Building a Coaching Business — Using WordPress as Your Website has a HUGE Impact

Some time ago I was encouraged to switch my website from a plain old html website to a WordPress website by my coach who had also switched his to WordPress a few weeks before. My coach told me that his daily signup rate, which, by the way was already at around 120 signups a day, leaped another 30% in about 2-3 weeks just from switching to WordPress. 

He had actually been blogging before, using Blogger, but after changing to WordPress he saw another 30% leap in traffic. That convinced me.

I usually track many other coaches all around me on the internet ranging from the big internet names, down to all of the coaches around my metropolitan area. And there is something really obvious happening. All around me on search engine positions on Google I’m seeing blogs are surrounding me on Google page 1, and more often than not they are WordPress blogs.

That told me something. Not only are WordPress blogs becoming popular, but they must be working. These were coaches who hadn’t previously had a search engine position wthin pages of me. Basicaly, now, all search engine positions all around me are blogs.

Blogs work. In fact, even though I have some pretty decent search engine positions, I do want more and harder ones to get, AND I just may not hold my current positions for long if I don’t make the transition to a blog and to WordPress myself.

So, I’m in process of making the transition. What you see here is a WordPress website and blog that is still “in construction.”

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