Coaching Marketing — Help Your Prospects Experience The Results They Will Have With You

The most powerful and compelling way to reach your markets, and persuade powerfully is through the use of Powerful, Emotional, Experience.
In other words instead of just talking about what you do, the idea is to help your prospect EXPERIENCE the power and the emotions of doing, achieving, and feeling the results. Paint a colorful, emotional picture in your prospect’s head. Help them experience both the pain of being where they are and the new experience and feelings of where they will be after working with you.
Powerful, Emotional, Compelling Verbs that Paint a picture of the action you want while making them feel the emotions of doing and succeeding.
Words must PAINT a picture, but the picture must be accompanied by the emotions and the ACTIONS. They must see themselves doing it, and FEELING it.
We’ve talked about developing a powerful, attention getting title, or headline. But this is “the next step”. This is how we develop the rest of the message.
Let’s look at the difference between the following marketing statements.
  • You’ll get six red applies, hand picked by my mother from our backyard farm. So delicious, they’re probably the best apples you’ve ever eaten.
Compare that to
  • Just wait . . . you’ll sink your teeth into the sweetest, the juiciest, most mouth-watering Red Delicious applies you’ve EVER eaten! Not just one, or even two . . . but a full one-dozen of these crisp, luscious beauties, each one carefully hand-picked by my 73-year old mother from the golden sun-drenched orchards in our very own backyard!
So, which one of these paints a picture that you can actually sense? Which one is POWERFUL?
I’ll admit that the first one is far better than most ads you’ve seen, but it still falls way short of the EXPERIENCE and the FEELINGs that you get from the second one.
When you can paint a picture of experiencing every sensation of “DOING”, and “ACHIEVING” and the FEELING of success, and possibly even the sensation of remembering the pain they currently feel . . . comparing that to the new feeling, the AHHH That FEELS SO GOOD! you’ll see prospects jumping into your shopping cart.
I hear a few of you saying, “is this ethical?” To have so much persuasive power?
We are not here to manipulate. We are here to help our prospects achieve what they want. But, let’s take that another step above just “WANT.” What if we shoot for providing something SOOO VALUABLE that they’d BEG you for it, that they’d FIGHT someone to get it?
And, therefore, if we have something that is SO VALUABLE to them, then we aren’t doing them any favors by laying low for fear that we might have an unfair advantage over our competitors.
Get this right, and yes, you may actually have an almost unfair advantage over any competitor who hasn’t learned how to do this well. But YOU will be helping more clients than you ever have to achieve the results they want.
So, what’s wrong with helping more people than ever get what they want? No problems to that, right?
Here are the feelings we have to play with:
  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Feelings, emotions, both sides, pain, fear, and satisfaction, and excitement (and probably several others).
So, let’s give it a try. Let’s take a look at some of the things that coaches/consultants/trainers typically say and turn those into something much more sensual and exciting.
Life coach
  • I am a Life Coach (Ugh!!!!)
  • I help Achieve Life Balance (equally Ugh!)
as compared with
  • Achieving your life dreams fast!
  • Imagine you . . . having what you’ve always dreamed about but just couldn’t seem to acquire. That lifelong dream . . . being able to achieve those things that have continually alluded you throughout life, your kids becoming successful beyond your wildest dreams, vacations you’ve always wanted, and actually having time, plenty of it to enjoy life with the most important people in your life. Everyone succeeds. Enjoy life for a change!
  • Turn your marriage from . . . difficult and . . . almost divorced . . . to “exciting, loving, and just plain . . . a lot of fun!”
  • Teenagers creating nightmares, poor grades, and even the juvenile justice system knocking on your door. . . successful teenagers, grades moving from F’s to A’s within 3-6 months
Business Coach
  • I am a business coach (ugh!)
  • Help to grow your business (equal ugh)
  • Make lots of money (slightly better, but still not compelling)
As compared with
  • Quickly and easily rake in your first $100K within a couple of months
  • Overcome your worst nightmares, Are you struggling to get enough clients, and just imagine how it would feel if you could suddenly turn your business into a $100K business in the next 2-3 months? What would you be able to do beyond just that. Spending time with family, enjoying life as you had dreamed it would be.
Career coach
  • Make more money than ever before
  • Get a promotion
  • Get a better job
as compared with
  • Get Promotions up that corporate ladder faster even when you would have sworn you were due to be shown the door . . . tomorrow!
  • Get more money than you have ever dreamed you could have for what you do and within the next 3-6 months!
  • Add another $10K to your salary within the next 6 months, even when you thought they were going to show you the door . . . tomorrow!
  • Corner your market . . . become the most valuable player to your current employer, and even to every new potential employer. Have them CHASING you! Gee what would that feel like for a change? Hmmm? Having something so valuable that people BEG you for what you have
