How to Get Coaching Clients — Get New Prospects CHASING You. . . Know Your VALUE

 This past week I walked through a local business fair and walked out with 3 high potential appointments in just over an hour. 

And what’s interesting is that I used to walk through this same business fair with no results at all. 
Sound familiar? Read on to find how to get prospects CHASING you, after a brief 1-2 minute conversation. And how to get more clients.

Here are two keys to what changed the results for me:
  • Powerful, Compelling marketing message
  • Defining your value, a value that they’ll almost drop their teeth when they hear.

Those are THE KEYs to acquiring TONS of new clients.

Business Fairs and Other Opportunities Where People Desparately Need The RESULTS You Provide
It seems that there are a lot of business fairs at this time of year. Lots of opportunity. And I don’t care what kind of a coach you are, business coach, executive coach, life coach, career coach, or whatever kind of coach, if you develop your marketing message with a value that your target market would do almost anything to get then by looking for ways to meet people and share that message you’ll walk out with people begging to meet with you. Business fairs are a good way to do that no matter what kind of coach you are.
I can remember when I used to buy a booth in this very business fair, and even was doing workshops there. That worked pretty well, but now I just walk the floor, and actually get even more appointments with a lot less effort.
Wednesday I went to the Kansas City Kansas Busienss Fair.
Find Lots of People Who Need What You Have
The first thing I noticed was that there was a lot of empty floor space. I guess an indication of the recession, but, of course that’s an opportunity to help more people, right? There are lots of people struggling to grow their business (and other things), therefore, this is a huge opportunity to find people who need help growing during this time.
In about an hour and a half I talked to 12 booth owners, and walked out with 3 appointments (two large architectural companies, and 1 decent size electrical contractor), and 25 additional business cards of ideal prospects that I’ll be following up with.
Getting Appointments with 1 out of every 4
I figure that 3 appointments out of 12 booths is 25% and not bad. But I haven’t begun to talk to the other 25 where I grabbed cards from their booth when they were talking to someone else. I’ll follow up with those 25 with a letter that typically gets 20+% appointment setitng rate using a very similar principle to what you see below.
And of the three appointments, I already have talked to the top people, one president, one VP of business development, and one “partner”. And, they ASKED ME to meet with them, not the other way around. That’s what’s so much fun about this when you finally get your marketing message right.
The key to having them CHASE after you is simple, make it about THEM and not about you.
A Simple Conversation Is All It Takes
I’ll share a discussion I had with one of the architectural firms.
Hi ____________ (name on his badge), what do you do?
By the way, keep your eyes and mind open as you meet with these people. The first thing that became obvious to me was that I couldn’t actually determine what the people in that booth do from looking at their company name, their sign over the booth, or their logo.  
So, what do you think that tells me? Their marketing isn’t any good, and since I can’t tell what they do, neither will anyone else who sees ANY of their marketing, printed brochures, business cards, website, etc. Therefore it’ll be easy to help them.
In any case, I’ll mention that I’m asking because I didn’t immediately see what they do? (we’ll come back to that later).
They’ll start telling me about what they do, and . . . of course I listen intently, but also discover that they can’t tell me very clearly what they do (another aha moment about their needing more help). In any case, I’m asking them lots of questions about what they do, which they LOVE (it’s about them).
Pretty soon, I’ll have an opportunity to ask: How’s the recession impacted your business?
And the answer is usually, pretty slow, or something like that. A few said, “Actually this year was better than last, not fantastic but getting better.”
We’ll discuss how the recession impacted their business, and I’ll share a story with them about how one of my clients went from zero to 1,500 clients in a month, $80,000 a day more than before, and they did that during the recession.
Then a long pause.
They want to know what I do. The whole scene just turned to them being interested in what I do. The chase has turned.
I give them my marketing message, and this time it’s targeted very specifically on what they do. “I work with architects and other high tech companies who’ve struggled with this economy, to suddenly get 5-10 times more business, and as I mentioned about that other client some even leap upward by thousands of times.”
Now they are asking me to tell them more.
When your marketing message is compelling THEY WILL CHASE YOU.
A Simple Twist . . . Using “Even If” Will Increase The Number of People Who Want You
By the way, here’s another added twist to the marketing message that works EXTREMELY well. It’s in the phrase EVEN IF
As you tell what they struggle with, you can work in the phrase EVEN.IF
For instance, “I work with coaches who can’t get enough clients . . . . to increase their business to $100K within a couple of months” and this works EVEN if they’ve bought every online program, and book, or tried other coaches.
Notice how working in EVEN IF further shows struggle, and that they’ve tried other things and failed at them?
In the conversation I mentioned at the business fair, I used a slightly different version. We talked about being able to talk about TYPICAL results (average, middle of the road), minimum, and maximums).
Well, I threw into the conversation that one of my clients EVEN went up by thousands of times. It’s a maximum result but since a lot of these larger clients will frequently say something like, “Well, I’m different, I’m bigger and it won’t work for me.” I frequently match a larger client’s outcome with their level.
In any case, hope this helps. Opportunities everywhere.
Just imagine where you are right now and how many times you walk through a networking event, a business fair, a social event, and come out totally empty handed.
How different would that be if you could just carry on a casual conversation with anyone anywhere anytime and have them saying, “Wow, Let’s talk.”
So what opportunities can you create for yourself
Would you like to learn these little tricks that can catapult you to acquiring clients almost everywhere you are? It’s simple when you have the right message and approach.
Are you a coach who is fairly successful but have not been able to break through some barrier? Would you like to leap over that barrier to new levels, new levels of acquiring clients (either more cients, or clients that easily spend the big bucks)?
If you’d like to explore how to do that for your coaching business, call and let’s talk. The first hour is free, and you’ll gain LOTS of ways to grow you business.
No oblication to go beyond that hour. Call and gain some ground and some clients.
      Shortcuts to your first $100K (and many more) in your coaching business within a couple of months


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