Getting More, LOTS More Coaching Clients a Lot Easier

I believe it was Zig Ziglar that said,

  • Find enough people to help, and you will have everything you ever wanted out of life.

So, maybe the question to you, coach, is

  • Have you found enough people to help.

I’m not kidding.

Most coaches get it wrong. They spend their time networking to find people to sell to. Or sending out marketing that talks about “I am a coach.”

None of that works, at least the way you’ve been doing it, or it would have already made you a rich coach . . . RIGHT?

Just a very slight twist to what you are doing can increase your coaching business to a phenomonal level quickly. Wouldn’t you like to see your coaching business suddenly go from a serious struggle to cutomers actually BEGGING you to help them?

It all boils down to . . . finding enough people to help.

I was working with Jill, a business coach. She had been struggling for years to make her coaching business produce even a piddling few hundred dollars a month. In fact, her business was on life support and she was about to pull the plug. Her husband had said that it wasn’t producing it was sucking more money out than producing. And he didn’t see her much because she was networking herself out of their lives. So, he wanted her to pull the plug.

But Jill had a dream of what her business SHOULD be like, but she had to admit this was no dream business and had never come close to her dream.

So, Jill and I put our heads together. I told her that she had to find more people to help.

Her response was, “Do you mean I have to give to people, do free sessions when I don’t feel that I’m a success, and don’t have much left to give?”

Her problem was THE WAY she had been networking, and the way she was giving away her free sessions, and free advice. She was giving to get. While she was offering to meet people, it was mainly with her hand out, and a sales call.

Jill changed her approach. I showed her how to find her target market and to evaluate those who either weren’t successful at all at what they do, or were somewhat successful but were looking for ways to become MUCH more successful. Next we developed a marketing message that said more than “I am a business coach” to one that told them what kinds of measurable results that Jill helps her clients achieve. 

Her message changed from “I am a business coach” to “I work with IT companies who want 10 times more customers, and I help them do that within the next 2 months.Know anyone like that?”

First, that GOT ATTENTION when she went networking.

But, that wasn’t all. You have to HOLD that attention, and take it to “mouth watering.” The door is only opened with the marketing message. Your next job is to move that OPEN MOUTH standing in front of you toward MOUTH WATERING. You don’t want them just showing interest, you want them actually willing to go to battle to get your coaching.

Wouldn’t that be a change in your coaching? Someone actually CHASING you for a change. You’ve been doing all the chasing and they’ve actually been running. Or, at the very best, you had a deer in your headlights just standing there numb not knowing what to do next.

So, now that Jill had several people from the last several events, all saying, “WOW, Jill, how can you do that for me?” our job, now, is to help them get what they want.

Jill met them, to find ways to help them get what they want. She didn’t stand there “coaching them to get results”, she spend the time “coaching them to discover the answers to questions that the prospect needed to answer in order to get what HE wants, to discover

  • what he WANTS, and how important it is to him to achieve that now rather than sometime in the future.
  • The emotional impact to him to achieve his dream. Help him FEEL the excitement of not only achieving that dream, but if he could actually do MORE than JUST achieving it . . . such as becoming the most successful person at achieving it.
  • how hard it has been for him to get what he wanted, and that he hasn’t done it by himself before
  • how valuable it would be to him to fix it
  • how valuable it would be to fix it NOW rather than months, or years later.
  • that if he could invest even $1 to make $10 would he?
  • If he could solve his problems would he?
  • How committed is he to achieving that dream and overcoming those barriers?

Jill and I worked on a series of questions (not answers, not telling about your products/services, but discovery questions) that EXCITE the prospect, motivate him to action. In fact, Jill’s sales went from less than 1 in 10, to nearly 75%.

Coach, how hard has it been for you to acquire lots of customers?

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