Growing a Consulting / Coaching Business — Finding Communities to Help

Here’s a little Secret with a big impact . . . to Growing a Consulting Business or Coaching Business rapidly. A simple set of rules, step by step, that multiplies your marketing efforts by several times. Things we’ve all tried that made some difference, but, in this case, will multiply the outcome by many times.

The Law of Finding Your Niche

I know we’ve talked about “finding your niche” because

  • once you find a group of people who have specific problems, and
  • can talk TO that group of people about THEIR specific problem,
  • then be able to get testimoni8als indicating that you’ve helped “doctors for instance” constantly increase their income while reducing those VERY LONG hours down to just 10 hours a week (or whatever you do for them),
  • then doctors who regularly experience 80 to 100 hours a week will almost leap into your shopping cart.

You’ve hit a nerve for doctors. Whatever your niche, you’ll have hit a nerve for that niche.

The Law of OWNING and Dominating Your Niche

On top of that you could, say, indentify that your target doctors (or whatever your niche)  are within 50 miles, and then make absolutely sure that every doctor within that area has heard of you and talking about you.

The Law of Multiplying Everything Your Touch Starting with Multiplying Your Niche

But let’s take that to an even greater level. I believe in multiplying whatever we are doing to greater and greater levels, multiplying opportunities.

The Law of Finding Enough People to Help

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve done several workshops, seminars, and emails on “finding enough people to help and you’d have everything you ever wanted out of life”, a saying by Zig Ziglar. We identified 5 people to go help, offer everything you have at no cost, always be out there helping everyone, especially identifying 5 to help. And the results from that group have been phenomenal, most getting 5 or more referrals, testimonials running out the kazoo, and several of that 5 for each of the attendees actually becoming full time clients.

The Law of Finding Enough Communities to Help — Multiplying Your Niche

But, now I’m going to suggest something that will take even that to another level, leverage and multiply many times.

This time, identify a community of people to help. Imagine the impact of leveraging the idea of helping enough people to help up to finding enough communities of people to help. This time you’ll offer something to the whole community of people. It might start by offering to help 5 of those people individually, but once you’ve done that you want them talking you up to that community. Then you will make an irresistible offer to the whole community that they can’t refuse. 

For instance, just last week I attended a group of manufacturers and threw out an offer that I’d help anyone in the group to grow their individual manufacturing companies online like I had one of my manufacturing clients. I was able to say that that client had grown his online sales by 8 times, and to around $10M.  So, I’d be glad to evaluate their online marketing at no cost (I normally charge $750 for the full blown thing, but we’ll start down that path of finding why theirs doesn’t work with recommendations on how to fix it. They can take that to their own webmaster if they like, or I’ll be glad to help their webmaster.

An irresistible offer to a whole community. The law of finding enough communities to help, which leverages the law of finding enough people to help by many times. 

So far I have 7 takers. 7 fairly large clients.

So, I’ve added something to my law of finding enough people to help, it’s finding enough communities of people to help.

I believe in always leveraging, finding the multipliers, and this MULTIPLIES the effects by exposing you to 10’s of times more people, depending on the size of that community.

But, expand that even further. Once you have found ONE community, find more.

Another thing I have discussed in growing a coaching and/or consulting business is “speaking” to get the word around, speaking to social groups, Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, Optimists, Soroptimists and even to trade associations. But now I’d use the new law of “finding enough communities to help” while doing that.

Don’t just speak to them, make an offer to the group that they can’t refuse, then leverage that into testimonials that you’ll take to other communities. Leverage that one touch into that community into many clients by giving away your services to everyone in the group (at least find some part to give).

The Law of Finding the Ideal Community 

And, as we “found the ideal client” when looking for our niche. This time we’ll “find the ideal community”. 


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