Business Coach or Life Coach — THE Secret to Getting Tons of Customers

I don’t care what kind of a coach you are, business coach, life coach, career coach, or other type of coach, when you discover “What  you are worth?” it will be THE GREATEST time of your coaching career.


You will know what you are supposed to be delivering to your customer.

Beause you know that you will be focused on delivering that value every time, you will constantly increase that value, you will then become a super coach because you will deliver that value that is higher than any other coach you know of . . . AND your marketing and sales results will GO THROUGH THE ROOF because you will know be able to tell your prospective clients in your marketing what value they will get.

It’s actually one of the hardest things for coaches, and actually all of my small business customers, to define. But if you can’t define what value you are delivering to both your prospective customer and to yourself then you don’t know what you are supposed to deliver to your customer. I’m sure you coach your customers to set a clear vision and goal, otherwise they rarely get where they wanted to be. So, how do you expect to lead a customer someplace if you can’t CLEARLY define what that looks like.

I’ve seen coaches struggle to define this because they believe that, as a coach, they are supposed to help the customer explore his own feelings, wants, and needs, rather than LEAD him where the coach might think they want to go. That’s what many of you have been taught in coaching schools. To a certain extent that may be true. But, still, if you don’t know what you want for this customer you don’t have a clear goal for where you want to take him.

So how do you lead a customer somewhere when you don’t know where the customer wants to go yet?

If you are still asking that question then I’ll guarantee that’s one of the reasons you are struggling to grow your business.

First, your customer makes ALL of his buying decisions based on “finding the greatest value among all of the choices he has for whatever service or product he is buying.” If you can’t define your value, the chances of getting a sales goes WAY down. Define the value, and the probability of a sale goes up 10 to 100 times. I’m not kidding. I can actually show you coaches and small business owners who go from one customer in months to dozens of customers a month by getting this one concept.

I challenge you to:

1) Define what you are worth? What kind of measurable result does a customer of yours typically get from working with you?

2) Here’s a way to look at that, define

  • Average — What is typical, or average result. If you say to yourself, but I have too many different kinds of clients. Then you might either break up your types of clients into segments, and starting answering these questions for each type of client, and then find the average for each.
  • Minimum — Define what is the minimum result you have ever delivered. It’s very likely that you will have to define this with a qualifier. For instance, I won’t hid the face that, on occasion, I’ve had a client absolutely fall flat on his face. But I do define my minimum results as: My clients will usually increase their business by at least 50% IF they follow through. It’s the client who stops dead, doesn’t do what we talk about who fails. Those that follow through will get at least 50% growth.
  • Maximum –what is the maximum any client has ever gotten from you.

Now you have a clear picture of what you are worth, and you can share that with your prospects as what they are very likely to get.

For instance, my clients typically will double their business within 2 months or less, and the lowest anyone has gotten that followed through was about a 50% growth. But, you know what, I’ve even had one go from 1 client a month to 1,500 and $80,000 a day in sales.

One one hand that helps me see where I may take a client and feel pretty good about it. AND, it also helps my clients to see a clear picture of what they are buying. And, as I work with clients I will push a client pretty hard to get to average or beyond. I don’t like average anything.

No matter what kind of coach you are, business coach, life coach, career coach, whatever coach, look for that measurable value that you typically provide to a client and be willing to stand up and say “this is what my clients get.”

To Your Super Coaching Business

Alan Boyer

$100K Small Business Coach

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