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Coaches everywhere have a BAD habit of chasing off customers. Think you don’t do that? I’ll bet you’ve got a fully functional business prevention unit stopping customers dead. Frankly, I’ve found it in operation in 99% of all coach’s businesses.

Coach, would you like to get LOTS more clients a lot more easily . . . read on.I’veI

I’ve seen it in operation, first hand, over and over.

I reached out to 75 local coaches to bring them onto my radio program where they’d be exposed to thousands of potential customers, and get to strut their stuff. Do you know how many called back? None!

As a marketing coach, my first thought was, my message must have been wrong. I figured that it was me, not them. So I tried again, but left a voice mail on each of their phones, “I’m looking for a coach, give me a call.” Again, not one call back.

I extended that to the top 30 coaches found on Google. Same result, except there about 1/2 didn’t provide enough contact information to contact them directly, and the other half didn’t call back or email back. It’s darned ridiculous.

All coaches have their “Business Prevention Unit” going full tilt.

If you think you don’t do this, think again.  How easy do you make it to find your contact information, to reach you in some way?

Look at it this way, there are three sides to you “getting the word out” to potential customers,

  • the first is “attraction” what you are doing to “pull them in” once they do see you, and how well that works. Just assume that how well that marketing message you pass around can be measured by the percentage of those you touch that actually call you. If 1 in 1,000 call you it isn’t working. 1 in 100, eh, it’s starting. 1 in 10 (and more) and you’ve got a client generating system.
  • the second is how many people do you reach out to touch with that client generating system. . . the more you touch the more customers you get. But also knowing how many you have to touch to get how many clients is critical. If you get in 1 new customer out of 10 touches, you only have to touch 10 people and you’ve got a client. Or if you reach 1 in 1,000, then it takes 1,000 touches, you’ve got a problem. Just adjust how many you touch to make this thing deliver as many customers as you want and lay back and rake in the customers and profits.
  • the third, however, is your business prevention unit — Whether the first two work well or not, if your business prevention unit is putting up barriers — it’s knocking those results back down. If no one can find a phone number, email, or any contact info on your site . . . still zip results. Whether it’s there or whether it’s just hard to find, it’s knocking all of that “attraction” results back down to zero.

Think you don’t do it? Think again.

When I ask coaches why they don’t put a phone number on their site I hear excuses such as, “I don’t want to be bothered by people finding my phone number on line and calling me” or “I don’t want to be called at home.” My answer to that is “So, you don’t want customers, am I right?” The easier you make it to contact you the more clients you will have.

Or, I’ll hear the same exacuse about emails “I don’t want to be bothered by junk emails, spam, or whatever.”

I assume that the more visible I am the more trash I get. Look at the Hollywood celebrities. Do they say, “I better not do that next movie, it would make me too visible and people would bother me at home.” No, they deal with it.

I’ve gotten up to 500+ junk emails in a day, but with a simple spam software package 99% of them slide right off and I don’t even see them. Deal with it.

Do you want a successful coaching business, and a few hassles that come with success, or would you rather avoid all of the hassles that come with running a successful and very profitable coaching business?

Recently, I started a coaching community around the Kansas City area. This is a group of coaches that want to put their heads together to share what works and what doesn’t. The more heads working on a problem the better. Results literally leap out of groups like that.

I have LinkedIn notify me of any coach within 50 miles, and the same with a Google Alert. So, it’s rare that I don’t know of a new coach showing up. I attempt to invite those new coaches to the group. I say attempt, because fewer than 1 in 50 have contact information.

All of these coaches have gone to the effort of signing up for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others, yet they don’t provide easy contact information. Their Business Prevention Unit is in full swing. Their armour is up, their barriers are up.

Is yours?

Place your phone number, your address, and your email address on your website. Please your email address and website on all fo the social media websites, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others.

As a marketing coach I tell my clients, marketing is nothing more than

(the number of people who see you) X (conversion rate of what you say and how you say it) = number of calls and leads you get weekly.

Notice the first part of that formula? It’s the number of people who see you times the conversion rate. If you aren’t getting out there not many see you, but if they do see you and they can’t “convert” or reach you whichever of these numbers is zero, any number times zero is still zero.

So, stop putting up your “business prevention unit” barrier. Make it easy to reach you.

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