Coach Marketing — Here’s a GREAT Way to Open LOTS of Doors for Your Coaching

Ever have problems getting in to talk with someone, especially a big CEO, or that ideal client you’d almost kill to get an appointment with? Maybe you’ve even met but in-passing, so the door is partially open, but you just can’t leverage it open any further.
I live by this little statement, and it will turn your door opening attempts around.
  • The more people you find to help, the more likely you’ll have everything in life that you ever wanted.
You can’t go wrong with a thought like that. It really works. Whether you start out every day to find someone to help, or as the opportunity presents itself you go do it, I guarantee that it will open doors that were difficult for you to get through.
Now here’s a way to do it.
Use Google Alerts as one of your tools to help others, and to GROW your coaching business
Set up keywords in Google Alerts that your clients SHOULD be using. It might be a keyword that someone would use to find my client. It might be a keyword about my client’s industry, his competitors, his strategic partners, etc.
And almost every day I see something that would be EXTREMELY valuable for my client to know.
Help Your Client . . . or that Prospect . . . with Information and Suggestions
I send that information over to those clients with a note. “I was just thinking about _________ (something you said, something about what you do, about you) and I saw this.”
You can also offer a suggestion, “Have you thought about doing that? Gee, let’s talk, I know some ways that we could ___________(grow your business like that with this idea, etc).”
You Will Be Constantly on Their Mind . . . and the Image Will Be “How Valuable You Are”
This kind of interaction keeps you on their minds, and shows that you are ON TOP of this industry, possibly even better than your clients. And that you are VALUABLE.
But, let’s take that to opening doors for you. If you’ve recently met someone just briefly, and would like to open that door further set a Google Alert for a keyword that would identify websites that are either their competitors, or their clients would use to find them, or just something in their industry.
You will start receiving daily news, websites, blogs from that industry. Read through a few of them, and pick some that could be useful for them. Send an email to them, or even direct mail, with a copy or a link to a website with a “Thinking what you said” or “Thinking about you” and saw this.
Use This Opportunity to Indicate You Helped Another Client to _____ and You’d Be Glad to Show Them How as Well
You could even throw in a suggestion for them “Have you thought about ________. I helped one of my clients do that a few days ago and he __________ (got 10 more clients, doubled his sales, etc.). I was just thinking about this article and let’s talk over coffee some day this week. I’d be glad to share how to do that.”
It WILL OPEN DOORS, Open MORE Doors . . . and Open Doors Wider Than You Have Been Able to Before This
It’s highly probable they will see you as someone who’s on top of this industry, and they didn’t know that about you. Or even if you are a little off target, or if they are already better informed, they recognize that you are helping them. The door opened further.
I’ll send these over with a suggestion such as “Have you thought about doing XYZ?” or “I was working with another client the other day doing almost this same thing, would you like to do that? Gee would you like to meet over coffee in a day or two and I’d like to share an idea with you that helped one my clients do that.”
The DOOR will OPEN FURTHER and FURTHER the more you actually help them with more information, or offering to help them . . . no strings attached by the way. This is not an offer with fees attached. This is an “Oh by the way, I just had this thought and I’d like to share it with you.” That is help. If there is a “I’ll give so much, but the rest will be charged” even in your mind that isn’t expressed, this contact is a sales call and not an offer to help them.
An offer to help them without strings will fit the scenario
  • The more people you find to help, the more likely you’ll have everything in life that you ever wanted
and it will open doors.
No Strings Attached . .. EVER
An offer with strings attached, with anything held back that you’ll charge for later is a sales call, and most of the time that will be avoided. This IS NOT a sales call. It’s a legitimate offer to help with no strings attached. There is a difference between a sales call and a friend trying to help.
If you’ve had trouble “getting in” to see people before you might evaluate your thoughts around those last two statements. This WORKS extremely well.
I’ve gotten in to see some of the biggest CEOs around using this approach. . . that had previously been impossible to get to.
When you are seen as a salesman the doors remain locked, or at least don’t open easily. But when you offer information, or suggestions that help the doors open.
That doesn’t mean that you are GIVING and GIVING without EVER seeing a return. This does work. But if you do find that your are giving without a return, you are either doing it wrong, fix it.
If you are doing any form of marketing just the way that you’ve been taught by any marketing guru, and it’s still not working . . . it’s time to fix it. Something is wrong. Something you don’t understand. Don’t keep doing what you’ve always done while expecting different results, that someday it will magically work. It won’t. And the change might be that you could ask someone for the change that’s necessary.
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