Coaches — The Marketing Mindset That Will Have Your Clients BEGGING You to Help Them

Hey Coach, would you like to have clients jumping up and down with excitement thinking they’ll get a chance to hire you?

Most coaches would . . . however, most coaches don’t have anything close to that happening to them. Most are lucky to get a client here and there over several months.

No matter what kind of coach you are, life coach, business coach, executive coach, career coach, or whatever coach . . .here are some key concepts that will help you turn that around.

  1. Marketing (that works) is NEVER about you, your products, your services, what you do, your processes . . . it is ALWAYS about the prospect, what he wants and needs, his pain, his solution (not your solution . . . yes, you provide the solution, but it’s the solution to your prospect’s problem.
  2. Whenever you send out marketing, meet someone for the first time, network, etc. You are not here to sell coaching . . . you are here to help the person you meet or send the marketing to to get what he wants. The focus is 100% on him.
  3. Develop a marketing message that literally GRABS your prospect by the throat . . . excites him . . . makes him thirsty, begging for what you have. And that message follows the first two points above. It isn’t about you in any way, other than that’s what you do.

I know that’s a hard concept to swallow. But, believe me, been there, done that the wrong way, and when you get it . . . your business will take off like a rocket heading off into space at mach 10.

When you get this concept even picking up the phone to call someone who’s never heard of you (that’s called a very cold call), and most coaches avoid that like the plague . . . for good reason . . . it didn’t work because you were selling instead of helping. When you call to help someone get what they want, you will rarely have the phone slammed in your ear. They will love taking your call. And if cold calls become easy, just think how easy the rest of your marketing will become because . . . now . . . you’ve got it right and people WANT you to call them.

Look at how different these two approaches are:

Like most coaches do it

Hi, George, I’m calling you from Grow Your Business Coaching and [click]

Or here’s just one way that works. Believe me there are many simply because there are many things your particular client might want, and this is about him.

Hi, George. I’ve been looking for the right __________ [name what he does]. Can you tell me more about what you do?

[Of course, he’ll talk for at least the next 5 minutes, tell you about him . . . and you should keep asking him questions about that . . . can you tell me more . . . why is that George? . . .]

I’m sure that you are wondering . . . when do I get my turn? . . . when do I get to sell to him? . . . don’t I get to at least get to tell him why I called and ask him for an appointment?

Sure . . . but when you do . . . make it about him. After he’s talked about his business, you might ask him what he’s doing to build his business further or how he currently gets his clients. Those are his issues and you could set up a casual meeting some time about how he could get more, or even offer to introduce him to someone as you explore over coffee somewhere.

As long as “it’s about him” he’ll be excited to continue the discussion. And the more exciting he becomes the more likely he’ll actually start chasing you.

Alan Boyer

The $100K Coach . . . a shortcut to your first $100K (or 2nd)

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