Getting Coaching Clients — The Mindset That Grows a Coaching Business Explosively

Do you believe in spending money on marketing, on getting new clients, on building your coaching busienss?

Or have you operated from a “let’s keep it cheap and inexpensive” mindset?

Let me ask you a question:

  • Would you spend $1 if everytime you did it would generate $1,000?

That’s almost too easy to decide, right?

Well, let me ask you it in a different way? Would you spend:

  • $1 to make $100
  • $1 to make $10
  • $1 to make $2

And if you said yes to any or all of those, what happens when you say “But I’d rather find a less expensive way to generate that income?”

Would you then be willing to:

  • Spend $0 out of pocket, but then work 10 hours for a client, 100 hours, 1,000 hours?
  • And what does that cost you?
  • If that took you 10 weeks to get a client, 20 weeks to get a client, 30 weeks to get a client, even though it cost you nothing out of pocket . . . what did that cost you?

Would you like to make as much (or even more) as you used to make back in the corporate world?

And how long are you willing to wait, or how hard are you willing to work to make that happen?

The mindset that you can do this “on the cheap” is one of the biggest business-killer mindsets there is.

Here’s what happens. Most of us have been brought up with the concept that the way to manage a budget is to create a list of what we want, and then start cutting out what we can’t afford. When that is applied to a business, it usually means that when we’ll avoid spending on “expensive things” without any thought about how much we’ll get from doing it. It also results in the first month that we don’t make as much as we thought we should have, or that we didn’t have the cash flow to pay all of the bills, that we start looking for something to cut.

That mindset means that we totally overlook the $1 invested makes $1,000. The only thought that hits us when the $1 opportunity comes across our desk is that we can’t spend the dollar. We have the blinders on and don’t see that there is an opportunity for $1 to make $10, another option of $1 to make $100, or another $1 to make $1,000. The ONLY thing that we think of that month is . . . “I don’t have the dollar to spend.”

Here are a couple of stories of how that works.

I was working with a church that had recently bought a million dollar building, and then lost some members, down to about 200 members. No way could they make the payments on the building. So, when I attended the financial committee meeting, they were in the “cut mindset.” And, here’s another hint: It’s RARE, VERY RARE, that cutting a $1 here or a $1 there will save as much as a $1 invested that would make $1,000.

They were going to sell of an 80-acre plot of land to “pay the bills.” When I asked them “What will happen NEXT MONTH” after you’ve sold the land and Paid the bills? The end result was that “NEXT MONTH” they will be back in the hole. They still have the building to pay, and they still don’t have the people and contributions to pay it. Nothing really changed other than making a few months of payments.

But if I can change their mindset from one of  “cutting” to one of “how do we turn a $1 into $1,000, in other words, looking for the greatest ROI” then they could actually “make a difference.”

Within the next hour we developed a plan that created a monthly Christian Music event that FILLED the church pews, and generated $30 x 1,000 seats. Get the idea? They were looking for where to cut a dollar, but once they started looking for where a $1 would generate a HUGE Return on Investment, the results were HUGE.

Now that’s normal when the mindset is actually changed. Where, constant failure is almost always the result of managing anything from “what can I avoid spending.” That last one results in what we can’t do rather than in what we should do.

So, as a coach, if you could find a method of marketing that would immediately generate $1,000 for a $1 invested, would you do it now?

Maybe another question might be, where is that opportunity? What kind of marketing can do that?

And those are the RIGHT questions the right way to grow a coaching business fast.

I’ll be covering those questions in the next of this series.

Alan Boyer

The $100K Small Business Coach

Kansas City area

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