Hey Coach – – Increase Your Client Acquisition – – Do You Sell Coaching Or Exciting Results?

The secret to growing your coaching business SIGNIFICANTLY is in how you present yourself.

“I am a coach” Label Doesn’t Work

Telling everyone “I am a coach” doesn’t excite anyone anywhere anyhow. People buy emotionally, not logically, and THEN they justify what they buy logically. So if you aren’t building excitement about the results they COULD have with you then you are seriously missing the boat.

If you are “a coach” not only does the label “coach” miss the boat, but answer this question, are you “just a coach”, an average coach, or a super coach? Do your clients reach average, slightly better than average results, or super star results? And do you consistently do any one of those?

Do you ever have at least one client here and there reach good, great, or super star results?

If you can’t answer that in the positive for at least one client you might have some work to do on your coaching. But if you’ve EVER lead a client to some pretty significant results, it’s time to do a couple of things with that:

  • share that with the world (starting point)
  • and keep doing it over and over
  • then share how many times you’ve done that with the world.

We’ve been taught modesty, and humility, and that frequently keeps some coaches from using those super star results in their marketing. The usual result is “I am a coach” while thinking in your own head that they will grasp the idea that a coach just might help them get better and you think “that’s good enough.”It isn’t.

Buying Decisions Are Made on Getting RESULTS and Finding the Most Valuable Results

Get this through your head… your prospect, when buying anything he buys, coaching or a candy bar, chooses the product or service with the most value for him. Therefore, he is looking for a result (results, not a service like coaching) that provides the most value he can get. He’ll also compare the value he gets against the price.

So, what value does “I am a coach” bring to the prospect? Don’t just assume that the customer knows. Most customers don’t have a clue what a coach does, let alone what value a coach, any coach, brings to him.

But, next is, how much value do YOU bring to the party. Assuming that your prospect does have some inkling of the value of a coach, then your hat is only in the ring with other coaches. What VALUE do you bring to the table? What differentiates you from all of the other coaches.

When you can lay THE RESULTS you deliver, and the VALUE of those results on the table you’ll have customers literally JUMPING into your shopping cart, begging for your time.

The key is in you discovering what you are worth, and then being able to clearly tell the prospect what that is.

It’s Hard for Most Coaches to Define Specific Results and Value But the Marketing Results Will Make it Worth Your Time.

I work with coaches to help them build their core marketing statement that gets the customers begging for their time, and the hardest thing for a coach to do is to define what results he gets, and what that value is.

I get come backs such as, “I work with so many different kinds of clients” or “Gee, one client sees minimal results, another sees thousands of dollars of difference, and another see 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars, so how can I define the value of that?”

One of my recent clients told me that she had acquired only one new client a year from a major MLM website. When I showed her how to get lots of clients within the next 2 weeks she had 72 new people checking her out, and 10 jumping into her shopping cart. That’s 250 new clients a year. 250 times more business than she had before.

Hmmm! Now what do you think my value statement says? “Like to have 250 times more business than last year?” And then put that testimonial out for viewing.

Life Coach Measurements of Value

Life coaches, frequently don’t see any way at all to figure out what they are worth, at least monetarily. They don’t know how to measure the results.

What is the value of “saving a marriage”, and being able to do that 80% of the time for clients (isn’t that a value statement?).

Or helping someone “get more out of his life”, going from feeling a failure to succeeding at almost everything. Those have values somewhere under those. Those result in a more productive life, sometimes it results in dollars and cents for that person, and sometimes a more satisfying productive life. The problem is that those are intangibles, but those can be redefined as tangibles, measurable values. A value statement for a “more productive life” might be 80% of your clients become leaders in the community, a certain number may graduate from college or high school, some might have productive successful grown up children. Find a measurement indicating a value. A more productive life frequently leads to someone making another $100K, or doubling their income, but it can also be measured in time saved or leveraged, it can be probability of success.

But the bottom line is simply: to lay out a clear picture of the RESULTS you deliver, and the value that someone wants, and if that value is HIGHLY desirable to that group, then people will actually line up, begging for what you have.

Focus on a Market

One other problem that coaches frequently see is that they work with so many diverse clients. They believe that they “work with anyone.” First, that means that your marketing message is so diluted in an attempt to work with “the world” that no one will see value in it. So your marketing message fails. I’ll guarantee it. But the other is that when you do narrow down, at least your own thoughts, it will be far easier to define your results. I frequently have the coaches I coach in growing their business to define one specific kind of client, and then another, and another. They can’t define the results, nor the value of those results until they can define what kind of a client gets those results. THEN it becomes easy to define what a specific client, or kind of client has gotten. So we end up with categories that gets different results and different values.

That helped them discover their results and value for those narrow categories, but, when they step back, they discover that there is a similarity, that most of the people got very similar results and values. When you take THE DETAIL of that specific client out of the picture it starts to become clear of the bigger picture.

And we can also, if necessary, say, in this category here are our results, and our value. Then we may have 2-3 categories that are so clearly defined that they are jumping into your shopping cart due to your new marketing message that connects strongly with that group.

Get Them CHASING You

Coach marketing THAT WORKS moves from generating a little interest toward people chasing after you begging to for rare time slot in your coaching schedule.

And you’ve been selling coaching. Tsk tsk tsk!


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