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Here’s a story of a local Kansas City area (KC) Coach that followed some of the guidelines from my emails and landed an appointment with a large international company.  Follow what he did and you can to.
Jim K joined our group within the month, and has been following the emails. He picked up some suggestions from my article “How to Get an Appointment with Almost Anyone Anywhere Anytime.” That was just the starting point.
He was standing in a Kansas City bookstore a few weeks ago and overheard a conversation on a cell phone. Apparently the conversation led him to believe that this person might be an ideal coaching client. So, he boldly walked right over and started a conversation and used some of the ideas to open that conversation.
It turns out this was the VP of Marketing of one of the larger international restaurant chains, and what he said definitely caught her attention. She wanted to talk with him further and gave him her business card.
So far so good. But you never know for sure until you actually get the appointment and are setting across from them.
In any case, after calling her office several times to schedule the meeting, the gatekeeper kept telling him that this VP was traveling and not available. And, apparently Jim didn’t get any calls back. As I said, you just never know whether she’s truly that busy, or, after leaving their initial discussion she may have had second thoughts.
But, here’s something I’d like to do to change your mindset about a situation like that.
Just imagine for a minute that IF you have really gotten your prospect’s attention about something that is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, and has a value higher than almost anything going on, that you’d get the call back. So, yes, Jim definitely got her attention the first time, but maybe, just maybe it’s either slipped down in importance, or she’s forgotten how important it was during her busy schedule.
The value she has in her mind is less than her current hot topics or she’d call back no matter how busy she is. (file that away for future reference, for a change in your mindset about how important you are). Therefore, when this happens to you, you’ve got to raise the value back up to where it’s the most important thing going on, or at least raise it high enough to get that appointment the first time she’s back in town.
So, Jim did that. One of the emails I sent out over the last couple of weeks was about using a value statement, and about making an offer they can’t refuse.
So, the next time Jim called back and talked with the gatekeeper he simply asked, “Would you ask ____________ (the VP’s name) if she’d like to find out how to increase sales by $50K/month in every one of her stores. if she does have her give me a call.”
ZINGO, that did it! That was an offer that she couldn’t refuse.
I guess there’s two points to look at here and learn from Jim.
  1. The first is, how many times have you been just casually walking around any place and overheard a conversation, but then didn’t say anything, didn’t seize the opportunity like Jim did. How many opportunities to meet a prospect that you’d do almost anything to acquire slipped right through your fingers?
  2. The second is, how many times have you made a call, either an initial call, or, as in this case, the follow-up call on an opportunity that should simply result in an appointment, but then . . . . but then . . . you get no call back?
When that happens ask yourself, “Did I leave enough value on the table for them so that they would LEAP to calling me back . . . FAST . . . because, in their mind, I’ve become THE MOST IMPORTANT, the MOST VALUABLE thing to them at that moment?
How fast they call back (or if they do)  is determined by a simple measurement. The more valuable you are to them, the faster they will respond. (file that one away as well, it’ll change your whole life when making calls).
In fact, if what you lay on them is SO valuable then nothing else on their very busy schedule will be as important and that call will come the instant they get your voice mail, or note from the gatekeeper left on their desk.
Yes, I know your prospects are busy, so are mine.
But when you believe you must wait your turn YOU, in your own mind don’t think you are valuable enough. You are willing to wait in line for that return call (maybe all of the way in back of that line). When YOU feel that way, you are the one volunteering to move further back in that line waiting to meet with your prospects simply because you didn’t present your value, or you didn’t present it as valuable enough.
Find your value, and step up to the front of that line waiting for your prospect’s time. It starts in your head. And only then can you transfer that value further up in your prospect’s head.
Then deliver an offer they can’t refuse, and get not only that appointment, but get that new client.
In any case, congratulations Jim. Great Job!
 Alan Boyer
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