Getting Coaching Clients — Focus on the Right End of Your Business

Most coaches are focused on the wrong end of their business. They are focused on “improving their coaching” and not on “getting coaching clients.”

Learning where to focus and how will change your coaching business overnight,, no matter whether you are a life coach, business coach, executive coach, career coach, or whatever kind of coach.

The Difference Between Working on Your Coaching and Working on Getting Coaching Clients

Let’s imagine for a minute that you own a restaurant, and that you are the best cook in the whole darned town.

Does it make any difference whatsoever that you are the best cook in town if no one walks through the front door to sample that fantastic food you have? NONE!

Now, let’s look at this from the other end. Let’s say that, for the heck of it, that you are the WORST cook in the world, but you are really great at marketing, the ability to get the word out so that people line up at the door.

With zero people coming to the door, even with the best food in the world, you business will fail very quickly.

Because you get ’em lined up, setting down and buying, even though you’ve got the worst food in the world, as long as you can keep bringing new people to the door you’ll have a profitable business.

Yes, no one comes back, but as long as you are good with the marketing, bringing new people to the door you’ll be successful. But once you have BOTH marketing, and even half way decent cooking you’ll be successful.

So, what does that say about where you should be focusing FIRST with your coaching?

Not on the coaching, but on the marketing of your coaching.

Focus on Getting Coaching Clients

I’m not encouraging you to be a poor coach at the expense of marketing. No, not at all. But this does say that, once you have developed some coaching skills, your main focus should be on becoming really good at marketing and selling your coaching.

Once you have a steady flow of clients you’ll become really good at coaching simply because you are doing so much coaching.

Does that make sense?

Balance Your Focus

Most coaches spend thousands of dollars to get certified. Then they spend more and more on different qualifications and credentials, and then fall flat on their face because they can’t market themselves. They don’t know how to get people to the door, let alone LINING up all of the way down the street.

In fact, if you spent your time developing your marketing, getting them to line up, your coaching skills would quickly escalate.

And the key to getting the word out and becoming really good at marketing your coaching business is simpler than you think.


  • Knowing where you can find clients that would fight to get what you have because they are struggling with something you can help them with.
  • Clearly articulating the measurable outcome that your clients get from you, establishing the VALUE they would get from hiring you.
  • Spreading the word far enough to enough people.
  • And then managing the marketing process, knowing how many you must get that message to with the conversion rate your current marketing message has . . . so that you constantly deliver the number of new clients and dollars that you want from your coaching.
  • Have you focused on the wrong end of your business?
  • What would happen if suddenly all of those things started working for you so that you are acquiring dozens of new clients every month?

I’ve been there, struggled, and figured it out. I’ll share those ideas with you while hand holding you past the barriers that every coach seems to trip over, and start getting as many clients as you want within a few weeks.

If you’d like to start getting coaching clients like you’ve never seen before, call 816-415-8878 for a free 30 minute session that will increase your client acquisition by several times.

Alan Boyer

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