you can do for them.
When I ask a prospect to identify his obstacles, we are only talking about how he can return to “average” or satisfied when the pain is removed.
 So, a part of our discussion with the customer is not only to identify the pain, and for him to FEEL the pain (the emotional side of this) of where is his right now (some people respond to the carrot, the benefits, while others respond to “got to get out of this pain.”
But, just removing the pain only returns them to AVERAGE. And, frankly, I don’t want any client of mine to be JUST AVERAGE. In fact, I’ll help him recognize that.
And, for you, trying to help them FEEL the emotions, at this stage you have only taken them to “satisified”, “content”, “average”,, “acceptable.” You want them EXCITED about the results they could have.
Frequently when I ask a prospect where he wants to be, he’ll draw out the picture of “average”, “satisfied”, “contented”, or “acceptable.” Just ask someone what he does. He’ll describe what an average ____________ [fill in the label] does. As a coach, you should be challenging him to reach even further. Help him discover his REAL dream and to get excited about it.
 My job is to not allow him to go after “average.” My job is to help him become exceptional. So, often times, I’ll ask him questions such as, “Didn’t you USED to have a dream, back many years . . . of what you THOUGHT your life, and your business would be like? What was that dream? Why haven’t you achieved that already? What stopped you from not only trying, but, possibly have given up dreaming?”
Or I’ll use the “magic wand” approach. “IF you had a magic wand, and there were no limits. Money, time, effort, children, family, NOTHING can hold you back, take ALL obstacles off the table. If you could wave that magic wand and SUDDENLY you’d have it, right now, what would that look like, and feel like?.”
Get them to FEEL that. Take them there. Get them to picture what it looks like, and then get them FEELING what that need outcome will feel like. Get them EXCITED about that almost within reach IF, they would change something. If they only knew what that something was and how to remove it. Right?
And that’s what the “Creating the Dream” side of this graph will do for them. Notice that when they don’t have the dream, they might even be satisfied, or content, they have learned to accept their life as it is. They have accepted average, but take them to new levels.
They are no longer REACHING. That’s Your job!  Challenge them to REACH, and they will start moving UP the line toward excitement in this graph.. CHALLENGE them and they will GET EXCITED.
Assume that your ability to move them from where they are to where they could be . . .pain to contented (average), and THEN  to feeling happy, to feeling delighted, to feeling extremely excited is a measurement YOUR skill to reach them and to help them reach their dream and to FEEL that emotion.
So, if your prospects AREN’T reaching excited, only happy, just a little way up the curve you have either more work to do with them, or possibly more work to do with your own skills to help them reach those levels. That’s OK. Identify where your skills can take them emotionally in this process, and realize that, over time you’ll get better at it as you practice it, or reach out to get help.
Three Pieces of Becoming Good at Building a Successful Coaching Business
There are three pieces of becoming good at coaching, your marketing, and your sales.
  • Knowledge — the how-to part. Some of it is right here, and some you can get from my ebooks and online workshops
  • Skills –That is the part called “becoming good at doing what you do.” This takes practice. Practice takes time, and working through a lot of people until you KNOW and understand how to connect with them, and get them excited. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “You can’t learn to ride a bicycle in a seminar.” Meaning that even if you learn all of the knowledge part, the how-to ride a bike, you are STILL going to fall off. And you’ve got to practice until you develop the SKILL of doing it. Same here. If you’d like to kick that up a notch or two and develop that kill faster, within the next month or so, call me, 816-415-8878. Let’s work on that.
  • Mindset — This part is your beliefs. Many times if we believe that there is a certain way to do something, we’ll either NOT do some part of what we’ve learned to do (knowledge), or we’ll hold back in one area for fear that it won’t work with YOUR market. Sometimes just plain believing that YOUR market is different can kill your total sales. What you learn hear pretty much applies everywhere, but coaches will frequently tell me, “I’m different, you just don’t understand.” And they shoot themselves in the foot as they hold back.
If you need help with any of these, go ahead, call me, 816-415-8878. The first call is free. I love to help coaches and see the break throughs. Or just send me an emaill with your question,
Back to measuring your level of “getting them excited.” It is either that you aren’t pushing far enough, or it’s your internal skills that need some more work. In any case, MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE, and drive either them, or you to reach those levels. You will eventually see your prospects moving toward EXCITED. Keep working on it.
The further you move them the more emotional they will become in your sales session and the higher your sales will skyrocket. And, frankly, this will carry over to your actual coaching sessions. And that is for both sides of this curve. The more pain they feel they more motivated they will be to ACT right now to get out of that pain. And they might consider you as one of the options to remove that pain.
The Higher Their Level of Excitement The Higher Your Level of Sales
The more excited they get about achieving their dream not only will they ACT to fix it but it’s very likely they will hire you.

