Getting Coaching Clients — Mistakes Coaches Make, and How to Have Clients CHASE You

Most coaches shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to getting new clients. When a coach believes that THIS is the way to do it, then even when someone shows them the right way they’ll find it really hard to accept that the other way actually works and their way doesn’t.

However, even when they are facing zero, or very few clients, because they believe what they’ve been doing is SUPPOSED to work, they find it hard to give up on what they’ve been doing.

There is a reason that you just can’t keep doing what you’ve always done and expect different results. Measure your results, and believe what those results tell you. They are telling you that if you want lots of clients you very likely need to change something.

So what are those changes? Readon on. You are going to learn what doesn’t work, and what does . . . what literally can explode your client acquisition.

Here are a few of the gotcha’s:

Marketing Avoidance

This appears in several different ways. Some coaches believe in that myth of the field of dreams, “Build it and they will come.” In other words you believe that if you are really good at coaching people will line up at your door.

It isn’t so. At least not until you get the word out, which is marketing. That’s even more important than what you do as a coach. Sorry about that, but that’s the way it is.

If no one knows about that fantastic coaching, then they aren’t going to line up at your door. And, IF you coach one new client every few months there isn’t a long list of people sharing those great results.

Get the Word Out . . . or Else

In fact, it starts on the OTHER END. It starts by getting the word out, letting people know what great results you provide. People will line up if the message indicates something that’s as great as the “cure for cancer.”

The Secret . . . the Marketing Formula that Tells You What to do Next to Get Coaching Clients Lining Up

So, the number of people that line up, (or don’t) is dependent upon

  • How many get to see, hear, or read the marketing message.
  • The compelling nature of your marketing message (the conversion rate of that message).

Therefore, if you get your message out to one a week and get one new client every 6 months, a simple change, getting that same message out to 10 a week, will mean that you will have 10 new clients within 6 months, or approximately 0.6 new clients a month.

Marketing Message Conversion Rate

And, if your marketing message convinces 5% (5 out of 100) to buy your coaching, or to at least meet with you, then you’ll acquire 5 new clients for every 100 you reach out to. But, and here’s the REALL BIG GOTCHA, most coaches have a marketing message that convinces far fewer than 1 in 1,000. Meaning that you’d have to get your message out to 1,000 people before you get even a tire kicker.

So, what is your marketing message conversion rate?

If it one in 10 touches, one in 100, or one in 1,000? Most coaches are closer to one in a 1,000, and it’s because their marketing message doesn’t connect. Would you like for yours to connect?

Join us for our teleconference on how to have people actually CHASING You once you get the right marketing message.

Being in control, by knowing how to adjust that marketing message it’s fairly easy to get up in the 10% conversion for cold first touches, and even as high as 30-50% for warm, and more personal touches. I shoot for getting 30% of any room I speak to that will be asking to meet with me after the speech. Not all of them will become clients, but I know that 50% of those who do talk with me will be taking some form of next step.

So, how good is your marketing message? And what will you do about raising the conversion rate from where you are up to several percent. The results will surprise you. It did me after years of coaching when I found a message that literally grabbed them and pulled them in.

Coaches and More Marketing Avoidance Mindsets

But, let’s get back to Marketing Avoidance mindset.

When I talk with coaches I hear stories such as :

  • I don’t need to market, I work by word of mouth (Great, if it works. How many new clients do you get with that statement? Dozens a month? or 1 every 12 months?) Word of mouth usually means that you get in front of 1 a week, or sometimes 1 a month. Just imagine, using the marketing formula, that the difference between exposure to one a month and dozens a month is still 12 times more clients, and 12 times more dollars than you make now.
  • I don’t publish my phone number or email on my website because I don’t want those sales calls or spam emails– You get what you shoot for I guess. back to the marketing formula, you are blocking your contact information, taking it down to zero. According to the marketing formula, number who see your message times the conversion rate of that message, and your conversion rate is BLOCKED, no one can contact you, or AT LEAST you are making it hard. The more blocks you put up the fewer clients you get. It IS a numbers game and zero times anything is still zero. It would be easy for you to fix that.
  • As a woman coach, I don’t want my phone number, or address published. I’m afraid of the kooks out there — And so, you don’t want any clients either do you? It just doesn’t work that way. A REAL business opens its doors and puts up signs, to let people know what they’ll get here, and how to get it. You are pulling the signs down.

I Called 75 Coaches Saying “I’m Looking for a Coach” . . . Not One Called Back . . . Marketing Avoidance Big Time

A couple of years ago I was doing a radio program and reached out to other coaches to give them an opportunity to get in front of lots of people on my program. I called 75 coaches who were listed in the Kansas City Yellow Pages. Not only did I not reach one live person, I didn’t get one single return call from any of those 75.

When I tell this story to other coaches, I hear many of them saying, that would scare the devil out of them to get that call and that most were probably avoiding being in front of that many people.

Being a marketing type guy, I always ask myself if I caused the situation. I figured that I might have said something that scared them, or even led them to believe it would be a waste of time. So, I called that group again, but this time I left a message on their voice mails, “I’m looking for a coach and found your name in the yellow pages. Please give me a call.”

Now, how would you respond to that voice mail? Would you immediately grab the phone and return the call? That’s what I’d have expected. But, I got NO return calls, ZIP, ZERO.

And what does that say about all 75 coaches, 100% of those listed in the Kansas City Yellow Pages?

On one hand it sounds dismal. On the other, as a coach who sells into that market it tells me I have no competition, and it should be easy for me to get clients.

And, in fact, that’s the competition that most of you face, almost none. This SHOULD be easy to be the most successful coach in your area within weeks simply because you want to play the marketing game, to acquire clients, and to know what actually works.

It does take more than just wanting to play the game of marketing, even without much competition. It means that you have to know what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to. When you have that marketing message you’ll see the conversion rate go up and up and up. Remember I said that 10% with a cold touch should be achievable, and 30% or more into a warm market.

Would you like to know how to do that?

Just ask. I’ll show you how to have an almost unlimited stream of clients, when and if you want them.

Call for your free strategy session on how to grow your business, 816-415-8878.

Alan Boyer

$100K Small Business Coach

Helping Coaches/consultants/trainers reach another $100K within a couple of months.

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