Coach Business Building — Blogging, Twittering, Facebooking — How to Get Hundreds of New Clients

All of you coaches out there building a coaching business through  Blogging, Twittering, Facebooking and their website are doing that for what simple reason?

To be found by the most people, am I right?

So, why is it that so many people make it so darned hard to be found while they do all of that stuff to be found?

Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot while we are working so hard to mak things happen.

Here is a list of some of the places you are very likely shooting yourself in the foot.

It starts with “making it easy” for people to find you. Now don’t just leave saying, “but I’m out there Blogging, Twittering, Facebooking, and I’ve also created this fabulous website, etc. etc. etc.” Because it’s very likely that you are missing some of the key things that make those so effective, which also means “you aren’t getting much from it.”

It all starts with “making it as easy as possible to actually contact you.”

For instance, I was just looking at a blog that I wanted to comment on.  I also noticed that none of the postings had any comments at all. There is a reason for that. I couldn’t find the “leave a comment” button.

Rule Number 1, The MOST Import Rule

  • : Make it as easy as possible for people to get to you.

They went to the effort of creating a blog but I couldn’t quickly find — How to sign up for their RSS feed or other “connect” or “stay connected” approach, no signup for their list, no RSS feed.

Normally I’d look for a way to connect with this person for . . . maybe 5 or 10 seconds . . . and then move on. But I wanted to prove something. I wanted to find how much of a barrier bloggers, twitterers, and others are putting up to being connected with. It took me 5 minutes to find the “comment” button on this blog, and I NEVER found an email address, or other form of “connect to me” opportunity even after looking for over 10 minutes.

Just keep in mind that most people who’d actually connect with you will try for 5 or 10 seconds and move on. So, if your buttons to

  • Comment
  • Email
  • RSS signup
  • Or any other “connect to me”, “follow me”

Take more than 5 to 10 seconds you have just lost your greatest opportunity to quickly build up a list of people who are begging for what you have, whatever that is.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen some women coaches make, is that they frequently tell me that they don’t put an email address on their website, blog, or anything else because “they don’t want to be harassed.” To which I’ll respond . . . “so you don’t want any business either.”

Let me restate rule number 1.

Rule Number 1, The MOST Import Rule

  • : Make it as easy as possible for people to get to you.

For every second longer than a 1-3 second “click here” you’ll lose over half of the potential people that would have joined your list. So, at 4-5 seconds you’ve lost half, at 6 seconds you’ve lost another half .. . you have only 1/4th of those you started with, at 7 seconds you have 1/8th left . . . get the idea?

And it took me 5 minutes to find the “leave a comment” on this particular blog, and NEVER found an email address or RSS feed. This blogger is probably getting nothing from this blog, and I actually wanted to contact her.

As I started to say above, many women coaches tell me they are afraid to place an email address or a phone number on their websites because they don’t want to be harassed. They don’t want to be in business either. As a business owner . . . the easier you are to get in contact with, and the more you get your marketing in front of someone the bigger your business. So here they are creating websites, blogs . . . they are doing the work of “getting their marketing out there” but making it hard for someone to connect with them. Doesn’t compute does it?

I see the same things on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites. People create their profiles using cutesy names that HIDE who they really are. Let people know what kind of results they’d get if they contacted you. Make it stand out not for “cutesy” reasons but for “grab this it’ll be great” reasons.

Let me tell you a story that indicates how hard a lot of coaches are to get in contact with.

When I was hosting my radio show I’d reach out to coaches and consultants to highlight them on the radio. My radio show was “Explosive Business Results Radio.” We helped our listeners get hints and tips on rapidly growing their businesses by  interviewing coaches and consultants who had explosively grown their clients’ businesses. These coaches and consultants were sharing hints and tips, but also getting seen. Our listeners were getting samples of what these coaches and consultants might do for them.

I called every last coach and consultant listed in the local printed yellow pages, and I never connected with even one of them.No one answered a phone, and no one returned a telephone call.

At first I thought . . . do they not see the value of being on my radio show? So, I switched the message that I left on their answering system to, “I’d like to hear more about your coaching and consulting.” That’s what I really wanted, but it also would leave the impression that I might be a client. Still NO ONE ever returned a call. 100% of those in the local phone book obviously are failing to “make it easy to do business with them” and probably are getting very little business.

Then I went through the top 20 coaches listed on Google. I found that about half of them didn’t have contact information on their website. Those that did place an email address or phone number . . . never replied. And many of those that did have a signup form never replied, and about half of those forms actually crashed when trying to use them.

The picture seems bleak. But what that says is YOUR opportunity. 

  • Be EASY to reach
  • Have a POWERFUL marketing message

A POWERFUL marketing message will mean that the largest percentage of those who do see your Twitter, Blog, website, Facebook profile will WANT to contact you.

Check out “30 Seconds to Prospects CHASING You” to get a REALLY POWERFUL marketing message that will have 30% of a room that hears it, or 5% to 10% that receive an email or direct mail from you .. . actually wanting to reach out to meet with you.

And if you are EASY to get in touch with then you’ll find that most of those whod actually like to contact you will.

To Your Coaching Success

Alan Boyer

$100K Small Business Coach

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  • Sierra says:

    Growth is vital to any business. Who can denped on the same customers and make a living? New clients help create cashflow and make you learn more about what you do.My challenge is time management and learning networking for referrals. Self promotion isn’t easy if you don’t have the skills yet.For Biz Coaching why don’t you create a newsletter that can be shared with tips or a blog, be a resource establish yourself as an professional.Good luck.

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