Coach — Now’s The Greatest Time to Get More Clients When Everyone Else is “At the Mercy of the Recession”

Now is the greatest opportunity that you’ve ever had to become THE ANSWER to everyone’s problem. Just imagine what it would be like if EVERYONE you know knows that YOU have the greatest, most valuable answers to their struggles from this recession.

Imagine what it would feel like if people would knock down doors to get to you. The way you make that happen is show them the value that they couldn’t live without.

Coaches live with a misconception. Most coaches believe that saying “I am a coach” is enough. And what that simply means is that you are “an average coach” and whatever that represents. But that’s the image you have in your head,and it’s not a fantastic image at that.

What do you do? . . . I am a Coach (does not work)

Your prospects however, have a very different image of what “I am a coach” means. Basically they don’t have a clue, so it isn’t very high up on the value chain. In fact, it’s not even on the scale anywhere. And, for a few people who have found some value from coaching, the value that YOU bring to this coaching, doesn’t stand out because they don’t know what value that YOU bring to this.

This all boils down to a couple of points

  1. Stop talking about coaching, and start talking about the results that your clients will get, and the VALUE of that.
  2. The word coaching has no real value in most people’s minds. So show the value, stop talking coaching.

But let’s get back to the recession and your opportunities. NOW is the time to become THE ANSWER, by showing the value your clients will get EVEN during a recession, or maybe it’s actually MORE VALUABLE now. It’s all how you position yourself.

Become THE ANSWER to this recession and people will line up to get that rare free hour of your service. How you position yourself will determine how many new clients you get.

Show value that’s so great that no one could help but want it and you’ll be in demand.

The recession is going to get worse, lots worse. The recent changes by Congress will actually increase the pain. Taxes ARE going up . . . every time taxes have gone up it impacts businesses and they cut back. Cutting back is the wrong thing to do but that is what most do. Knowing what to invest in that multiplies your dollars and your outcome is what must be done.

Should you SAVE Money or Find the Place to Multiply What You Spend?

Most businesses will cut back on marketing and spending on things that actually grow a business, and that’s when they need growth to pay the extra taxes. If they’d actually focus on generating more business, then they’d have the money to pay the bills, and would learn that they can actually generate as much extra cash flow to stick in their pockets as they want even during a recession. But, most will cut back, and, by definition, that causes a recession.

So, if you are a business coach, or a career coach, how can you position yourself as THE ANSWER, and establish THE VALUE of that answer to the point that people can’t help but hire you to resovle their problems.

Stop selling business coaching, and start selling THE ANSWER to the RECESSION, and show them THE VALUE that their business will grow by $X or X times even during a recession.

If you are a life coach, same thing. Stop selling life coaching and start selling THE ANSWER to the RECESSION. Show them that they don’t have to be at the mercy of any recession, that they can still find and make happen all of their dreams even during a recession. That they are in charge of what they get, and not at the mercy of a recession.

If you are a career coach, show those that are in a company under the crunch and cut backs how you can help them either be worth so much to their employer (because that employee now HAS THE ANSWER to this recession) that they will grow the company even during a recession, or that the employee can demand higher pay where he is, or where he’s going . . . because he’s got the answer to this recession.

Get the idea? Be the ANSWER to the RECESSION and you will become valuable.

How valuable? That’s an important question. Don’t just say that you have “the answers”. Show what the value of those answers are. People determine whether they will buy something based on “the value” they perceive. So, when you don’t determine or show your value, no one knows why they should hire you. Benefits alone aren’t enough, especially in today’s recession society. People are in such a “cut-back” mentality that even a great benefit is hard to sell. But, if you can show them that they will actually double their business, increase their salary by $X, or their lifelong earnings will continue up at $X per year because they hired you, and at a time when everyone else is seeing a loss of income, loss of jobs, and loss of businesses, then you will be SO VALUABLE that they’ll just have to hire you.

It’s up to you to establish your value, and position yourself as the ONLY ANSWER and it’s so valuable that they can’t afford to pass you up. In fact, get the right value, and people will actually FIGHT for your rare available time slot.

It doesn’t matter what type of coach you are, a life coach, a business coach, executive coach, small business coach, career coach, or whatever coach. Find THE ANSWER that you bring to this and have clients actually CHASING YOU. You’ve been chasing them, turn that around by finding your answer. 

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