Getting Coaching Clients – – Like to Get 10 – 15 New Clients a Month From LinkedIn?

Hey coach! Do you WORK LinkedIn, or any of the other social media?

I’ve used LinkedIn to deliver 10-15 new clients a week to my clients, and have helped my clients do the same with this technique.It’s a GREAT place to get coaching clients, not in one step, but helping them get to know you, like you and trust you… and they will hire you.

How many of those you have identified as your IDEAL clients are you connected with in some way on LinkedIn?

By the way, you HAVE identified the ideal client haven’t you? I hope you aren’t still coaching “the world.” First, I’ll guarantee you that you will have at least 10 times more clients than you have right now by narrowing your focus to a narrow niche, AND to a niche where you provide the most value. You do know what value you deliver don’t you?

I’m getting off track. Those are very important things you must have done by now and before we take this next step to find them on LinkedIn.

In any case, how many of your ideal clients have you connected with on LinkedIn? How many people have you connected with that KNOW your ideal market? Do you know how to find them on LinkedIn?

Using Alerts To Tell You When an Ideal Prospect Joins LinkedIn… Then Reach Out to Them

For instance, I’ve set an alert to tell me every time a new ideal client has joined LinkedIn within 50 miles of my metro area. I get notified of about 5-10 of them each and every week. When I get notified I ask them to connect with me, and then ask them to tell me about their business, who their ideal client is, and what they are doing now to get new clients. If I have a slow week, I’ll even ask them if they’d like to meet over coffee sometime. Sometimes I’ll get the whole group of them together at one time over coffee.

A part of marketing is for your ideal client to “get to know you, like you, and trust you.” The more visible you are, and the more often you remind them that “you are here to help them become more successful” at whatever, the more they will get to know you, like you, and trust you.

Focus on Them Not On You

When you do make that first contact, keep the focus on THEM and what they NEED, at some point they’ll ask you about your business. Be prepared with your COMPELLING core marketing message. (HINT: That core marketing message isn’t “I am a coach.”, it’s got to be an ATTENTION getting, COMPELLING message that the customer WANTS and not what you want to sell. But that’s another article.). Your core marketing message should be delivered in 15 seconds or so, and literally have them jumping into your shopping cart with that brief message.

You WON’T tell them any more than that. There will be no lengthy explanation of what you do, your coaching process, your fees, or what you coach them to do. Your job is to talk to them about what they want and then help them do it. Give them a taste of real results, or a sample of another client that needed exactly what they want, and got it, and the value they got. Then simply ask them if they’d be interested in getting that for themselves.

Keep in mind that everyone that has joined LinkedIn has one common thing they want. They are looking to network, or to connect with others either to sell their own products directly, or to get referrals from others who know their ideal client. So, keep the focus on those points. If you ask them about their business, why they joined LinkedIn, what they want from LinkedIn, are they getting it, and would they like to either get more of that from something you can help them with (not sell to them), they will LOVE to talk with you. Become the answer to these points they want and you will became an instant friend. (Help them to get to know you, like you, and trust you and they will want what you have).

Join Groups… Become VISIBLE in Groups

Join groups where you can network with your ideal prospects. Then offer them. sdaily, or at least frequent, hints and tips that help them. Show your skills, stay visible, and then use the discussions to invite everyone to your next workshop, or tell everyone about a speaking engagement you are doing. Let them know EVERYTHING you are doing and invite them.

I believe it was Zig Ziglar who said, “Find the most people you can to help them get what they want, and you’ll have everything you ever wanted.” So, stay visible, show what kinds of results your clients are getting through stories of how to do these things, and how much value everyone got when they did it. And offer to help them. Set up events to meet with them or invite them to an event you are doing.

Create Your Own Groups

Create your own groups on LinkedIn. Create a group where you’ll help everyone to achieve some super level of success that you help your clients to get. Take them in small steps, while showing them HUGE leaps forward, but you are only giving them samples, and showing them that there is a LOT more of this if they come to your next event, or hire you.

Use LinkedIn to get in front of the most people you can.

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