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For some time I’ve recognized that coaches in general don’t seem to have much success with their websites. Just ask any coach, “How many calls a month do you get from your website?” The answer will almost always be ZERO.

If I ask the next logical question, which is “How long has it been since you did get a call from your website?” I’ve found that about 10 months seems about right.

I’ve asked these questions of hundreds of coaches, so this isn’t a wild guess. This is reality. So, how many calls do you typically get from your website monthly?

If you answered Zero, or even if you answered anything less than 20 or so calls a month, you are in the right place.

I certainly have been there and done that. But when I discovered why and what do to about it, the calls started coming regularly. In the first month I went from zero calls, to about 12 a month, then to 5+ a week. It’s a totally different world.

Now I get about 20-30 a week that email me, sign up on my website asking for more, and I purposely pre-qualify those down to THE ONES I want calling me that are more likely to become clients.

So, how do I do that?

And how can YOU do that?

First, let’s divide our goals into 3 distinctive targets. Marketing, at it’s highest level, is composed of 3 things.

The Marketing Formula:

# of people who see you (and need you)Traffic into Website X conversion rate (%) of website = # people who contact you and show interest 

Output from website

What usually happens with a website is that no one assumes responsibility for any of those three things.

Traffic — No one is actively making sure that you have traffic into the website (from search engines, from someone else’s site). For most coaches, if you are getting any traffic at all, it’s probably from the 1-2 business cards a week you hand out.

Conversion– The website was either written by a non-marketing website designer, by the cheapest web developer you could find, by your teen age son, or one of his friends. In any case, since it was written without much skill for conversion, the conversion rates for the average coach is less than 0.1%. In other words, it would take well over 1,000 people a month hitting your website just to get one call a month. But, since, as I said in the “traffic” section above it’s likely that you aren’t getting but 1 or 2 people a week to your site. At that rate, 8 a month, and a conversion of only 0.1%, guess what? It’ll take you 100+ months to get your first call.

But, let’s be generous and say that you are getting 100 a month. In that case, it’ll take you 10 months to get 1,000 people to your website, and, with 0.1% conversion, that’s about when you’ll get a call. You’ll be ecstatic. I remember when it happened to me. But the chances of that one buying is pretty slim, so, in reality, it could be several years before you get a real paying client from your website. Do I have it about right?

No matter whether it’s been 1 month, or 10. You are MISSING out on what’s possible for your coaching business, and what the internet provides successful coaches.

There are over 200,000 people looking for a coach on the internet. My rule of thumb is that 5% of those searching should easily land in your lap. WOW! That’s almost scarey isn’t it? But wouldn’t you rather

  • Be selective, be choosey and PICK the best of those? The ones that pay the most, dig into their pockets the fastest, and will actually keep coming back month after month after month.
  • And, to take the REST of them, and stick them where they’ll buy your e-books. Wouldn’t you like to be selling a $30 e-book, a few hundred times a month?

In fact, most coaches overlook those kinds of possibilities. I help coaches move from zero calls a month, to as many clients as they want, and with an additional, steady passive cash flow from internet sales of e-books, seminars, workshops, etc.

Now, let’s take a look at THE TRAFFIC side of this equation.

That’s where SEO, Search Engine Optimization, pay per click, Google Adwords, article marketing, article writing, speaking engagements, all start to fill the front end pipeline into the website.

What usually happens is that a coach spends his time “networking” and “handing out business cards.” For now, let’s say that you hand out 10 cards a week. And, that 20% of those actually go to your site (that’s actually high). So, it’s 2 a week. Remember the numbers I used above in the example. That’s still over 100 months to get a call. And, even if you are getting better than that you are STILL missing out.

When there are over 390,000 people looking for a coach of some kind, just think, even if you did have only a 0.1% conversion rate and got in front of nearly 400,000 people a month, wouldn’t that still be 400,000 X 0.1% = 400 people a month calling you?

Type of Coach Monthly Searches on Google
life coach 246,000
business coach 49,500
career coach 40,500
executive coach 33,100
marketing coach 9,900
small business coach 2,400

And, frankly, we’re not going to let you stay at only 0.1%. A good website, structured like most you see, can reach around 5% to 10%, and some specially developed web pages I’ve done hit around 40% to 60%.

Now that I have your mouth watering, let’s tone it down just a bit. Let’s say that a decent coaching website could get around 1,000 to 5,000 visitors a month, and I know some coaches who are getting 15,000, but, for now, let’s start down around 1,000 to 5,000.

And if you get 5% of 1,000 that would be 50 people a month, doing something with you, contacting you, signing up, begging for you to help them with something in some way.

Wouldn’t that make you happy?

So, how do we do that?

Be watching for the next article in this series, and step by step we’ll show you how to start getting LOTS of clients for your coaching business.

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