Building a Super Coaching Business — Life Coach, Business Coach, Career Coach, Whatever Coach

Most coaches are getting zero calls from their websites. But there are 10’s of thousands of people looking for a coach nationwide on a monthly basis, and probably 10-50 looking in every major city.

Using the “marketing formula” that says

Number of people looking x conversion rate of your website = number of people calling, signing  up, etc.

There are over 200,000 looking for a life coach nationwide, and around 49,000 looking for a business coach monthly. Let’s assume that your website should be getting around 5% of those (and it should), then apply the formula.

200,000 x 5% = 10,000

IF you got in front of the 200,000, and IF your website was converting at 5% that would be 10,000 people signing up monthly or calling you, or whatever you wanted them to do.

There are only two variables there. Which one is letting you down coach?  And what will you do about it.

Actually, it’s likely that it’s both variables.


  • Do you know what keyword you want to be found for?
  • Have you been actively working to get that search engine position?
  • Or do you even know how to get that position?

Conversion on your website.

The average website on the internet is getting less than 0.1% conversion, and it doesn’t matter if they are a coach or whatever. Most websites were written wrong, targeting a label of what you do instead of connecting with what your client’s want.

5% should be your next target. Moving from 0.1% conversion to 5% is a 50 times increase in number of prospects calling you. What would that do for you?

Join us on the $100K Business Tool Forum. One of the coaches that joined us just a few weeks ago just got his first search engine position on page one of Google and we’re working toward the next one.

We are working to grow businesses, and especialy coaches by $100K in steps of $100K. We’ll be working on markeitng for coaches in several areas, all with measurable targeted results.

I want you to be able to check it out without risk. The first month is $1, and every month after that is only $29, less than you are probably spending on books trying to figure this out.

But, I’ll be there to hold your hand as you struggle with this, and will help you develop not only the knowledge, but the skills of becoming successful at doing this.


Alan Boyer

The $100K Small Business Coach


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