Get Coaching Clients Chasing You as if You Have the Cure for Cancer

Are you one of the many coaches who just can’t seem to get many clients?

Imagine just for a minute what it would be like if, it was totally different. Just imagine how people who have cancer would respond to someone who said “I have the cure for cancer.”

Wouldn’t they be lined up at your door? Probably down the block, and maybe even in their cars all of the way across town and out on the highway. Get coaching clients chasing after you as if you have the cure for cancer.

The ONLY difference between the results you are getting and the results someone who claims he has the cure for cancer is two very distinct things, and we’re going to cover them here.

Those two things?

  • What you say, how you say it, and who you say it to . . . that’s your marketing message
  • How many get to see that marketing message

Believe me, it’s that simple. I can tell you that because I’ve been there. For the first years of my coaching/consulting business I was struggling . . . just like you . . . to get clients and didn’t know why or what to do about it . . . just like you.

But the answer is actually so simple. Let’s dive in.

Typical Coach Response to What Do You Do . . . “I am a coach.”  . . .Total waste!

Most coaches are rather humble. When someone asks them “What do you do?” The answer is something like, “I am a coach”, or maybe “I am a _____ coach”,  filling in the blank with life coach, business coach, career coach, or whatever kind of coach. or even worse, they list them all at once.

Let’s go back to that “cure for cancer.” If instead of saying you had “the cure for cancer” you said something like  “I’m a pharmaceutical salesman.”

Would that get the same results?

Not only NO, but agreat big  EMPHATIC NO. It’s not even close.

So why do you believe that saying “I am a coach” would get any different response than “I am a pharmaceutical salesman” when you actually have the cure for cancer.

I hope that whole concept sinks in . . . REALLY DEEP. Because that’s the answer you’ve been looking for.

To Get Coaching Clients Chasing After You as if You Had the Cure for Cancer — You’ve Got to Tell Them Something SO VALUABLE that They’d Do Anything for It.

Let’s take a look at several different ways of saying that you have the cure for cancer. And compare that to what you might say in your coaching.

Effectiveness of Message Cure for Cancer Message Your Coaching Message
  • I’m a pharmaceutical salesman
  • I am a coach
  • I sell pharmaceutical products
Only slightly better
  • I sell metatarsil sulfate
  • I am a __________ coach
Stronger —
  • I have the cure for cancer
  • I help small businesses get clients
  • I can help you with the cure for YOUR cancer
  • I help ________ businesses add another $500K within ____ months.

Are you starting to see something here?

It should be just a start, a hint, at an aha moment of how to capture your market’s attention.

Effective Marketing Messages Aren’t About YOU, or Coaching . . . It’s About THEM and What They Want

The Inefective ones talk about what YOU do, how you do it (processes), and tell about YOU.

In the head of anyone who hears, or sees, that message it doesn’t register. It’s not about what THEY want.

Some of you coaches out there who know what you do so well that it’s inbred into your thinking may have trouble understanding this because you KNOW how important coaching is. But you are ONLY ASSUMING that when you say “I am a coach” that someone would fall at your feet begging you to help them with their problem.

By now, you should know that just doesn’t happen, at least not when you say “I am a coach.”

However, they would if they had cancer, and you said you had THE ANSWER to THEIR PROBLEM. The thing is, as a coach, you do have the answer to their problem. You’ve just not been laying the real value on the table for them to discover it.

Now, let’s take a look at the next level down. The line where I said it’s slightly better. It’s still talking about what you do or what you sell. It still doesn’t tell your prospect what kind of result they’d get, or what it does for them. It’s a little clearer, and a little more defined, that’s always better. However, the focus is still wrong. It’s still about you and what you sell.

Now, to the line that says “STRONGER”. Before reading further, please reread this line comparing it to the others. Think through “What do you see that makes this line different from the previous ones?”

The answer to that is:

  • It’s about THEM, and
  •  It’s about RESULTS.
  • And, finally, it’s stating how valuable those results are.

This is extremely important to your future marketing and sales success. This is THE FIRST STEP into YOUR ANSWER for building your coaching business.

