Getting Coaching Clients With Free Sessions – – It May Not Have Worked For You But Why? It Does Work

Giving away a free session can be one of the greatest things since sliced bread for getting coaching clients.

But, I’ll bet that if you have already tried it… it didn’t work for you. So the logical next question should be

  • Was it you?
  • Was it what you did or said?
  • Was it the mindset of who you said it to?
  • Or is it possible that the strategy doesn’t work? freq

Those are all of the variables involved. Throwing it out because it didn’t work for you even hundreds of times without considering all of the variables, and fixing the one that failed you is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. This IS the best way to getting coaching clients.

Of course, I wouldn’t insist upon you continuing to do what hasn’t worked, but I would encourage you to look at each of the variables and ask yourself those questions.

I frequently hear coaches throw the baby out with the bathwater saying, their free sessions didn’t work when theyI did it, and did free sessions hundreds of times, so “it doesn’t work, I’ll never do that again.”

Wrong answer. Then why does it work for so many of the top coaches, at least on their way to the top. They used it very successfully when growing their business.

It doesn’t matter what kind of coach or consultant you are, life coach, business coach, executive coach, small business coach,  career coach, whatever coach,  finding the most people you can to help get where they want to go by giving away free coaching sessions is the greatest way to business IF done right, and there’s the problem. Almost no one does it right.

The Most Important Principle You’ll Ever Learn About Getting Coaching Clients

Here’s one principle that changed my free sessions, my whole marketing and sales approach for ever.

  • Your job is not to lead the horse to water.
  • It’s to make him thirsty.

Use that concept whenever you are meeting a prospect in a free session, or in any initial meeting. Leave him excited about what you could do for him, and him begging for your services… as long as you make him thirsty for more.

That is THE ONE most important principle I have learned about getting coaching clients. It’ll change your life and your coaching business.

Most coaches use the free session to “wow them with your coaching abilities”, and “to get them some initial results.” Most of the time, even if you do wow them, they’ll say “Wow, you are great, thanks” and leave.Their perception is that they’ve experienced it, there’s no more, or it’s even possible that once they see it they don’t believe it’ll work for them.

Spend your time with them exploring what they want, the value they would see once it is fixed, and the pain they are currently experiencing now contrasting with the what they could see once fixed. Also… get them dreaming of the ideal future. Dreams are exciting, especially those dreams that they always dreamed about that they just haven’t been able to reach because of their current situation.

Get Them DREAMING of Their Ideal Future

Dreaming of the future happens in a totally different area of the brain than the logical part. Trying to logic your prospect to an answer doesn’t work. Getting him dreaming of the future as it could be if he solves all of his problems now puts him right in the part of the brain where the decision will be made.

Leaving him dreaming of the future, and a thirst for resolving it with you.

Your sales will skyrocket. I guarantee it. This is absolutely the best way to getting coaching clients… lots of them.

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