How to Get Coaching Clients – Recession or Not, Marketing No Longer Works Like It Used To

You’ve been struggling to get coaching clients. It feels like you’ve been walking across a desert where you just haven’t seen water . . . or clients . . . for weeks, or months.  You’ve looked across that baren land as far as you can see and, for whatever reason, there isn’t an oasis, there isn’t a pool of clients, anywhere to be seen. Mile after mile after mile.
What’s the answer? Actually it’s quite simple.

Although most coaches are great at coaching but almost abhor thinking about marketing, but here’s another surprise I’ll throw on that baren wilderness. Marketing has changed!

Even for people who HAVE been good at marketing they are also seeing many of their clients disappearing in to that same wasteland. Yes, the recession has added to that problem, but it wasn’t what caused the problem in the first place.

Marketing has changed. And, there’s a HUGE opportunity there. As a coach your opportunity is not only to grow your own business once you have picked up on this little simple change in your marketing, but when you can offer this to YOUR clients, you’ll discover that you are IN HUGE DEMAND. You’ll have the answers . . . for yourself and for others. You can sell that big time.

Marketing Has Changed . . . Marketing as it has been done by everyone doesn’t work anymore . . . and the answer is . . .

The people you’ve been reaching out to with your marketing are savvy. They see “marketing” coming from a mile away and trash it, throw it into the circular file before they ever read it. They “tune out” anything that they hear or see that looks like marketing.

They want and need what you have . . . but they see you coming and block you out . . . because you still look like, sound like, and feel like old traditional marketing . . . or . . . even worse, you have that same problem. You don’t like marketing so you haven’t been doing it. That’s even worse. The first results in low responses, the second results in ZERO response.

So, what’s the answer?


Marketing has changed. Coach, people still want the results you can bring to them. They just don’t want to see your marketing when it’s done the old way.

Old style marketing pretty much falls under the heading of “outbound marketing,” “interruption marketing,” or push marketing. Marketing was “reaching out” into the world, it was getting pushed out to them to interrupt their day. There are ways to make that work, I’ve been doing it very successfully even with the changes in marketing, and despite the recession. I can show you that.

However, moving from the old way to the new way, pull marketing, attraction marketing will help you land  multiples more clients.

The old ways, Interuption Marketing

People “tune out” on marketing. 99.9% of it has been a total waste of their time so anything coming in that is perceived as “marketing” gets thrown, tuned out, before  it gets read.

  • Lead generation activities – mostly were based on “interruption marketing,’ breaking into your life and day to say what they want to say. People tune those interruptions out.
    • Cold calling – interrupting their day by calling . . . but almost no one answers their phone anymore, even if they see that it’s someone they know, even a friend. Or they are on a no-call list. They screen out those they don’t recognize. Many people even don’t pick up if they see it is a friend. Some pick up their voice mails later and return the calls on their own schedule if they do call back at all.
    • Direct mail – sticking your message under their nose in the direct mail . . . but as soon as they see that it’s an ad it won’t even get opened. (I’ll show you a way to overcome this if you ask. In fact, it’s fairly easy to get between 5% and 10% response which is WAY above the national average for direct marketing which is plummeting as we speak).
    • Email marketing – spam filters are pretty darned good today. They keep out emails that we don’t want to see, or that have certain words in them that are perceived as “marketing”. Emails that are sent without permission usually don’t get read even if they get past an email spam filter.
  • Radio/TV –It used to be in creating ads on radio or TV. However, for TV people tune out during the commercials, leave the room, etc. For radio, more people are moving to satellite radio where there are no ads

All of those depend on one thing, “getting attention” with your marketing message, and the biggest problem is that almost no one knows how to “get attention” any more. As your target market has become numbed, and annoyed by the interrupt type of marketing that see any form of “marketing as a total waste of their time. They have become conditioned to not even look at most of these ways of marketing.

As I said, done right you can still “get the attention” of your market, but you’ve got to be GOOD at this to make it work. Feel free to call or email me, and I’ll show you how, or look into the “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You” to develop a powerful attention-getting marketing message that’ll overcome many of those problems and get you lots of clients.

The new ways: Attraction Marketing

Although your market still has the same problems as before, and, with the recession, they have a lot more problems, in a lot more pain than before. BUT, they still just don’t want to see marketing as it has been done before . . . they have been trained that MOST of it, probably 99.9% of it is a total waste of their time so they’ll immediately assume that your marketing is the same-old same-old stuff and throw it just as fast as all of the other junk.

But, here’s the secret. They are STILL LOOKING for answers to their problem. You just have to be where they are looking.

People now go to the internet . . . searching for their answers. Sometimes they are just looking for “information,” the how-to fix their problem on their own. And sometimes they are looking for someone to resolve it for them. But they ARE LOOKING.

The difference here is to be where they are looking,  “Get their attention” just as I mentioned in the old way of marketing, and give them what they want. Get your message right so that it actually get’s attention, and then make sure it’s where the greatest number are looking and they will literally fall into your lap.

So how do you “get their attention” and how do you “give them what they want” without giving way the farm?

Getting Their Attention – Stop talking about coaching and start talking about what they want. They want people who

  • Understand their pain
  • Have a solution for that pain
  • Have the most VALUABLE solution of all of their choices.

Check out “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You” for step by step instruction on how to develop the most powerful marketing message that will have people chasing after you. Marketing is frequently weak and wishy washy which results in people tuning out, or, at best, “checking you out”, that’s called “tire kickers.” But marketing that works the way it should for building your coaching business, will literally have them jumping up and down begging for that rare coaching time slot.

Give Them What They Want – Sometimes they just want information, the how-to fix their problem. So, be the answer, provide the answers. I’ve heard coaches say that they don’t want to “give away the farm” because no one will want to hire them then. Yet, I’ve discovered that the more I give the more they want. It isn’t until they “know you, like you, and trust you” that they will WANT YOU, and then BEG FOR YOU.

But here’s another little trick. Coaches often believe either that they are to wow their prospect with coaching, but they are wrong. Their job is to make them thirsty for coaching. Here’s a little saying I lay in front of coaches.

We frequently believe our job is to lead the horse to water. But our real job is to make him thirsty.

So, instead of coaching them to death, providing or helping them discover answers to their main problem, help them to discover how valuable getting those results from you would be, help them get excited about what their lives, or their businesses would be like once the problem is resolved. Help them discover how much pain they are in know, and that they haven’t resolved it before without you, so why do they think it will go away if they don’t hire you right away.

Check out our $100K Marketing Toolkit for Coaches at$100k-Coaches-club.htm

We’ll actually hand hold you to developing all of those skills. The first month is only $1, and every other month is less than the cost of a book. But this time you’ll have someone hand holding you in addition

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