Your one last step in driving the emotional discussion is to get them EXCITED about what you have to offer, and that you have THE ANSWERS that provide both of these pieces.

Just imagine, if every person you meet with leaves so EXCITED about working with you, how can they not hire you?
How can they not make the decision right then and right there?
And just imagine if you’ve had some people who were hesitant because of price, isn’t it likely that EXCITED to work with you people will spend more to get what you have, and less hesitant?
In fact, if they do have to go home to “talk it over” with someone else, they will be so excited that they will carry that excitement with them and transfer that to the other decision maker. Passion is one of the major parts of a salesman convincing someone, so now you have a salesman with passion carrying your message.
That’s the sales process. That’s where you can ask questions, and where you can explore with them by asking questions. So, how do you apply that to the marketing process?
Applying EXCITEMENT to Your Marketing 

Once you KNOW what all of their

  • desires are within your target market, and the emotions of getting there
  • where most of them already are stuck and the obstacles . . . and the emotions around that . .  .how bad it feels, how much pain they are in.
  • How it feels to them once they get there.
Then your marketing should not only use the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Call to Action) formula to logic it through, but it should talk to them emotionally. If should EXCITE them. Some of that leads with EXCITING testimonials. Some with contrasting EXCITING results against PAINFUL where you are now statements or questions.
Using words that convey emotion, such as mentioning an obstacle, but mentioning it as “excruciatingly painful” or “frustrating”; or when talking about achieving not just someothing average, or removing pain, but words that show them achieving exciting results, and words that then convey that emotion and feeling. Use  words that carry the feeling you want the reader of your marketing to have. Even use words such as “imagine yourself . . . ” doing or feeling that, “see yourself . . . “doing or feeling that; or “What if you achieved this . . .what would that feel like.”
Get them feeling the emotions, or get them to visualize what it felt like when they struggled with this the last time. Encourage them to FEEL what they felt before, or even escalate that a bit, to another “what if . . . ” it got even worse, or bring up the fact that we are in a recession. Get them to FEEL what they’ve been feeling, but then get them to visualize what would happen if they don’t fix it NOW, and things only got worse, what would that feel like, look like, etc. And what would it feel like if they removed this NOW. But why stop there, if they can make this kind of progress even during a recession, then nothing stops you from “going for that dream” and what would that look like, and feel like.

Get them to FEEL it all. Get them excited about removing the pain, about achieving the dream, and about working with you since you can help them remove the pain, achieve the dream, and go way past even just becoming acceptable, and ALL of that will happen working with you.

Big Coaching Obstacle — Mindset
One of the biggest obstacles I see coaches have is around the concept they’ve been taught . . . “don’t oversell, undersell and then overdeliver.”
I’m not in any way encouraging you to sell what you can’t do, that’s hype.
This isn’t hype. This is about challenging your clients to think out of the box, to reach, and for them to actually do it. And for you to also reach with your marketing. And then you being able to sell that concept, to build the excitement in the prospect to them actually WANTING you, and feel almost as if they HAVE to hire you right away.
Don’t turn down the emotional side of this “to be safe”. You MUST be able to deliver at that new level. So a part of this is in your own confidence that you can deliver. This is about honestly getting your prospects excited about you can HONESTLY deliver once you get them so excited, and so buying into what you can do that they not only hire you, but will make the commitment to follow through when you coach them to do it.
Would you like to see people jumping up and down excitedly to get what you have instead of the way it’s been? Frankly, would that EXCITE you?
Would you like to join us this coming Thursday night, 7:00 p.m. Central, to learn how to increase your sales to an EXCITING level, to have your prospects JUMPING UP AND DOWN WITH EXCITEMENT begging to do business with you? And to find THAT HONEST level you can deliver that is EXCITING to you and to your clients.
Last week we discussed the steps in your sales call that can close 50+% of your sales calls. This week we’ll discuss how you can get the prospects EXCITED to have that sales call, and even more excited to do business with you once they’ve had the sales call.
I’ll share with you the steps to close 50-75% of your sales appointments, and how I closed one of my biggest sales ever. In fact, it was so easy it surprised me. In a two hour meeting I discovered that my client had planned on spending over $500K this year on various activities, and he threw them my direction. And more and more is being thrown my direction after several months of working with them. They are STILL EXCITED.
Just imagine what it would look like and feel like, if you suddenly could have people so EXCITED to do business with you that thye were begging you instead of you having to chase after them.
Join us Thursday night, April 29, 7:00 p.m. Central
Mastering Coaching Client Acquisition —
Discover How to EXCITE Your Prospects
Until They BEG You to Help Them.
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 To Your Super Coach Business Building Success

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