  • What would any of those scenarios FEEL like? Something you NEVER EXPECTED, but now you have them within your hot little hands, and it happened so fast!
Notice something?
The clearer the picture of what it’ll look like, and feel like, the more appealing, the more mouth watering it becomes. The same for the more value you pile on. 
But don’t get hung up on the specifics of these examples. Find your own specifics, but use these as templates to develop your own power, and very visual, emotional picture that they can experience for themselves. Once they can EXPERIENCE you and what you have they will WANT IT.
We respond to marketing . . . or don’t respond . .. based on our left brain vs. right brain responses. 
Left brain thinking is logical, and to a certain extent we can lead with logical benefits which will appeal to the left side of our brains. But, guess what?
Most of our decisions are made from the right brain. That’s the emotional and creative side of our brain. And THAT’s the side of the brain that ultimately makes the decisions. Even when you logic it through with the left brain, it’s the right brain that creates something new, a new action . . . buying. The right brain is creative. . . it’s the one that projects the future, that decides what we’ll do, and PICTURES us doing it.
Just get the right brain to PICTURE us actually doing it, and feeling it, and we are a huge step further toward actually doing it.
Let’s look at how most coaches work through the marketing experience.
Let’s say that we list “features” in an attempt to reach the logical left brain. But, “features” doesn’t even justify WHY we should buy. In fact, there are several things I’d put together with features, such as processes, what we do, how we do them. Those are all things totally unrelated to the WHY anyone should buy at all. 
How many times have you heard a coach say “I am a coach”, well that’s a “So what?”
Or you’ve heard a coach say, “I’ll spend 2 hours a week with your for the next 2 months”, or “I’ll train you to . . . “, “I’ll coach you to . . . ” but ALL of those totally miss the WHY question, which appeals to the logical left brain.
You’ve got to answer some questions that your prospect is asking:
  • Why should anyone hire you?
  • What value will they ever get from hiring you? 
  • What will it feel like, and look like for me to do that with you?
The first two apply to the WHY question, and the left brain.  The last one is still a WHY question by is a right brain question.
What happens when we add in the right brain? 
It goes from being “that would be OK” or even “that would be good” to adding an emotional excitement to how it would feel to suddenly achieve those things that have been out of reach most of their lives, or most of their business life. It just plain adds EXCITEMENT. That adds COMMITMENT to wanting this DESPARATELY.
Just imagine, it goes from being “OK” to being something so exciting to have that they would FIGHT you to make sure they got it.
One of the things we must do is to paint a picture in the right brain of our prospect actually doing it (action), feeling it (emotional), and experiencing it (also emotional).
In fact, some of you have worked with me through the sales process, where we get the prospect to paint that picture in his own brain. He dreams of what he wants, and then experiences what it would feel like, and that can become a 75% sales close ratio.
Well, in marketing, we don’t have the opportunity to “pick the prospect’s brain” to get him to declare and explore with us. In marketing we have to know where we are leading him, and THEN get him to EXPERIENCE it so vividly that the reader of our marketing, the listener of our speeches, and our videos, and our audios on our website, will EXPERIENCE the emotions and see themselves doing and feeling.
They will JUMP into our shopping carts when they are so excited that they just can’t hold back.
And that’s what really good marketing is supposed to do. Most marketers are happy if they generate “some interest” but we want them jumping up and down BEGGING for that rare time slow, and so excited that they just can’t wait to work with us.
Now that’s the way marketing is SUPPOSED to work!
Let’s compare this.
  • I sell Metagropulous apprehendious. 
As compared to
  • What if I told you we could cure that cancer you have within the next month? You’ve been feeling the fear, doubting if you will even be around tomorrow? And How long? You’ve had your hopes dashed over and over, but now here’s an answer. Want to hear more?

Those two marketing messages may actually be referring to the same product, but which one literally reaches off the pages and GRABS you? Especially if you are struggling with that problem?

So what do you need to do to make your marketing message make them BEG you for what you do?

Alan Boyer

$100K Small Business Coach

Shortcuts to your first $100K (or many more) in your coaching / consulting / training business within a couple of months

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  • Agree Alan, people hear words, but think in pictures. If you can paint a vibrant and emotionally engaging picture, possibly half of your marketing and selling actions have been successfully executed during those first few moments. Also, one may require more than one compelling marketing message depending upon the target market and the physical location such as an Internet message versus a business networking event. The more successful you are, the more likely you will Be the Red jacket.

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