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Here’s a note from one of my readers that has spent a LOT of money on a website and has not gotten anything from it. And what he can do about it.


Dear Alan

I’m a business coach who’s been trying to get just a few of those people I keep hearing are searching for business coaches online. However, I’ve spent a lot of money on my website but get almost nothing from the website.

I get a few hundred people a month looking at the website but no one ever calls.  My web designer just says, “give it time.”

I’ve even tried Google Adwords. My traffic went up but still no one calls.

What’s the problem?



Are you a coach with a website like Jim’s? Without calls or sales? Actually this is a pretty normal comment.

I do several workshops a month on “Building a Super Coaching Business” and ask how many calls a month the coaches that attend are getting. I’d say that the typical result to my question, “How many calls a month do you get from the websit?” is ZERO.  Coaching websites, and their website marketing just isn’t working for most coaches.

When i ask the follow up question, “So how many months has it been since yo did get a call?” The answer is somewhere over 10 months.

So, Jim is typical for almost any kind of business. The problem isn’t that the internet doesn’t work . . . the problem is that most coaches and busienss owners make the same mistakes over and over.

Let’s take a look at “the marketing formula.” Basically, the marketing formula says that the number of calls or leads you SHOULD get every month from any kind of marketing, which includes internet marketing, or website marketing, is determined by the following formula.

  • (Number of people who get to see your marketing)
  • times
  • (Percent who respond to your marketing)
  • equals
  • (Number of calls, leads, signups, or other action you want them to take)

Let’s look at how much of that you are in control of, or have been in control of with your website.

First, take a look at how many people get to see your website monthly, that’s the traffic landing on your website. There are over 50,000 people looking for a business coach monthly. A good rule of thumb is that 5% of those should be knocking on your website door as traffic. In other words 50,000 x 5.0% = 2,500 people should easily be on your website, and if you work it hard you could have more than that.


Do you have an active plan to get search engine positions for specific keywords?  Are you doing other things, such as article writing, blogging, where you aren’t just doing a random activity, but have a plan with a target measurement that you will drive to your site within the next month?

And, once you get some of them there, how many of them are actually converting from traffic into a call, signup, or other action you want them to do?

Top internet marketers are getting somewhere over 5% of their traffic turning into that next level of contact, and some get well over 30%. I have some pages running in the 40% to 60% area.

Let’s look at the opportunity if you get it right?

The average website converts less than 0.1% of the traffic. If you could reach just 1%, that would be 10 times more customers than you have now, or 5% would be 50 times. That’s how easy this is . . .  just get your marketing message right on your website. I’ll help.

And looking at the traffic potential, with 50,000 people looking for a coach and Jim is getting only a 100 or so, he’s only getting 0.2%. My rule of thumb is that 5% or more should be achievable. That would be 25 times more than Jim’s getting.

So, if Jim got 25 times more traffic and 10 to 50 times more converting, that would be 25 x 50 = 1,250 more clients.

Now don’t go off saying, “that’s not possible!” If you’ve been getting zero, even 1 new client a month is an infinte increase in business. The point I’m making here is that going from zero to a dozen or so new people calling you from your website monthly is possible no matter what that multiplier is.

If you are getting 1 now a dozen is 12 times. It’s that easy. We just have to set down to analyze those two parts, traffic and conversion and fix it. It’s that simple.

If you’d like to have help with that, I have a coaches marketing club for only $1 for the first month, and $29/month for future months. Ge t the knowledge, and the skills, to fix both sides of that equation . . . Can you afford it for $1?

Not only will you be handed all of the tools you’ll need but, I will be there to answer the questions that have held you back, and any that might come up in the future . . . for less than what you’ve been spending on a book to get your answers . . . and if those books haven’t gotten you where you want to go yet . . . you’ll be able to ask me, and other coaches who’ve been there, or are working on it for that help. Is that worth $1 to $29?

Click here and check it out for the first month.$100k-Coaches-club.htm


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