Everything you say in your marketing, and your sales should not be about you, your products, your services, how you do it, your coaching schedule . . . it should be about THE PROSPECT, HIS PAIN, a SOLUTION to HIS PAIN, and the VALUE of THAT SOLUTION.

Those are the keys to your future coaching business explosive growth. Decide to play the game that way and you will see people starting to beg you for business instead of the other way around, like I’d bet it has been for you.

How Many Potential Coaching Clients Beg You to Coach Them Now? Zero? Or Dozens a Month?

And, just how often they are begging you, or how many, should be your measurement of how well your marketing is working.

As I said at the beginning, just imagine that your measurement of success in your coaching business can be anywhere from

  • No one interested at all
  • Some raising their head when you say something
  • Some just starting to beg you for help with their business
  • To them chasing after you as if you had the answer to their worst nightmares, as if you had the cure for cancer. In fact, if you approach them right they will chase after you just that way.

So where do you fit into this scenario and measurement for your coaching client acquisition?

Let’s dig in deeper. Let’s find how you can get them chasing after you that way.

Looking at that table that had all of those different marketing messages, the very last one, at the very bottom . . . what made it stand out so much more than any of the others?

There’s several key points there.

  • Earlier messages were about YOU vs about THEM
  • Then better messages were starting to talk about RESULTS vs ACTION, and not about what YOU DO.
  • And the most powerful actually VERY CLEARLY defined a SPECIFIC MEASURABLE RESULT.

In other words, when you can clearly define the kind of result they get, and the VALUE of that result, your prospect knows exactly what they are buying.

Here’s another guideline that will be extremely valuable:

  • People make buying decisions based on finding the MOST VALUABLE RESULT they can find for the price they are willing to pay.
  • And, price is not even an issue if the value is high enough.

Just look at “the cure for cancer.” Is price an issue here? It probably isn’t as long as you could find the money. And you’d do almost anything to get that money, including mortgaging your house, or selling it, or, as some have said, Mortgaging your kids to get it if it’s that valuable.

So, how can we make that happen for your coaching business?

If the value is perceived like a cure for cancer is perceived, price almost totally goes out the window.

I have a friend who’s wife had stage four cancer. They sold the family jewels, and just about everything they could to attend a cancer clinic that was considered the best of the best.

So, if you say, “I am a coach” no one will be jumping into your shopping cart. But if you show someone that you have not only an answer, but THE BEST . . . THE  MOST VALUABLE answer they can possibly imagine . . . then people will line up, around the corner, down the block to get what you have.

This Isn’t About Hyping It Up

Now, pay close attention. This isn’t about HYPING someone or building the value up high even when you couldn’t possibly deliver that value. That’s HYPE.

NO, this is about building the perceived value up, but it’s got to be true, honest, and accurate. This is about getting the word out about the measurable results that you’ve delivered for others, what has been typical, what’s the minimum measurable value, and what’s the biggest value you’ve provided. Honest and accurate.

I’m assuming that what you deliver really is significantly valuable, and that we just have to find a way to lay that value on the table in front of the most people we can. IF you have been providing some serious value then people will beg to have your time. That’s all there is to it.

When you do that they’ll beg you for what they see.

So, if you’ve been struggling there really are only two reasons

  • Not getting your message in front of enough people
  • The marketing message was so weak that no one was excited.  Measure your marketing message value by determining: do you only get 1 call every few months; do you get at least 1 call a month, or dozens a week? It’s all in how good that marketing message is.

Many coaches are almost too humble for their own good. They fear even laying out a true value. Some will even say, “If I say that, won’t I be committed to delivering?” Of course you will. But it’s also choosing your words carefully. And every coach I’ve helped along has discovered that once he’s focused on delivering that value he promised, then he gets better and better at delivering it. He becomes a much better coach because he is focused on THAT RESULT for his cient.

If you’ve been struggling and would like to have help moving up to that level where they are not only chasing you, but chasing you as if you had the cure for cancer, call me, 816-415-8878 and let’s talk.

The first session doesn’t cost a thing.

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  • Alan – The concept of value is one that many people think they know, but truly do not. Value goes beyond features, benefits and even results because people value results differently. This is why it is so important to listen to your potential customers and hear what others have missed.

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