Getting Coaching Clients — How to Open ANY Door and Get an Appointment

I can remember when it was hard to even talk to someone at a networking event. Now here’s a way of getting an appointment with anyone. I’ve gotten appointments with top CEOs of large businesses, and small business owners at an almost unbelivable success rate. For instance, when using this to get visitors for a networking event I ended up talking with 100% of those I called, and 75% of those I talked with showing up. Most of the other 25% still wanted to go, it was teir schedule that was in the way.

The hard part is your mindset. I’ve been there and that was the part that I struggled with for years. But once I caught on to this simple thing, things changed big time. Early on in my coaching business I would have SWORN that I’m not any good at connecting . . . I wasn’t, believe me! My wife still says she doesn’t recognize me any more.

THE Coaching Business Marketing Secret

In marketing, and this IS marketing, the key is: It is NEVER about YOU, your products, or your services. So stop talking about any of those. It is always about the prospect, and what he wants and needs. So, when you make that shift, and it’s only a slight mindset change even those this sounds drastic, you’ll see a huge shift in your “getting coaching clients”.

Zig Ziglar once said, “Find as many people as you can to help them get what they want and you’ll have everything you ever wanted.” Tie that concept together with that approach to marketing to get in front of those people, and you truly have a KILLER system to getting coaching clients. You MUST

  • use the marketing tool to get in front of as many as you have time for weekly.
  • And then your only job when you do meet with them, is to find ways to help them, and not help them a little, but a LOT.
  • The more people you meet and help the faster your coaching business will grow, and the more coaching clients you will have.

There are a lot of ways to do this. Let’s start with LinkedIn (however, use this whole system in just about ever marketing activity and it will work there as well.)

In Kansas CIty, there are between 250 and 500 people A DAY joining LinkedIn. So, what do these people want? (Remember I said that your job is to help them get what they want. So, knowing that helps a whole lot). With 250-500 a day joining, there are a LOT of people to set appointments with. You could just see who joined today (and that would be a handfull), or you could be picky, looking for your IDEAL client, or IDEAL referral partner. In that case you may want to look beyond just today, maybe last week, or, depending on how large the geographic area you are searching, maybe a month.

Once you find them, I know that some of you freak out thinking about making cold calls. But we are going to turn this totally upside down and make it so easy to do that it’ll amaze you. This will likely become one of your most powerful tools and you’ll become comfortable, and have fun doing it.

Cold Call Jitters — Turn it Around with This Simple Approach

When you used to make cold calls, I’d bet that you feared it, and that was because . . . you were calling to sell something to someone and you feared rejection . . among other things. IF you make the call about what they want . . . they will be begging you for it within a few minutes, and that even makes this fun instead of fearsome.I know that first call will still feal about like all of the others because you aren’t confident that this works. But it does. Make one call and be amazed. Make two and start to become comfortable. Make three and you’ll KNOW I’m right and you’ll have a tool to grow your business like you’ve not seen before.

Find those people on LinkedIn. I don’t care if they are your Ideal client, or your ideal referral partner, or just the first name that pops up on LinkedIn. it still works.

Now call them on the phone. DO NOT use the LinkedIn email introduction, unless you REALLY want to reach this person and you can’t find his phone number anywhere. I use Yahoo Yellow Pages to find the local companies, and then simply ask for him by name.

Then follow this exactly. And here’s a rough script. Try it this way at least once until you are comfortable with it, then do as you want, and have fun. Just keep the focus, it’s about them, what they want and need, not about you, your products or services.

The KILLER Script:

“Hi George. I found you in LinkedIn. [you are no longer an absolute stranger. The door opened just a crack]

“I’m looking for a ___________ [name his industry, or what he does] The door just opened REAL BIG. And it put the shoe on the other foot. You aren’t trying to sell him. He’ll suddenly be WANTING to talk to you, and may even slide into his own sales mode. Let him. As I said, this is all about what he wants. Keep it there and he’ll be chasing you before this is over.]

“I’d love to hear more about what you do.” [NOW SHUT UP and listen. You probably wouldn’t get a word in edgewise for the next 5+ minutes anyway.]

