Getting Coaching Clients — Be Clear About What You REALLY Do and Increase Your Sales

What you really do as a coach, consultant, or trainer?

Get more coaching clients, increase your coaching sales, by being clear about the results you provide.

These are some key things that differentiate you, and it’s how you do them with your clients that make HUGE differences in results, and how you share them with prospects that make a HUGE difference in how many respond.

Most coaches just “coach” and go with whatever they discover from the client. But those that succeed have a specific goal in mind for their clients, and tell prospects what they will achieve. People buy only when they know what they are buying and what the probability of success is. So be VERY CLEAR.

One thing we’ve talked about that’ll catapult not only your sales but your actually client’s results is having a clear VALUE statement of the measurable value and goals your clients typically achieve. That’s a clear “what they are buying” for the prospect, and a clear target for not only YOU but for your clients as you do it for them.

Knowing (Measurably) Where Your Want Your Client by When

I know where I’m headed with a client, and how far I want to take him.  Therefore, I’m not dallying around waiting for him to “get it”, I’m leading him there.

Coaching Tools

Here’s some of the tools I use, and you are welcome to use them in your own business. Having these clear things in mind and being able to share with those you talk with will help your prospects get a much clearer picture of what’s going to happen and where you are taking them.

It’s important for your prospects, and your clients to understand that this is what they can expect, and how this is different from any other coach. Some will even tell me that they already know some of this stuff, so why should they go with me. This will make that clear.

We work on three things, knowledge, skill, and mindset. The “You” in the following scenario is talking to the prospect. This is an excerpt from a recent discussion with one of my clients who had experienced my first free session and was very excited about what she had learned.. She was anxious to go “give it a try” and had actually told me that she didn’t want to have another session because I had helped her so much in that session that she felt she didn’t need more.

This was my response that turned her into a full blown client.

It’s important to understand where you are and where you will be, and what might still be needed. We’ll work on the knowledge you need, developing skills to super performer levels, and mindsets that hold you back and where you’ve shot yourself in the foot. Don’t you have some pretty sore feet so far?

  • Knowledge — that’s the “what you do” part. And frankly, we’ve only barely touched on it, hardly at all. At this point I’ve exposed you to a LOT of ideas, but we haven’t worked on narrowing down on what you should do, and how.  
  • Skill — After knowledge comes the skill part. That’s where you get good, REALLY GOOD at doing it, at GETTING RESULTS. There are so-so performers, average performers and best of the best super performers. Which of these are you now, and where do you really want to be?

That part we hae not even talked about. After the knowledge part, you go out and try it, and come back with some discussions of “worked here”, failed miserably there. And I’ll help you not only get it right (after several attempts. it takes practice), but the next step is moving from “just getitng it right” or OK, or average results, to super performer levels. Most of my clients LEAP to a new level pretty quick, BUT then we take it WAY above that over time. I’m not satisfied with an AVERAGE result from my clients, even if AVERAGE is WAY above where they were.

I want my clients to become the most valuable player in their field, the top producers.  

I believe in the theory that you can’t learn to ride a bicycle in a seminar.

That means that no matter how much knowledge you acquire about riding a bike, you WILL fall off and you WILL skin your knees. It WILL hurt when you fall. The fall is guaranteed even in your business.

That’s why I run along side of my clients as they fall off the bike.

You’ve only begun to start with the knowledge part, and we haven’t worked on the falls yet.  

  • Mindset— This is the part that’ll kill you, and frequently does for the coaches and small business owners.

It’ll also keep you from having the breakthrough to that next level.

When someone BELIEVES there is a certain way to do things, or NOT do things, that will determine their limits even if they have heard the “other ways” to do things.

So even if we do discuss the knowledge part, I’ll bet that somewhere in your head you thought to yourself, “I know that works for SOME, but what I do is different”, or “I’m different and therefore, I’ll do it just a little different.”

And the result was it didn’t work at all, or you didn’t achieve anything near what others have already gotten from it. 

An example of the mindset problem: Do you remember falling off of your bike as you learned how to ride?

Do you remember how scary it was to go too fast before you learned to keep it upright?

Before you could keep it upright, you believed that by going too fast you’d get hurt. You kept it as slow as you could.

Of course, by now you know that the slower you go the less likely you’ll be able to keep it upright. Your beliefs, you mindset, was keeping you from learning and moving forward.   You had to get that bike moving faster before you could ever keep it upright.

You actually skinned your knees BECAUSE of what you believed.  And it’s even likely that your father, who was coaching at the time to learn to ride the bike, actually told you that you had to go faster. But, your belief that you’d get hurt going faster over powered what he said. The result was that you actually fell more and took longer to learn.

And that IS happening right now as you learn how to get your business up to super speed right now and how to get more clients.

All business is the SAME way. The SBA says that most small business start ups fail within 2 years (about 90% of them). And, of those that do start succeeding, it’s usually after about 2 years of doing what they’ve done. There’s something magical about that 2 year point.

That’s the point where you’ve  learned it well enough that things REALLY start to work, or you  burned out, or used up all of your funds and your business dies at the 2-year mark like 90% of the businesses. It’s the typical turning point.  

But, here’s an aha moment for you. An average small business meets with 1 to 5 people a week, and gets less than one sale a week.

They believe THAT’S a REASONABLE number (there’s a belief that’ll kill you! Reasonable is a very self limiting word).

In any case, let’s assume that you make one sale a week for two years, that’s about 100 customers. That also means that you would have met 100 to 500 people along the way.   Just what do you think would happen if you could do EXACTLY the same thing in 2 months instead of 2 years?  

Wouldn’t you learn TWO things rather quickly?

      1. First, you’d learn what it took most people 2 years to learn. You’d be at that magical make it or break it point within 2 months. And you wouldn’t have spent any where nearly as much money as it takes to live for 2 years. A HUGE Difference.  
      2. And the other thing you’d learn is how to get that many people that fast, and you’d be doing that over and over from the 2 month point, WAY ahead of the curve.  
      3. But, here’s another. What you’d learn from having that many meetings and customers is what you’d have learned on your own anyway IF you had experienced that many meetings. But, now you have a coach who’ll be running alongside of your bike as you fall off, and helping you get back on faster. You COULD continue falling off the bike, and IF you fell off that many times, you would learn on your own. But by having a coach, you’ll learn so much more from every fall, and faster. Someone will be there showing you what you did wrong and how to get back on to ride even faster than before, and acquire more clients than ever before.  

The key is to take advantage of that coaching situation.  


And she signed up.

I’d like for you to look at what I just said from two perspectives.

  1. The first is on how these things can be used for your clients and prospects, and the other is how can that help you grow your business faster. You will get more coaching clients faster, higher paying coaching clients, and increase your sales faster to bigger dollars.
  2. And the second is applying those concepts to your own business. By knowing what to do that multiplies your results faster. Then by BECOMING GOOD, REALLY GOOD at getting more coaching clients faster, and by overcoming those mindsets that have held you back. If it seems you’ve been shooting yourself in the foot and not getting as many new coaching clients as you thought you should have, would you like to have help driving your business faster?

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