Getting Lots of Coaching Clients With Twitter

One of the most important things you can learn about marketing is that it’s never about you, it’s about the customer and what he wants. Find the answers what literally GRABS ATTENTION so that your readers BEG you for what you have.

Make all of your marketing talk about what the customer wants and not about your coaching, you, or other services or products you have. And when you do talk about those things, always talking about the results your clients have gotten, or that the reader of your marketing will get if he should decide to hire you.

The same applies when it comes to using any of the social tools, such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

So, how can we use that concept on Twitter? Simple. Make everything about the other person.

Start by identifying who your ideal target market is, then using what you’ve just learned to find them on Twitter.

Then follow as many of them as you can. After all, it’s about them. So follow them around for a while, get to know them, and offer some ways for them to get what they want.

Once you start following them, many of them will start following you.

Connect your blogs and online articles to Twitter so that every blog and article automatically tweets your followers showing what you have just written about.

Make that title a real attention getter. How? By making sure the title isn’t about you, your products, or services, but talks about your ideal customer’s pain, a solution to that pain, and also indicates the value that solution will bring to them. That gets ATTENTION from any of your followers who see their pains mentioned. And assuming they want that solution, and the value it brings they are likely to go read the article, sign up on your website, and get to know you, like you, and trust you, which is the step just before them buying something from you.

Be sure to send some direct comments to those who follow you on a regular basis. In fact, a really good way is to send every new follower an offer they absolutely desparately need either by email or a tweet. You can do that manually, or use one of the automated software packages that can be set up to auto respond to a new follower.

A good rule of thumb: if your profile is appealing, you should get 80% or more of those you follow to start following you. And get between 25% to 50% of those over to take a look at your website.

Do you have a well defined marketing funnel that offers something they will want when they check your website out?

Another good rule of thumb is that IF your website has followed the principles I mentioned above, — IT’s ABOUT THEM, and you have a real attention getting statement and freebie that drags them into your marketing funnel, you should get 5% to 10% of those that land there grabbing up your freebie, and joining into your list.

Remember . . . the money’s in the list.

How well does your list work?

How many that join your list spend money with you and become a client?

Want to know how to get a larger percentage of those landing on your site signing up? And a larger percentage of those on your list taking step after step and becoming clients?

What percentage of your list become clients? 1%, 10%, 30%?

What would happen if you could step through that series, getting 1% becoming clients, then 10% and finally 30% or more?

Are you making at least $1 per list member per month? Would you like it to be more?

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