“Oh, by the way, I saw that you just joined LinkedIn a few days [weeks, or months] ago. How has that worked for you?”

“And what was it that you wanted to get from LinkedIn?” [Most of the time you will already have just about everything you need to know about him. He’s probably joined LinkedIn to “network” and to “get more clients.” As he gives you that information, don’t interject anything, but ask more for clarification. Such as “if you are lookinjg for a networking experience what were you doing before? Did it work? What other things have you tried? Why do you suppose that didn’t work well? Have you tried ________ that grows a lot of businesses pretty rapidly]

You may see a slight shift here in a slightly different direction. I’m finding areas that he needs help with, and I won’t simply say “Gee I sell coaching that does that.” If I did that the call would be OVER. This is all about finding areas to help him with, and even suggest, “Have you tried __________? I had a client who tried that with a little twist I suggested, and they grabbed another 72 clients in two weeks.”

Now do you see yet another twist here. I’m still not selling. I’m still digging for what they want. And actually saying Here this works for that, and I’m adding a carrot that said one of my clients actually did that, but with a slight twist, something I provided [curiosity killed the cat] and they actually got 72 new clients within the next 2 weeks. [mouth watering curiosity.]

If they don’t say “WOW, how in the world do you do that” they are dead and morbidity has already set in.

You may not do all of this in one call. Your ultimate goal for this call is to meet them face to face (assuming we are talking local coaching business here.). So, whether you go for the appointment right after he tells you about HIS business, or whether you stick around for the “mouth watering” carot doesn’t really matter that much. Try them both, test them, and practice them until you see, or hear, these people gulping, or evening asking you for an appointment.

Your goal is to get an appointment. Try this.

Thanks, George. You said something about wanting __________. I think I may know some people to share with you [or I might be able to help you with that] Would you be interested in meeting over coffee sometime. If they say yes. Let me check my schedule, I’m pretyt booked this week, but, oh, how about Tuesday, is there a good time for you? [ ADon’t sound like you have an totally empty schedule, be a busy coach. And, also, notice that you haven’t said anything about being a coach? Unless he asks you, and turns the tables to ask you, DON’T. And IF he does ask you, REMEMBER, this is about him and his wants and needs, and NOTHING to do with you, your products, or services. KEEP IT THAT WAY.

SO, what do you do when he asks you about you?

When Someone Asks What You Do — It Isn’t About YOU

This is still about him and what he wants. So your description is all about that. You now know what he wants, so tailor your “what I do” that direction. We will NOT talk about coaching, about your process of coaching, what you charge, or anything like that. It’s all about RESULTS, not coaching, or what you do. Therefore, it could be something like this:

I work with struggling __________ [whatever he is,and types of businesses] who are DESPARATELY struggling to get __________ out of their business. And you know what? About 80% of my clients ___________ [find a value statement. It could be “make another $100K within 2 months” or it could be “double their business in X months”, or whatever your results are that are mind blowing in value.

Don’t have a value statement? Better work on it. Call me, I’ll help you. In fact, I’ll help you evaluate where you are and where you should be and how to do it. Call me, 816-415-8878, or email me  I’ll even help you develop this whole script to a level that you’ll be a killer coaching salesman within days.

In any case, your goal with this call is to get an appointment. At that appointment, guess what you will be doing?

Finding ways to help them. Finding things that they’d almost kill for, and why they haven’t gotten there before. Finding the VALUE this will deliver to them, dollars and cents, time, etc. And you’ll leave them with a clear picture of what they COULD have IF they actually resolved that problem. And, you have just said, “I can help you do that.”

Nothing else need be said at that point. When you have met with an ideal client, and when you have fine tuned this process, it will be SO COMPELLING that 75% of those you meet with will be BEGGING you for some form of next step with them.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a life coach, business coach, career coach, or whatever other kind of coach. It works for one simple reason. This is about what they want and need. And your one focus was to help them get it in every way you could. It was not about you, your coaching, or anything about you.

THIS IS A KILLER approach.

To Your Coaching Business HUGE Success

Alan Boyer

The $100K Small Business Coach

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  • Alan….this is a great idea! I never thought about contacting new members of LInkedIn this way. Thanks for sharing in such detail. Let me know if I can share anything with you.

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